11 Ways To Fix Laptop Not Turn On

Laptop Won’t Turn On

Nothing is more complicated than a Laptop Not Turn On. Losing all of your personal and professional data aggravates your annoyance. In this case, what should you do? First, please take a deep breath and try to troubleshoot this problem at home before taking it to a repair shop. It’s not always as huge as it appears. As the use of laptop computers grows, so do the associated challenges.

So, we are going to go over some troubleshooting techniques for how to solve if your Laptop Not Turn On that you can accomplish at home.

Is your Laptop Not Turn On? Do This to Repair It

Here is what you must do if your laptop won’t switch on. Let’s start with the simple fixes.

1. Restart the Laptop.

Sometimes simply restarting your laptop is all that is required. Try this method if your computer has stopped operating. If your laptop’s keypad or mouse works, restart it by pressing the “Start” button. You all know where to find the “Shutdown” or “Restart” button.

If you can’t use a keypad or mouse, hold down the “Power” button for a few seconds. This will turn off the laptop forcibly. Start it again immediately, and we’ll see whether that helps.

2. Inspect the battery

Another typical cause of a laptop not working is a dead battery. To resolve this issue, take the following actions. Please remove the battery, clean it, then replace it and power on the laptop after a minute. If it isn’t working, proceed to the next step.

  1. Remove the battery and switch on the laptop with the charger. If the computer starts up, it signifies an issue with the battery, and you will need to get a new battery for your laptop.
  2. You can also use a laptop without a battery by hooking it into a power source.
  3. If your laptop has not been fully charged, it will take some time to boot up after plugging in the charger.
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3. Problem with the power supply

  • If the laptop does not work on direct AC even without the battery installed, try swapping the charger cord to see if the cable has a problem.
  • When using a charger, check the power supply outlet is fully operational.
  • Examine both ends of the charger wire to see whether they are loosely connected.

4. Disconnect all external devices

You can also use these techniques to figure out how to fix a laptop that won’t power on.

  • First, turn off the laptop.
  • Then unplug all external devices from the laptop, such as the mouse, USB, DVD, printer, and so on.
  • Now turn on the laptop. If the laptop powers on, this indicates that one of the external devices is causing the issue.
  • Check each device alternately connected to the laptop to see which is causing the problem.

5. Screen Evaluation

  • If the laptop receives a complete power supply, we should investigate the screen problem. When the computer is turned on, but the screen is not working, people assume it is not starting.
  • Remove the laptop from any external screens that may interfere with the display.
  • To see any variation in the screen or a faint image, increase the brightness. The brightness of the screen changes, indicating that the laptop is operational, but the screen is not.
  • To test this, connect your laptop to an external display device, such as a TV or projector, using the appropriate cords. The LCD panel is cracked or damaged if the laptop screen is visible on an external display device.

6. Electricity Waste

The existence of extra static is another cause for avoiding turning on the laptop. This excess electrostatic charge is caused by the laptop’s overcharge, often known as an electrical clog.

If this occurs, the laptop’s safety feature automatically shuts the laptop off to safeguard it from harm or short-circuiting.

  • It is easily eliminated; follow the instructions and watch the magic happen.
  • Remove the battery, charger, or any other external source of power.
  • Then, press and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Plug the power supply and switch on the laptop without installing the battery. Your computer will be repaired. Unfortunately, many folks make the error of just inserting a battery.
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7. Using a rescue disc

It is a disc designed to fix the Windows operating system. It enables the computer to startup and fixes operating system problems such as viruses or malware produced by software or applications.

8. Disconnect the docking station

Unplug any docking stations from your device. A malfunctioning docking station or insufficient power supply can cause problems with the laptop.To double-check, this eliminates all docking stations. Instead, connect the laptop to a power adaptor and try turning it back on. Replace your docking station if it works.

9. Open vents

Overheating is a common cause of a laptop shutting down unexpectedly. If the laptop overheats, it will shut down automatically to protect itself. It could be due to one of three factors. First, using your laptop on the sofa, bed, or pillow may obstruct the cooling vent and cause the laptop to overheat. When a laptop’s fans cease working, there is no way to cool it down.

Cleaning the cooling vents is important since dust, hair, and debris on the vents restrict the passage and cause overheating.

10. Replace the CMOS battery

The BIOS loads the operating system using a battery on the motherboard. If the battery dies, the laptop also stops working. If you desire, you can fix it yourself or take it to a professional.

11. Default hardware

If none of the preceding troubleshooting methods work, you may have a hardware issue. For example, there could be broken or damaged wiring. Repair it by taking it to a specialist. If it is still under warranty, try to replace it.

Finally, the Laptop Not Turn On

We provided all of the information about how to fix a Laptop Not Turn On so that the next time you have a problem, you can handle it on your own. I hope your laptop is working well now. If you are doubtful or have not discovered the problems, please post a remark, and we will assist you with troubleshooting.

Going to a repair business is also a smart option if you don’t know how to fix anything because attempting to fix Laptop Not Turn On yourself may worsen matters.


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