How To Fix Apple TV Not Working On Roku

Apple TV Not Working

Apple TV is a standalone streaming platform from Apple that allows you to rent or buy movies and TV shows. You can also subscribe to Apple TV Plus to watch original content. The application is compatible with streaming devices such as Firestick, Roku, Google TV, and Smart TVs. Unfortunately, the Apple TV app on Roku may occasionally fail to function Apple TV Not Working correctly for various reasons. Whatever the cause, the problem was resolved with basic troubleshooting approaches. Here are a few solutions you can try to fix the Apple TV Not Working on the Roku issue.

In addition to the Roku streaming device, it also applies to Smart TVs that run the built-in Roku OS. TCL TV, Hisense TV, JVC TV, Philips TV, and Sharp TV are among them.

How to Fix Apple TV Not Working on Roku TV

  • Examine your Internet connection
  • Restart your Roku device.
  • Remove and reinstall the Apple TV app Apple TV Not Working .
  • Roku cache should clear.
  • Sign out of the wrong Apple ID
  • Reset your WiFi router.
  • Roku OS must be updated.
  • Roku should be reset.

Examine Your Internet Connection

Firstly, you should look for is an internet connection. The Apple TV app requires a continual internet connection to stream video content. The application will struggle to load the content if your internet connection is slow or unreliable. As a result, ensure that your internet connection is reliable and functional. Bring your router closer to the Roku player, or disconnect any other devices linked to the same network.

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WiFi Router Reset

When you receive the error, the next step is to try refreshing your WiFi router. It will restore your internet connection to connect the gadget to the network quickly.

  • Remove the router for a few moments.
  • After a few minutes, reconnect it.
  • Attempt to reconnect the Roku device to the network now. If the error persists, try different approaches.

Reboot your Roku device

The reset will clear all temporary issues on Roku devices, including the Apple TV app issue. Go to Settings System System restart Restart to restart your Roku device.

You can also forcibly restart the device by disconnecting it from the power source and reconnecting it after a few minutes.

Remove and reinstall the Apple TV App.

If the Apple TV Not Working on Roku has a problem, you may quickly fix it by reinstalling the software from the Roku Channel Store.

[1] On your Roku remote, press the home button.

[2] On the remote, navigate to the Apple TV app and push the (*) button.

[3] Confirm your action by tapping the Remove channel.

[4] Reboot your Roku device before reinstalling the Apple TV app.

Roku Cache Removal

The next possible solution to Apple TV not working on Roku is to fix the cache.

[1] To access the Roku home screen, press the home button.

[2] Now, in the following order, press the following keys.

  • Five times on the home button
  • The Up button
  • Rewind button – twice
  • Two times fast forward.

Sign out of Invalid Apple ID

Users may have more than one Apple ID at times. If this is the case, they may have used the incorrect ID to sign in to your Apple TV app. Signing in with the correct Apple ID will so fix them in resolving the issue.

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[1] On your Roku remote, press the Home button.

[2] Look for and launch Apple TV.

[3] Select Accounts from the Settings menu.

[4] Click the Sign Out button.

[5] After a few seconds, close the Apple TV app and relaunch it.

[6] Follow on-screen prompts to sign in with the relevant Apple ID.

Roku OS should update

Updating the operating system is required for all devices to function correctly. It also aids in getting the most recent version of the Apple TV software on your device.

[1] Select System from the Settings menu.

[2] Scroll down and select System Update.

[3] Select Check Now to see if there are any new updates.

[4] To upgrade your Roku device, choose Download and install.

Roku must be reset

If none of the previous techniques work, reset your Roku device and start over. It will delete everything on your device, including any apps or settings you have set up. In addition, you must reinstall the Apple TV app from the Channel Store after restarting.

[1] Scroll down to the Settings option on the home screen.

[2] Select System Reset from the System menu.

[3] Select Reset to Factory Settings.

[4] After that, configure your Roku device.

After resetting the device, contact Apple and Roku’s support teams if the problem persists. They will fix you in resolving the issue.

Questions and Answers

Why is Apple TV Not Working with Roku?

The cause could be an out-of-date Apple TV app, a poor internet connection, cached data, or out-of-date Roku firmware.