How To Fix fuboTV “Too Many Devices In Use” Error

fuboTV “Too Many Devices In Use” Error

With a fuboTV account, you can stream and record live sports and TV from leading global channels so sometimes fuboTV “Too Many Devices In Use” Error occur. Over 100 channels are available for viewing on any device, including desktop, iOS, Roku, Android, Smart TV, and others. You can create up to six profiles after signing up. Each profile will have its own set of preferred channels, recordings, and series to watch.

How many devices can be connected to fuboTV?

When you subscribe to fuboTV, you can stream video from two devices simultaneously. If you attempt to stream from multiple devices, an error notice stating fuboTV “Too Many Devices In Use” Error will appear. However, this does not preclude you from adding additional devices to your fuboTV account.

Here are three methods for overcoming the fuboTV “Too Many Devices In Use” Error:

Join Family Share today!

With Family Share, you can stream from an additional device, giving you three streams. Family Share, on the other hand, costs an extra $5.99 each month.

Join Family Share Max today!

The monthly fee for Family Share Max is $9.99. You can browse up to five devices if you choose this option. You must, however, connect the gadgets to your Home Network. You will also have access to two more streams outside your house via web browsers or mobile devices. It results in a total of seven screens.

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Subscription to Family Share Plus + Family Share Max

You must subscribe to Family Share and Family Share Max if you wish to stream on five devices on your Home Network.

You will also receive three streams outside of the home via a mobile device or web browser for eight displays.

Can I share my fuboTV account?

As previously stated, you can only have one fuboTV account. You can, however, create up to six profiles. In addition, the profiles can be shared with up to six family members. However, depending on your package, all users must be on the same home network to access multiple fuboTV streams.

Can I stream fuboTV from different locations?

You can watch fuboTV from several locations at the same time. But, first, confirm using a suitable streaming device or web browser. You cannot stream the service in several places if you use a Smart TV or another TV device. You will receive some sort of error if you use a Smart TV to stream fuboTV from two different places. It will suggest that you are watching from an excessive number of locations.

The only way to continue your programming is to turn off the stream on one TV.

Although you can stream from multiple places simultaneously, errors occur from time to time. According to the problem notice, this is because you have too many TV devices streaming in different locations.

When this occurs, you must perform the following:



When you receive an error message, the option to end a stream will appear on your screen.

How to Troubleshoot fuboTV “Too Many Devices In Use” Error

Other solutions to the “too many devices in use” problem include:

  • Reduce the number of devices streaming simultaneously. Check that you are still within the scope of your subscription plan.
  • Stop streaming from several locations using two TV devices.
  • Examine whether other users are streaming live shows from the same broadcaster on more devices than are permitted. Consider switching to a different channel. Depending on the host, a maximum of five devices can stream simultaneously.
  • If you suspect an unauthorized user is gaining access to your account, change your password.
  • Close the fuboTV app on all devices that are not currently streaming. Consider signing out from all devices as an alternative.
  • If you’re using an internet browser, be sure you’re just viewing stuff in one tab. Then, unfortunately, you’ll have to close any other open video tabs.
  • When streaming on a smartphone or tablet, you may find yourself going to the home screen and locking it. However, this may not be the end of the stream. Close the fuboTV app first to confirm it is not actively streaming.
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If none of the preceding methods work, consider calling customer service.

Finishing up

FuboTV can be viewed on numerous devices at the same time and shows fuboTV “Too Many Devices In Use” Error. However, you can only use the service from three devices simultaneously. You will have to pay an additional fee to stream videos from several devices. You can also watch your favorite shows on mobile or tablet from two or more locations. However, if you’re using a Smart TV, you won’t be able to stream from various backgrounds.

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