5 SolutionsTo Fix Exodus Kodi Not Working

Exodus Kodi Not Working

While streaming on Kodi, the systems sometimes fail, and you learn that the Exodus is no longer operational. It could be if you see notifications such as “Exodus Error Message,” “No Stream Available,” or your show or other media refuses to finish buffering. Exodus Kodi Not Working is a common problem. Don’t be concerned because such problems are frequently simple maintenance issues.

Examine the methods for resolving your Kodi issues listed below. If this does not help, you should consider switching to a different, more compatible repository. Because Exodus is not an established and more or less organized open source project, interruptions are pretty possible.

Top 5 Solutions for Exodus Kodi Not Working

If your Kodi videos are frequently buffering or are not displayed, there may be an error with your Exodus Kodi. These issues are commonly caused by communication failures between your internet service provider and your server. Here are some simple ways to address this problem to ensure you can consume from the Kodi machinery without difficulty and through your Exodus’ open-source project.

Method #1: Delete the Exodus Kodi Not Working

If the Exodus does not work properly with Kodi, it is usually due to the cached data and the list of providers associated with it via titles. It is most likely the case if you notice the “No Stream Available” message or if your media is continually buffering.

Here are the steps you must follow on your Exodus to resolve the issue Exodus Kodi Not Working:

  • First, select add-ons, followed by my add-ons.
  • Browse through them until you reach Video add-ons.
  • Find your Exodus now.
  • Look through the Exodus for Tools.
  • Select Clear Providers.
  • Select Clear Cache.
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To confirm, press the Yes button. Your Exodus cache is now free of obstacles.

Method #2: Make Use Of A VPN

Your internet service provider could be censoring your Kodi shows. For example, it is possible in the “No Stream Available” issue and shows that your Exodus is incompatible with Kodi like Exodus Kodi Not Working. To solve this issue, you must install a VPN, which will allow you to mask your video so that your Internet Service Provider does not detect the Kodi links you are using.

It would be best if you merely searched for a VPN on your browser to find the best one in your area. NordVPN is one of the various options for this purpose. Download the VPN of your choosing, run it, and connect it to the location of your server. This procedure will assist in unlocking your Kodi and allowing your Exodus to play Kodi videos. Is your Netflix app operational?

Method #3: Keep Your Exodus Up to Date

Most of the time, when Kodi add-ons stop operating on the Exodus, Exodus Kodi Not Working is due to an update that you may have overlooked while maintaining your Exodus. Broken add-ons almost always indicate that your Exodus needs to be updated.

You must repeat the process for the same.

  • Locate your add-ons tab.
  • Locate your video add-ons now.
  • Select Exodus.
  • Look for Exodus add-ons and the Exodus that requires an upgrade.

There will be a pop-up that will keep you updated on the update process, which you must keep monitoring until you are confident that the update was successful. After that, your last chance to save the Kodi videos is to see if the Exodus can be reinstalled.

You must uninstall Exodus from the Exodus add-ons page and re-click the Install tab if Exodus Kodi Not Working.

#4 Method

If you’re having trouble streaming or Exodus Kodi Not Working, double-check the Exodus you’re using. There is a chance that a timeout setting went berserk during the installation process or due to the Exodus’s lack of maintenance. Return to your Exodus and select the tools tab to enable this change.

  • Go to the general settings first.
  • Make a note of the control panel window.
  • Finally, reduce your Providers Timeout from 60 to 30 seconds.
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This minor modification will aid in lowering the timeout settings. It will also prevent the Exodus from being delayed due to the service provider. It will prevent the Exodus from searching for too long and allow it to select an alternative provider to ensure that your Kodi videos play quickly and smoothly.

#5 Method

The final mistake could be in your Kodi’s cache and Temp files, causing your streaming to stall. Another plugin found in your Kodi bae repository will be required to complete this operation (installed during the installation of the Exodus itself). Check out these effective methods for deleting System Error Memory Dump Files if Exodus Kodi Not Working .

  • To begin, navigate to your add-ons tab and locate your downloads, followed by the Program add-ons.
  • To witness an animation, go for the Merlin Wizard and install it. As a result, the Kodi UI will change. It is the Merlin user interface.
  • Locate the toolbox and its housekeeping section. Clear cache, delete packages, and delete thumbnails must all be selected.


if Exodus Kodi Not Working 2022, you will relaunch Kodi. You must perform this last because Kodi will restart, and you will not begin that process until all of the procedures and updates have been updated. Now you must wait for Kodi to reappear to determine whether or not the cache was correctly deleted.

As previously said, these are the most basic methods for determining whether or not your Exodus can work with Kodi. If this does not work, you should look for a new repository or service provider.