How To Fix Zoom Error Code 13003

If you are experiencing Zoom Error Code 13003, don’t worry; this guide is here to help. This quick and easy step-by-step guide will learn what this error code means and how to resolve it.

Online webinars are popular these days, with many people using Zoom and other platforms like Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc. Because these are digital platforms, error codes are widespread. The critical thing is to have a solution, and you will find answers to Zoom Error Code 13003 in this guide.

What is Zoom Error Code 13003?

Zoom Error Code 13003 indicates that your computer lacks the necessary permissions to install Zoom rooms. Said, the account you’re using lacks the necessary permissions to install the applications. It indicates you must grant the necessary permissions to install Zoom rooms and resolve the Zoom Error Code 13003 on your device.

Let’s look at how you may grant the required permissions to resolve the Zoom error code 13003 from your screen.

Resolve Zoom Error Code 13003


Zoom Error Code 13003

Provide Admin Rights To Install Zoom

Some basic steps listed below; complete these and resolve the error code.

  1. Allow Admin Access to Install Zoom
  2. Check that you are an admin or using your device as an admin. If you do not have admin permissions, learn how to create an administrator account before proceeding.
  3. We now presume you are an admin. Then, navigate to Zoom’s official website and download it to your device.
  4. Now, right-click on the installer and choose to install Zoom with admin privileges.
  5. Open the application to determine if the problem is resolve or if the Zoom Error Code 13003 persists.
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Note: If your employer manages your account, contact IT support to install the Zoom rooms as an admin.

Close Related Programs

Similar applications such as Skype, MSTeams, and others may cause issues while installing the Zoom application’s files. So, the simplest method to avoid such a conflict is to close any similar programs before installing Zoom.

  • Launch the Run dialogue box.
  • Enter task mgr and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Then, select the Processes tab.
  • Right-click the program you wish to close and pick End Task from the appears menu.
  • Try downloading Zoom again and see if the error 13003 disappears this time.

Drivers should be updated carefully

Your system’s video and audio drivers may become out of date. Update to see if updating your drivers resolves the error.

  1. Go to the Driver category in the Device Manager.
  2. See the Sound, Video, Game Controller, and Display Adapter sections.
  3. Expand each category and choose Update Driver from the menu.
  4. If the error persists, click the uninstall device option and uninstall the current driver.
  5. Now restart your computer and install installing Zoom.

Conduct a Clean Boot

If nothing else works, try a clean boot of your machine to see if that helps. Microsoft has an official article on how to perform a clean boot, which you may access and follow the instructions outlined in it by clicking here.