Fixing the WDF_VIOLATION Error on Windows 10


Fix for WDF_VIOLATION in Windows 10: Do you frequently get a BSOD with the WDF_VIOLATION Error code on your Windows 10 computer? Here’s how to avoid it happening again. WDF VIOLATION in Windows 10 When an error occurs, the computer becomes unresponsive and enters the automated repair cycle. This issue is most familiar with HP laptops, but it can also appear on other devices, leaving customers unsure of what to do next. This issue is caused by several factors, including outdated drivers, inconsistencies in system files, and a corrupt keyboard driver.

We’ve provided several effective troubleshooting procedures that should get your Windows PC back up and running. However, we recommend you go through each technique to figure out what’s causing the problem at your end and then take the necessary steps.

4 Solutions for the WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

How do you resolve the WDF_VIOLATION blue screen of death on Windows 10? You can try each of the following solutions one at a time.

1. Uninstall the HP Keyboard Driver.

If you own an HP device and receive the WDF_VIOLATION Error, you should first check your keyboard driver for issues. Unfortunately, keyboard drivers are to blame in nearly all cases of HP devices displaying this specific Blue Screen of Death.

As a result, before proceeding to more system-related troubleshooting approaches, I recommend uninstalling the HP keyboard driver and observing the results. If you do not own an HP device, proceed to the steps below.

1. Press Win + I to launch Windows Settings.

2. Go to Update & Security.

3. Tap the Restart now button on the right side of the window after selecting Recovery from the left pane. It will put your System into recovery mode.

4. In the next window, click Troubleshoot.

5. Navigate to Advanced > Command Prompt.

6. In Command Prompt, type the following command and press Enter to execute it if you’re using a 32-bit Windows version.

dism /Image:C /Remove-Driver /Driver: C:WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRepositoryhpqkbfiltr.inf x86 f1527018cecbb8c2

7. Users of 64-bit Windows should execute the following command:

dism /Image:C: /Remove-Driver /Driver:c:WindowsSystem32driverstoreFileRepositoryhpqkbfiltr.inf amd64 714aca0508a80e9a

8. Exit the Recovery environment and restart the computer after Command Prompt executes the commands.

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Hopefully, you won’t get the BSOD again after rebooting.

2. Examine the System for Inconsistencies

Inconsistencies and corruption issues within the System are another common cause of Windows Blue Screen of Death errors. These frequently occur when malware or viruses corrupt critical system files, rendering them untrustworthy and inoperable. It can cause system crashes, blue screens of death, and app malfunctions.

The good news is that Microsoft has included numerous troubleshooting tools in Windows. For example, the System File Checker program will be used to correct system errors like wdf_violation.

SFC was designed to search the System for problems, including critical files. If it detects any issues, it will try to solve them without requiring much human intervention. You can see if running the SFC utility through the Command Prompt affects you.

While you’re at it, we recommend running the Check Disk utility. It will scan your hard drive for potential problems and repair any found.

3. Update or remove drivers

Your device drivers could also be outdated, making them incompatible with the System and resulting in the Blue Screen of Death.

We will first attempt to update the drivers to see if this resolves the BSOD. If that doesn’t work, we’ll try deleting the Bluetooth driver in Safe Mode, which, according to other customers, maybe the source of the problem.

1. Install new drivers

We’ll use the Device Manager utility to update the outdated or corrupted drivers. To proceed, follow these simple steps to fix wdf_violation:

1. In the taskbar’s search area, type Device Manager and press the Open button.

2. Look for the hardware sections and any drivers with a yellow exclamation mark in the newly launched window.

3. From the context menu, right-click on these drivers and select Update driver.

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4. Tap on “Search automatically for drivers” in the following dialogue and wait for the System to scan for available driver updates.

5. If any updates are discovered, take your time installing them and checking to see if the problem of wdf_violation has been resolved.

2. Remove Bluetooth driver

Some users were able to fix this problem by uninstalling their Bluetooth driver from the device, so we recommend that you try it.

This method will uninstall the Bluetooth driver via Device Manager in Safe Mode.

What you must do is as follows:

1. Click the power button on your taskbar after tapping the Windows icon.

2. Hold the Shift key and press the “Restart” button.

3. In the following window, choose to Troubleshoot > Advanced options.

4. Select Startup Settings, then click the Restart button.

5. After rebooting, press four or F4 on your keyboard to enter Safe Mode.

6. Navigate to Device Manager while in Safe Mode.

7. Locate your Bluetooth driver and right-click on it.

8. From the context menu, choose Uninstall device.

9. If a confirmation prompt appears, choose Uninstall once more.

If you suspect another driver is causing the problem, exit Safe Mode and follow the same steps to download and install the most recent drivers from the official manufacturer’s website.

4. Reset Your Computer

Finally, resetting the operating System solves almost every problem about wdf_violation. Resetting your System will return it to the state it was in when you first purchased it, and any apps or programs you installed after that will be lost.

You can use the System Restore app to restore your System to a previous operating condition if you don’t want to perform a full reset.

[Fixed] Windows WDF_VIOLATION Blue Screen Error

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We hope one of the above troubleshooting steps helped you resolve the wdf_violation Error. Install system and driver updates on time to avoid future issues. In addition, it will prevent several BSODs from occurring randomly in Windows.