Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Error-Easy Guide (2022)

Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

Is your Windows 10 PC or laptop displaying the problem notice like ? ‘Your Windows License Will Expire Soon; you must activate Windows in PC settings. Then this post is for you; discover everything you need to know about the mistake here. How to repair the Your Windows License Will Expire Soon in Windows 10 Windows 10 is the most recent operating system, and many people are eager to install it. Installing Windows 10 is straightforward; purchase the official operating system and apply it to your PC.

Then, using the Windows 10 product key, you may obtain the Windows 10 upgrade for free via the Microsoft Store or through Microsoft’s servers on the device.

Although anybody running Windows 8 may upgrade to Windows 10 for free, several customers have reported seeing the issue. Your Windows License Will Expire Soon, and you’ve been whining about it.

Furthermore, because the expiration date has passed, your machine will reboot every two hours until you activate it. But why should you start the update when it’s free with your Windows 8 product key? It is a perplexing Windows 10 issue. However, the mistake in Windows 10 may be repaired by following the procedures listed below if your Windows license is about to expire.

Error Messages of the Type “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon”:

Three warnings are associated with the “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” problem. They all have unique qualities and appearances:

1: Your Windows license will expire shortly, although Windows is activated – This is a typical Windows 10 activation mistake many customers have encountered. This issue can occur on both active and inactive Windows computers.

2: Your Windows license is about to expire. HP, Dell, and ASUS— This error message is commonly reported by HP, ASUS, and Dell customers.

3: Your Windows license will expire soon keeps appearing – This is one of the most irritating error messages since it seems so frequently. This error will occur every time you try to launch a program, service, or app.

Many customers reported the licensing problem while using a new device pre-installed with Windows 10.

It indicates that your key may be refused (the licensing key is built in the BIOS); thus, the best thing to do in this circumstance is to contact your manufacturer and ask for assistance; they will assist you with the debugging procedure.

Also, suppose you have an official Windows key but are running a temporary version. In that case, you will not be able to resolve the issue until you obtain an official Windows 10 version. Please remember to purchase the official Windows version from the Microsoft website or a designated store.

How Do I Repair the “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” Error in Windows 10?

#Fix 1: Through Manual Reactivation

  • To begin, open Command Prompt with administrative privileges. Next, click on the Start button, then right-click on Command Prompt and select “Run as Administrator.”
  • To perform this command, type slmgr -rearm in the command prompt and press the Enter key. When the “Command performed successfully” message appears, click the OK button. Restart your computer.
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  • Navigate to the Activation pane in the Settings app after restarting the machine. There, click the Change product key button.

  • After that, enter your licensed unique product key to activate the PC or laptop, and the fault should be resolved.

#Fix 2: Through Windows License Management Service

  • Enter services—MSc in the search box.

  • You must “Disable” or “Stop” two services after accessing the services.MSC window. “Windows License Management Service” is the first, while “Windows Update” is the second.

  • In the service.MSC window, look for the Windows License Management Service.

  • You must disable this service; double-click it to disable and terminate it.

  • After that, locate and deactivate Windows Update.

  • Double-click it to disable and terminate the Windows Update service.

  • Finally, restart your PC/Computer.

#Fix 3: Activation Troubleshooter fixes 

If your machine is running Windows 10 Version 1607 or later, you should automatically use the Activation Troubleshooter to discover and repair the problem of Your Windows License Will Expire Soon :.

The Microsoft Activation Troubleshooter is beneficial; run it, and any update difficulties will be resolved immediately.

  • How to Use the Windows 10 Activation Troubleshooter

  • Navigate to the Settings app, then to Update & security > Activation.

  • This window displays a list of random activation failures prohibiting your system from launching.
  • To run an Activation troubleshooter, choose Troubleshoot.
  • The troubleshooter will automatically discover the issues and make the appropriate adjustments.
  • When you’ve completed troubleshooting, shut the troubleshooter.

#Fix 4: Use Command Prompt to Find Your Product Key

First, use the command prompt to get your system’s product key; next, carefully follow the procedures below:

1. Launch the command prompt with administrative privileges.

2. After that, run the following command:

  • retrieve OA3xOriginalProductKey from wmic route SoftwareLicensingService

3. Running this program will reveal the product key for your operating system. Please make a note of it and keep it somewhere secure.

4. Open the Settings app (Windows Key + I). Navigate to the Update & security area after opening the Settings app.

5. Select the Activation option from the menu on the left. Select the Change product key.

Finally, enter the product key that you saved. Next, click the button.

The methods outlined above will assist you in activating your system and resolving the problem notice.

#Fix 5: “Windows License Expires Soon” in Task Manager on Windows 10

Step 1: To begin, open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and selecting Task Manager.

Step 2: After launching Task Manager, navigate to the Processes tab, look for Windows Explorer, right-click it, and select End Task.

Step 3: Select New Task from the File menu.

Step 4: Type explorer.exe and press the Enter key.

Following that, you must run the command shown below on the Command Prompt to finish the procedure.

1: Launch the command prompt with administrative privileges. Press Windows Key + X and then choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.

2: In the Command Prompt window, type slmgr -rearm and press the Enter key to execute this command.

Finally, restart your computer.

#Fix 6: “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” Resolved by modifying your Group Policy.

To edit the system’s Group Policy, follow the procedures outlined below:

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1: Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialogue box. Enter gpedit.MSc in the run box and click on the Enter key. It will launch the Local Group Policy Editor. 2: Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update in the left pane.

3: Double-click the “No auto-restart with logged-in users” option in the left pane for the planned automatic update install option.

4: Select “Enabled” and click Apply and OK to save all changes.

Other Solutions to ‘Your Windows License Will Expire Soon’ on Windows 10

#1-Restore from a Restore Point a Backup

Try to restore your system to a primary point when Windows 10 is enabled.

Open the advanced system options by going to the Start Menu and searching for it.

Please navigate to the System Protection tab and click on System Restore Now; in the System Restore box, select a backup based on your requirements (it depends on how far back you want to restore your jam). Click Next and proceed as directed. Your computer will reboot and automatically convert to the last backup you chose.

#2 – Restart your computer.

You should reboot your PC or laptop to remove the message “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon; you must activate Windows in PC settings.”

  1. By hitting Windows + I, you may access the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Update & Security > Recovery and press the Get Started button.
  3. A window will appear asking you how you want to proceed with the reset.
  4. Choose whether to save all of your files (Keep my files) or to delete everything (Remove everything).
  5. Select Keep my files to save your software files and data.
  6. After that, click Next. The Windows 10 operating system will reboot and reset your machine by uninstalling all apps and registry entries.
  7. So, keep in mind that all of your primary data is still secure on the C: disc.

It is expected that the “Your Windows License will expire soon; you must activate Windows in PC settings” problem in Windows 10 has now been addressed.

Examine the Health of Your Windows PC Or Laptop

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It allows you to effortlessly repair DLL problems, program errors, BSOD errors, persistent computer faults, file loss difficulties, malware, and virus infection, among other things. Also, resolve the issue of slow PC performance and maximize Windows PC performance.


Thus, all of the remedies presented above are successful, and after using them, you will be able to effortlessly deal with ‘Your Windows License Will Expire Soon’ on Windows 10. However, before using any of the ways, it is advised that you produce a full system image backup or a backup of your files, folders, documents, and so on. Also, to avoid further problems, ensure you follow every direction and step correctly.

I hope this post was helpful and that the ‘Your Windows License Will Expire Soon’ problem in Windows 10 has now been repaired.