Ways To Turn Off Read Receipts of Instagram

Turn Off Instagram Read Receipts

You may Turn Off Read Receipts in the Instagram app’s Settings or by utilizing Airplane mode.

Important Points

Toggle off Instagram message notifications: Go to Profile Hamburger menu Settings Notifications Messages and Calls Disable. Airplane mode message reading: Launch the app Message Message Airplane Mode Read messages Log out: Log in and turn off Airplane Mode.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to Turn Off Read Receipts, but you may still read the messages offline without receiving read receipts. However, you may Turn Off Read Receipts of instagram in other ways, for as by removing alerts or turning off data. Also, make sure you’re running the most recent version of Instagram. If not, you may upgrade the Instagram app via Google Play or Apple App Store.

How to Turn Off Read Receipts of Instagram

You may quickly Turn Off Read Receipts by deactivating notifications on your Instagram account.

1. To begin, open the Instagram app on your smartphone.

2. Click the Account icon in the lower left corner.

3. Next, select the Hamburger option (top-right)

4. Next, go to Settings Notifications Messages and Calls.

5. Tap Off to Turn Off Read Receipts and Messages.

How to View Instagram Messages While Flying

After entering Airplane Mode, you may read the messages in your Instagram inbox. As a result, you can read the messages, but the sender will not receive a read receipt until you turn off Airplane Mode or Turn Off Read Receipts.

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1. Launch the Instagram app (Android & iOS).

2. Select the Message icon (top-left).

3. Enable the Airplane mode (Android or iPhone).

4. When finished, press to read the chosen messages.

5. Next, go to the Profile page and select Settings.

6. Select Log Out (at the bottom).

7. Exit the app and turn off Airplane mode.

8. Turn on your smartphone’s mobile data or connect it to WiFi.

9. Open the app again and sign in to your account.

Questions and Answers

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1. How can I turn off Instagram Reels or Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram?

If you are fed up with the Reels or Turn Off Read Receipts, you can disable them on Instagram in six ways. Disabling auto-update, concealing reels, and utilizing earlier versions of Instagram, the Lite app, mod applications, and the browser are just a few examples.

2. How can I activate Instagram’s dark mode on Android?

Enabling dark mode on Instagram is a straightforward process. Launch the app and select Profile Menu Settings Theme Dark.