How to Solve Discord Overlay Not Working – 2023

Discord Overlay

This article is about the Discord Overlay Not Working Problem. You may do so with LAN gaming if you’re a gamer who wants to experience full-fledged enjoyable gaming sessions on your own computer while still being connected to your friends. Then you should have encountered the discord application. Discord is a VoIP program designed specifically for the gaming community.

It is one of the most used online computer gaming and broadcasting communication platforms. It emphasizes textual, video, and audio interaction amongst chat network members. Access to Discord is available via Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, and web browsers. This tool is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration using personal web servers. While playing video games, many gamers worry that their Discord overlay will not function.

How to Fix a Discord overlay not working

This article explains how to fix a discord overlay not working. Listed below are the specifics.

As several users need to familiarize themselves with the settings, the Overlay option is one of the most common causes of the Discord Overlay Not Working problem. Typically, the settings are improperly configured. It may occur as a result of antivirus software. Antivirus programs mark Discord as suspicious, and they may be blocking it. It may also be due to a scaled screen, overlay position, or equipment acceleration.

How to Fix Windows 10 Discord Overlay Not Working

Since every problem has a solution, this follows. There are also solutions to this problem. Before proceeding with the methods listed below, restart your program.

Solution 1: Restart Your Computer

This method appears absurd, yet it is an enchanting solution to several issues. Frequently, the issue disappears following a restart. Close all operating video games, programs, and the Discord app to power down the machine. Then, reactivate the system and determine whether the Discord Overlay Not Working issue persists.

Solution 2: Verify Whether the Option Is Active

Enable the Discord Overlay option to utilize it in any game. Follow the procedures to enable the option:
Open the discord application.

  1. Additionally, if a quicker desktop route exists, you may use that.
  2. Then, launch the Discord application.
  3. Visit persons’ dwellings.
  4. You’ll discover a switch in the bottom left corner of the desktop computer Discord window.
  5. Select overlay from the available options in the navigation pane.
  6. Verify the Enable in-game overlay option.
  7. Additionally, save the settings and resume the game.

You may select the shortcut key to enable the overlay alternative in the game. Find the assigned hotkey by examining the Enable In-game option under the Discord app’s settings and the overlay sub-menu. In the most recent version, the default shortcut for activating the in-game option is Shift+.

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Solution 3: Enable or modify the shortcut key.

Hotkey may be the cause of the Discord overlay not working issue. Overlay allows a hotkey to collide with another hotkey in Discord or the game itself. Modify it accordingly. Alternatively, activate it entirely if it has yet to be designated previously.

The actions are as follows:

  1. Select the Discord icon from the start menu and then click on it.
  2. Launch the Discord client.
  3. If you cannot find the executable file, you can launch the Discord application by navigating to C: ProgramDatadiscord, selecting and
  4. executing the executable file.

Go to individual settings.

  • Access it by clicking on the equipment-like icons to the right of your user name underneath the Discord window.
  • Select the overlay submenu.
  • In the opened window, both the hotkey and the choice to enable in-game overlay are easily accessible.
  • Assign a shortcut key to enable the in-game overlay.
  • Save the configurations and restart the game.
  • Utilize the newly designated shortcut key to display the Discord overlay while playing a game.

Solution 4: Modify the Position of the Overlay

An overlap position might also cause this issue like Discord Overlay Not Working. When games support several resolutions with windowed and full-screen modes, you may have accidentally moved the overlay beyond the game’s active window. If it is enabled and you use the correct hotkey without overlapping with other enabled hotkeys, you will not notice it while playing the game.

Actions to revert the overlay to factory settings:

Launch the discord application by double-clicking its icon on the desktop, the start menu, or the App folder in the system drive’s

  • applications folder.
  • Now, press Ctrl + Alt + i.
  • This will launch a window in addition to the Discord app window.

In the newly opened side window, click the > button in the upper right corner of the main window. Then, in the resulting drop-down menu, select an application. In the Java Script settings box that displays, expand the Local storage option. The list on the correct fifty percent of the windows that appears now, look for the Overlay store or something similar. Select this option and hit the Delete key. Close the application and game. Restart them simultaneously, and the overlay configuration will be reset to its default state.

Afterward, determine if the Discord Overlay Not Working issue has been resolved.

Solution 5: Run Discord as an Administrator

Additionally, this issue might be caused by the operating system. The operating system provides insufficient features for the discord app to construct and display an in-game overlay.

Follow the instructions provided below if Discord Overlay Not Working.

Right-clicking on the Discord application’s icon in the Desktop or Start menu will open the context menu. You may also discover the executable files for the Discord application on the C drive within the Discord folder under the program files folder.

  1. Click the Run as administrator option.
  2. Select the Yes option from the dialogue box.
  3. This popup asks if you allow the Discord software to perform system modifications.
  4. By modifying the executable’s structure, you may also configure the system to execute the application with administrator privileges consistently.
  5. Then, navigate to the properties and check the box next to Run this application as an administrator.
  6. Now apply and close the window.
  7. Restart the Discord program and the game, then use the hotkey while playing the game to see whether the issue persists.
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Solution 6: Determine Whether the Firewall or Antivirus Is Blocking the Overlay

Numerous firewall software or antivirus solutions identify the Discord in-game overlay as a suspicious and also misbehaving process. Due to this, they refuse requested chances or outright terminate the process each time you attempt to accept one.

Therefore, launch the firewall configurations. Then, check to see whether there is anything relevant to Discord in the list of blocked programs and services. And when you find something, unblock it and add it to the exceptions list.

Reinstall or update the Discord application

If the issue of Discord Overlay Not Working remains unresolved, continue reading even after implementing the steps above. There is a potential that the version you are using needs to be updated and requires an upgrade. Or, some data may have been lost or corrupted following the installation creating the issue. After completely deleting the previous Discord program from the machine, we will proceed with a new installation of the most recent stable version of Discord.

  1. Launch the control panel in the Windows operating system.
  2. Navigate to both app and functionalities.
  3. Click Discord in the list of mounted applications.
  4. Now, the uninstall button will become visible.
  5. Click it and proceed through the uninstallation procedure.

Remove the Discord app directory site permanently from the application data folder on the C disc. This will remove any leftover files and settings, allowing us to perform a clean installation the next time. Now navigate to the Discord homepage and search for the most recent safe installation version compatible with your machine.

Restart the machine and mount Discord using the installer that was downloaded. Wait till the installation operation is complete.
Once more, restart the machine and launch Discord. Determine if the option to enable in-game overlay is enabled.

Check the shortcut key that enables the in-game overlay. Now, operate the video game while playing it. Utilize the hotkey and observe whether an overlay appears. The most recent version of Discord will undoubtedly appear by default in the upper left corner of the game window. Before installing a popular and certified copy of the software that requires special authorization, you disable the antivirus program.

Conclusion – Discord Overlay Not Working

Several clients encounter similar faults and difficulties while playing video games. However, we can still continue computer gaming owing to such problems. The solutions above will help you resolve the Discord Overlay Not Working issue.