Best 7 Fixes-Why Does Spotify Play The Same Songs On Shuffle?

Why does Spotify play the same songs on shuffle

In Spotify, rearranging a playlist, album, or artist profile allows you to experiment with what to listen to next without disrupting your head or mood. But Why Does Spotify Play The Same Songs On Shuffle? As we all know, Spotify is a platform that provides free access to your favorite artists’ songs, podcasts, and albums with a single click.

It contains numerous functions that allow you to listen to tunes without interruption. For example, users can shuffle their playlist in addition to the standard capabilities, such as making personalized playlists (where you can add as many tracks as you want) and repeating the song.

Why Does Spotify Play The Same Songs On Shuffle cause Shuffling playlists is a terrific technique to freshen up your listening or when you don’t want to listen to the same playlist for an extended period. In other words, you can use Spotify’s shuffle feature to order the songs in your playlist or album randomly.

Before we get into the matter, I’d like to show you how to activate the shuffle feature.


  • In the Now Playing bar at the bottom, select Shuffle.
  • Click once more to turn it off. Songs are back in their original lineup.
  • To activate it, use the following keyboard shortcuts:
  • Cmd+S (for Mac)
  • Ctrl+S (for Windows)


  • Play the Shuffle (And if you got premium).
  • In the Now Playing area, you may also toggle Shuffle on/off:
  • Then, tap the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen (above the menu).
  • To enable it, click Shuffle.
  • Tap once more to turn it off. Songs are back in their original lineup.

However, it quickly becomes irritating that Why Does Spotify Play The Same Songs On Shuffle.

Why Does Spotify Play The Same Songs On Shuffle?

Here are some reasons mention below that Why Does Spotify Play The Same Songs On Shuffle:

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Reason No. 1: Pressing the Like Button

Adding songs to playlists looks to be considered similarly by Spotify as a Like, offering you the best of both worlds: carefully curated playlists and well-trained algorithms. But, as a result, the problem arises.

Reason 2: Alexa is not specific.

You must be exact with your virtual assistant technology if you have enabled Alexa or Google Home devices to shuffle music. By default, the speaker begins with the first song added to the playlist and progresses chronologically.

Reason 3: Unaware Of Artist Biographies

Artists, like playlists, are accustomed to making automated Radio playlists; beginning one of these on an artist connected to one of your favorites is a terrific method to discover music that matches your preferences.

Reason 4: The Playlist Must Be Reordered

Spotify arranges playlists chronologically, starting with the songs you added first. Nonetheless, if you take the time to create a playlist with songs you enjoy, you’ll find yourself playing the same songs repeatedly. To find the new items, reverse the order.

I know what you’re thinking: “Knowing the root reason isn’t going to help us cure it, duh!” So we’ll get right to work without taking up too much of your time an fix this problem of Why Does Spotify Play The Same Songs On Shuffle.

Fixes: Why Does Spotify Play The Same Songs On Shuffle?

These are some solutions to this problem that Why Does Spotify Play The Same Songs On Shuffle:

Method 1: Avoid Using The “Like” Button

If you keep pushing Like on your favorite songs, Spotify’s algorithms will modify them to suit your tastes. However, it was later discovered that this resulted in too much of a good thing. So I’d rather you stick to making playlists of your favorite songs.

Method 2: Be Particular to Alexa

It would be best if you spoke the following to shuffle your playlist effectively: “Shuffle my Spotify playlist using your device (Alexa/Ok Google).”

You must use the phrase mentioned earlier. Otherwise, the speaker [Alexa/OkGoogle] may mix up a generic playlist with the same name as the one you’ve selected in your library.

Method 3: Reverse the order of the playlist

  • To reorder a playlist on mobile, follow these steps:
  • Click on the playlist > pick Sort playlist from the three-dot menu.
  • Now, from the dropdown option, select Recently added.
  • Users of desktop computers can:
  • To reverse the order of the songs, click the tiny calendar icon at the top of the playlist.
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Method 4: Click the Shuffle and Repeat Icon.

Play the playlist with shuffle and repeat options enabled (just once, thus no opportunity to repeat the same music), as seen below.

You should now be able to play the playlist without interruption. As it will resume from the first song (selected at random at the start) and repeat the shuffle mix after playing all the tracks – Refer to Spotify Community.

Method 5: Relaunch the Spotify App

  • Log out of the Spotify app by going to Your Library, followed by Settings.
  • Restart Spotify > Remove all background apps > Log in again.
  • Now, play a playlist and see if Spotify Shuffle is shuffling your music or not.

Method 6: Update the application

Spotify’s Shuffle Play algorithm may have been altered, which is why your Shuffle Play is not random. Unfortunately, you’ll never know because you’re using an earlier version of Spotify, and it keeps playing the same song on loop.

  • Go to the Play/App store, search for Spotify, and update it (it won’t take long).

If nothing else works, you can reinstall the app. After reinstalling the app, make sure to restart your smartphone.

Method 7: Make use of Spotify Shuffler.

Because it is free, you can use it as an immediate answer.

Spotify shuffler is a 100% free and safe third-party application that shuffles all of your music far better than Spotify.

Go to

Sign up for free and enjoy without dealing with the Why does Spotify play the same songs on shuffle problem?

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Last Words

I hope this post helps you to solve the problem. Why does Spotify play the same songs on Shuffle? Please ensure that you complete each step. Then, follow them carefully for immediate results. This essay covers the primary causes and practical solutions to the problem. If you believe your loved ones are in need, please share this with them.

I hope you find it interesting! Thank you very much!