5 Methods To Fix Volume Icon Missing Windows 10

Volume Icon Missing

In Windows 10, the default taskbar includes icons for monitoring and adjusting your network/wireless connection, battery, and volume. This icon system makes it simple and handy to make changes to your device’s settings without accessing the Control Panel via Windows Explorer. The slight discomfort of navigating to your computer’s Volume Icon Missing or volume settings may become rather bothersome if you do it regularly. Fortunately, there is no need to endure this difficulty for an extended time because of various proven remedies. In this essay, we will go over several strategies step by step.

However, some users have claimed that the Volume Icon Missing from time to time, and this issue might manifest itself in various ways. For example, in some circumstances, the volume symbol is greyed out or Volume Icon Missing, while in others, it is absent.

There are other ways to control your device’s volume from the Control Panel if you see Volume Icon Missing, but the taskbar is the handiest. This post will go through a few alternative methods for recovering the sound icon if it has vanished from your taskbar. To troubleshoot your device, we recommend following the steps indicated below in the order provided. In most situations, you should be able to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Follow the steps below to get your volume back up!

  1. Check if the volume icon is turned on.
  2. Adjust the text size.
  3. Log out and re-enter Windows 10.
  4. Relaunch Explorer
  5. It would be best if you had updated your driver.

Users have tried and tested each of these ways. They are typically straightforward solutions that you can test at home.

Method 1: Verify that the volume icon is turned on.

If your volume icon is missing from the taskbar, you first need to make sure it is enabled in Windows. The Volume Icon Missing in Windows may be removed, so restoring the icon to your taskbar is as simple as activating it again in your device’s settings.

  1. Please navigate the Settings menu by selecting it from the Start Menu or right-clicking an empty spot on the taskbar.
  2. Click on the Turn system symbol on or off in the Taskbar menu’s Notification area.
  3. A new panel will appear where you may turn the different system icons on and off. Check that the Volume control toggle is turned ON.
  4. Restart Windows and check whether the sound icon has returned to the taskbar.
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Method 2: Modify the font size

If Method 1 does not return the volume to your taskbar, altering the text size is the next step to try to resolve the issue. This procedure modifies and restores your device’s display settings since, in certain circumstances, the missing icon is caused by a display problem.

  1. Please navigate the Settings menu by selecting it from the Start Menu or right-clicking an empty spot on the taskbar.
  2. Change the font size to 125% under Display Settings and click the Apply button.
  3. After completing step 2, return the font size to 100% and click the Apply button again.
  4. When you close the window, your sound icon should return to the taskbar.

Method 3: Log out and log back into Windows 10.

If your Volume Icon Missing still after doing the first two ways, try logging in and out of Windows 10. Some customers noted that this easy method worked for them and that just one critical step is required. Sign out and return to Windows 10; if Volume Icon Missing , then the volume icon should reappear on your screen.

Method 4: Relaunch Explorer / explorer.exe

Restarting Windows Explorer using Task Manager is another technique to return the volume icon to your taskbar. Users who used this way to resolve the volume icon missing issue in Windows 10 claimed success. However, in rare circumstances, an issue with Explorer may be causing the problem.

  1. To launch the Task Manager, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. Navigate to the Details tab and right-click on the explorer.exe file—Select End Task from the list of alternatives.
  3. Enter Explorer by pressing Windows Key + R. To proceed, press Enter or click OK.
  4. Windows Explorer will reload if Volume Icon Missing, and the volume icon on the taskbar should return.

Method 5: Install a new driver.

The disappearance of the volume indicator on your Windows 10 taskbar might indicate a hardware problem. It is especially true if your Volume Icon Missing rather than absent. You should update the driver if the problem is due to your audio device. When finished, restart Windows and check whether the volume icon has returned to the taskbar.

  1. Select Device Manager from the list by pressing Windows Key + X.
  2. When Device Manager is open, navigate to the Sound, video, and game controllers section, right-click on your audio device, and select Update Driver.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and let Windows assist you in selecting the optimal driver to upgrade for your audio hardware device. The volume icon should be returned to your Windows taskbar once you update these settings for your sound equipment.
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There are several methods for returning the volume icon to your taskbar. By using each of the ways listed above, you should be able to rapidly restore the volume icon and manage the sound level of your device from the comfort of your desktop taskbar. The volume icon, like the network and battery symbols, makes things easier, but it is only one way to control the volume of your smartphone. If the icon is missing and you don’t want to bother restoring it right away, you should be able to operate your devices without it by going to Settings in Windows Explorer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Repairing the Windows 10 Volume Icon Missing

1. How Can I Enable Desktop Icons in Windows 10?

To enable your Windows 10 computer desktop icons, follow the steps below.

I Open the Windows 10 Start menu and navigate to the Settings icon.

(ii) Next, choose Personalization.

(iii) Then, navigate to the Themes tab in the left pane.

(iv) In the right pane, navigate to the Related Settings category and select Desktop Icon Settings.

(v) Next, under the Desktop Icons category, tick the boxes next to the desktop icons you want to enable.

(vi) Finally, press the OK button.

2. How Does the Volume Icon Missing again Appear in Windows 10?

In Windows 10, the speaker icon seems to be a natural speaker with sound waves radiating from it.

3. How Do I Remove All Icons From My Windows 10 Desktop?

Follow the steps below to conceal the icons on your Windows 10 desktop.

Right-click any empty spot on your computer’s desktop and select View.

(ii) Next, select Show desktop icons.

4. Can Soundbars Be Used With Computers?

Absolutely! Soundbars are often designed to work with laptops and desktop PCs.

5. How Do I Change the Volume on My Windows 10 PC?

Click the speaker icon on the Windows 10 taskbar and use the speaker slider to change the level.

My Last Thoughts on Resolving Windows 10 Volume Icon Missing

Although most people do not use computers for audio, no one wants a computer with an unresponsive speaker icon. Fortunately, we recently went through two options for fixing the Windows 10 Volume Icon Missing

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We focused on a solution that entails installing the computer’s audio driver. I also demonstrated how to resolve the issue by restarting the computer’s audio service. So, using the remedies in this article, this issue should be a thing of the past.