How to Resolve Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110 (UPDATED)

Error Code 2110 Error Code 2110

Do you have the error code 2110 on your Nintendo Switch? The Nintendo Switch error code 2110 has been one of the most common network errors since the Nintendo Switch was released in 2017. The error message is as follows: “Unable to connect to the network device.” Please check the network device’s status and try again.”

If you encounter this error code, this article will explain how to resolve it.

What does the error code 2110 mean?

On the Nintendo Switch, 2110-2003 is a network error. It usually happens after making changes to the console network settings or when the Nintendo Switch cannot connect to a new network.

If this is first time connecting to a wifi network and you receive the error code 2110, it could be due to an incorrect network setting or something that prevents the console from obtaining an IP address. Other than these factors, there are others that we can consider. Please continue reading the guide to find out what they are.

The causes of the Nintendo Switch error code 2110

Nintendo Switch error code 2110 has several known causes. Let’s go over each one briefly.

After some time, network bugs may appear. However, it does not necessarily imply a severe problem with your network. Most bugs that affect Nintendo Switch connectivity are caused by minor temporary glitches in the software or the network itself. Fortunately, such minor bugs can be quickly resolved by restarting the networking equipment or the Nintendo Switch console.

Incorrect network configuration.

  1. The network to which your Nintendo Switch is connected may cause error code 2110 . If your Switch cannot obtain a valid internal IP address due to DHCP issues with the wireless router, error code 2110 may appear.
  2. An incorrect wifi password can sometimes result in the same situation. For example, this error occurred to me when I forgot to change the wifi password on my Nintendo Switch after generating a new password in my router settings.
  3. Some users may also receive error code 2110 due to incorrect DNS settings. Double-check that the DNS settings are correct if you recently added a new Internet connection to your Nintendo Switch.
  4. Another possibility is an issue with your Internet Service Provider’s DNS servers. If you’re confident that the DNS settings on the switch are correct, try using different DNS servers to see if the ISP provider’s DNS is the problem.
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Modem or wireless router is not responding.

Another cause of error code 2110-2003 could be the state of your network equipment. If modems or routers are left running for an extended period, they may stop working, become unresponsive, or freeze. Make it a habit to restart your network equipment every few days.

Wifi signal is weak.

This Nintendo Switch error could be caused if your Nintendo Switch does not receive a solid wifi signal due to distance from the wireless router or signal interference.

Out-of-date software.

A few players have confirmed that after updating the console, they were able to resolve the 2110 error code. It can occur primarily if your Switch is offline or if you only play offline games.

How do I resolve the Nintendo Switch 2110 error?

Do you have the Nintendo Switch error code 2110 ? The solutions to this problem are listed below.

  • Restart your Nintendo Switch.
  • Refreshing your Nintendo Switch console is a simple but sometimes effective way to solve various problems. To restart your console, try the following steps:
  • For some seconds, hold down the Power button on your Nintendo Switch.
  • When the Power menu appears, select Power Options.

Choose Restart.

If your Nintendo Switch becomes unresponsive, frozen, or does not respond to any presses, you can force it to reboot by pressing and holding the power button for 12 seconds rather than 3 seconds. It will cause the system to shut down and restart.

Fix #2: Check the modem or router.

Dealing with your network equipment, particularly the wireless router, is required to resolve this Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110.

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Restart the router.

Your wireless router can be refreshed in the same way that your Nintendo Switch console can. First, turn off your router and unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds to reboot it. After that, reconnect it and look for the problem again.

Reset your router.

Resetting the router is another way to troubleshoot Nintendo Switch error code 2110-2003. Unlike a power cycle, this restores all of the router’s firmware settings to their original or factory state. It is usually effective if a firmware issue causes a problem with the wireless router. We strongly advise performing a firmware update before resetting your wireless router. If that does not resolve the problem, proceed with the reset.

Resetting a specific router is dependent on the equipment’s make and model. If you don’t know how to, contact the router’s manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider.

Fix #3: Install a new Internet connection.

If nothing has changed, your next step should be to create a new wireless network. Make a point of double-checking all settings this time. Follow these steps if you don’t know how to set up a new wireless network:

  1. Navigate to the Home menu on your Nintendo Error Code 2110.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Choose Internet.
  4. Wait for your Nintendo Switch to search for nearby wifi signals after selecting Internet Settings.
  5. Choose your wifi network.
  6. Enter your wifi network’s correct password.
  7. After the setup, wait for the result of your Internet connection test. To finish the installation, click OK.

Fix #4: Check for wireless signal interference 

If your Nintendo Switch’s wifi signal constantly drops, disconnects, or stops working, it could be due to signal interference. If you need to troubleshoot your Nintendo Switch wifi, now is the time.

Fix #5: Change your DNS server.

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Some players were able to resolve the error code 2110 by changing the DNS servers on their Nintendo Switch.