How to Fix Driver Power State Failure Windows 10

Driver Power State Failure

Driver Power State Failure: Incompatible displays and WiFi drivers might cause this problem. Here are two solutions to this Driver Power State Failure problem: First, start Windows 10 in Safe Mode and update the WiFi and display drivers. Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode with Networking and disable the Display and WiFi power-saving features. Continue reading for more information.

Method 1: Troubleshooting “Driver Power State Failure Windows 10” Update Drivers Error

This Driver Power State Failure problem prevents you from starting Windows 10 regularly. The only way to update drivers is to boot the computer into safe mode with networking enabled. The steps are as follows.

  • To force your PC to shut down, press the power button.
  • Then, to start the PC, push the power button. Wait for Windows 10 to begin the boot process when your computer boots up. Then, to turn it off, press and hold the power button.

  • To restart your computer, press the power button. Then, wait for Windows 10 to begin the boot process before pressing and holding the power button to force the PC to restart.

  • When you restart your computer for the third time, it will boot and display the screen below. After a while, the Automatic Repair screen will appear.
  • Click Advanced options when the Automatic Repair page appears.

  • Then, on the Options page, select Troubleshoot.

  • Click Advanced options when the Troubleshoot box appears.

  • Then, on the Advanced Options page, select the Start-up Settings button.

  • When Start-up Settings appears, click Restart at the bottom right of the screen.
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  • When your computer restarts, it will display a Startup Settings screen similar to the one seen below.
  • To start the PC in Safe Mode with Networking, hit F5 or Key 4 – see the second image below for clarification.

  • Restart your computer once you’ve finished upgrading the drivers. If the “driver power state failure Windows 10” blue screen issue persists, try the second solution below.

Method 2 of Troubleshooting “Driver Power State Failure Windows 10” Error:

  1. Turn off Power Saving Mode.
  2. To boot your PC into Safe mode with networking, follow the procedures in Method 1 above.
  3. Then, after logging in, go for and open the control panel.
  4. When Control Panel appears, if View by is set to Category, click the drop-down and choose Large or Small icons.
  5. Then, select Power Options in the Control Panel view with Large or Small Icons.
  6. Change plan parameters on the active power plan.
  7. Then, choose Change advanced power options.
  8. Locate and open Wireless Adapter Settings under the Advanced settings of the Power option. Click the + symbol on the left to enlarge it.
  9. Then, open Power Saving Mode and select Maximum Performance for both. When you’re finished, click OK to save your changes.
  10. Then, identify and expand your graphics card, and modify both options to Maximum performance before clicking OK.


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One of the solutions in this guide should resolve the “driver power state failure Windows 10” issue!