Easy Fixes To Restore Windows 10 Battery Icon Missing

Battery Icon Missing

Laptop users have the advantage of being able to take their computers with them wherever they go. However, depending on your device’s battery life, this does not continue indefinitely. Most people can detect the health of their battery by looking at it. However, some Windows 10 laptop users have observed that the Battery Icon Missing.

The battery symbol should display next to the time and date in Windows 10’s system tray, often known as the notification area. It might be hidden, disabled, or corrupted if you can’t see it or Battery Icon Missing.

In this post, we’ve included several helpful strategies for attempting to recover Battery Icon Missing.

How to Restore the Battery Icon Missing

#1. To make the battery symbol displayed on the taskbar, choose it.

It’s conceivable that the Battery Icon Missing or was never turned on in the first place. You may resolve this issue by enabling the power option in your system tray.

  • Select Taskbar settings after right-clicking on an empty area on your taskbar. It will take you to the relevant Settings app page.

  • Scroll down there until you reach the notification area. Then, click the “Turn system icons on or off” link here.

  • Toggles system icons on and off.

  • Locate the power toggle and ensure it is switched to the “On” position. It will make the battery symbol visible in the system tray.

  • If the Battery Icon Missing still, return to the Taskbar settings and select the “Select which icons display on the taskbar” link from the Notification area section.
  • Scroll down until you find Power, then turn the switch to “On.” You should now see the battery symbol in your taskbar.
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#2. Turn off and on the battery hardware.

Sometimes all you have to do to remedy things is restart the device. The same is valid for laptop batteries. If the battery icon does not appear, restart the device. It informs your computer that the batteries are still present, causing the symbol to reappear.

Before performing this procedure, connect to an external power source!

  1.  Click Device Manager from the Quick Access Menu by pressing your keyboard’s Windows + X buttons.

2. Locate the Batteries category in the Device Manager and expand it by clicking the arrow symbol. There should be two things visible:

  • Microsoft Power Adapter
  • Battery for Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Methods.

3. Right-click on Microsoft AC Adapter and select Disable device.

4. A warning notification should appear, requesting you to confirm that you wish to deactivate the device. Select “Yes.”

5. Step 3 should be repeated. as well as Step 4. with the ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery device from Microsoft.

6. Re-enable both devices by right-clicking on them and selecting “Enable device.

7. Start your computer again. After the next boot, you should see the battery symbol reappear in your taskbar.

#3. Windows 10 should be updated.

Some customers claim that updating the latest Windows 10 restored the Battery Icon Missing.

  • Use the Start menu or the Windows + I keyboard shortcut to launch the Settings program.

  • Select Update & Security.

  • security and update
  • Click the Check for updates button on the Windows Update tab.
  • If a new update is discovered, choose it by clicking the Install button.
  • After your machine successfully installs the latest Windows 10 update, you may notice the battery symbol reappearing and operating correctly.
  • How to Restore the Battery Icon Missing

#1. Check for hardware changes.

Simply re-enabling the battery symbol in your system tray will cause your laptop to identify hardware changes.

  1. Click Device Manager from the Quick Access Menu by pressing your keyboard’s Windows + X buttons.
  2. Icon of the device manager
  3. When the Device Manager loads, select Action from the ribbon.
  4. For hardware updates, choose Scan.
  5. Check for hardware changes.
  6. Expand the Batteries category and ensure that both of the following devices are listed:
  7. Battery for Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Methods.
  8. Start your computer again. Check whether the battery symbol appears without being greyed out when it powers up.
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2. Run the System File Checker utility.

The System File Checker is a program that comes standard with Windows 10. It is also known as an “SFC scan,” It is the quickest approach to repair damaged system files and other problems automatically.

Here’s how you do it.

  • To open the Run utility, use your keyboard’s Windows + R keys. Enter “cmd” and then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter. It will launch the Command Prompt with administrator privileges.

command line

  • Allow the CommandCommand Prompt to make modifications to your device if requested. It implies that you may require an administrator account.
  • Enter the following CommandCommand on the command line: SFC/scannow

scannow SFC

Please wait for the System File Checker to complete its scan of your machine. If it detects any faults, you will be able to automatically repair them using the SFC command, which may also fix linked issues.

Last Words:

We hope that these approaches helped you restore the Battery Icon Missing. So you’ll always know when to consider preserving those precious battery percentages.

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