How to Watch Discovery Plus on Vizio TV?

How to Watch Discovery Plus

How to Watch Discovery Plus: Install or cast the app from your smartphone to watch Discovery Plus on your Vizio Smart TV.

Important Points – How to Watch Discovery Plus

  • The Discovery+ app is only available for Vizio Smart TVs manufactured after 2017.
  • The Discovery Plus app cannot be installed on earlier models.
  • You can also use your smartphone to cast or AirPlay Discovery+ to your Vizio TV.

Discovery Plus is a streaming service that features Discovery network TV episodes, movies, and documentaries. You may download the app from the store if you have a Vizio TV and want to watch Discovery Plus on it. The program, however, is only accessible for Smart TVs released after 2017. If you have a TV manufactured before 2017, you can cast Discovery+ from your smartphone to the TV.

How to Watch Discovery Plus on Vizio TV

1: Press the V button on your Vizio TV remote. If you don’t see a V button, click the Home button instead.

2: The VIA Plus App Store will be shown. Select one of the top categories, such as All applications, Categories, Featured, or Latest.

3: Scroll down and choose the Discovery Plus app from any of the Categories. Press down the OK button on the remote.

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4: A pop-up will appear in a few seconds stating that the app has been installed on your TV.

How to Watch Discovery Plus by using Discovery Plus App

To stream the offered material, you must first link the app to your account after installing it.

1: After installing the Discovery Plus app on your TV, start it and take note of the activation code on the screen.

2: Open another device’s web browser and navigate to

3: Log in to the website using your account information and input the activation code you highlighted.

4: Once you’ve completed the login procedure, you may begin streaming Discovery Plus content to your TV. So this is the easy way of How to Watch Discovery Plus on TV resolved.

Discovery Plus Not Working on Vizio TV Troubleshooting

1: Ensure that the internet connection is operational and error-free. How to Watch Discovery Plus on TV, for this purpose you must have a stable internet connection to view the movies and series offered on the Discovery+ app.

2: Restart your Vizio Smart TV and verify that Discovery Plus is operating correctly.

3: Check to see if the Discovery Plus app has been updated. While streaming outdated software, you will encounter specific issues.

4: Update the Vizio TV firmware to resolve the Discovery+ app issues.

Casting Discovery Plus to Vizio TV

The queation is How to Watch Discovery Plus on you Smart TV, If you can’t find the Discovery plus app on your TV, you can cast its content from your mobile device to your Vizio TV. Since the latest Vizio Smart TVs are compatible with AirPlay and Google Cast, you can use either iPhone or Android to cast the content.

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1: On your iPhone/iPad, launch the Discovery Plus app and log in to your account.

2: Make sure you connect your TV and mobile to the same WiFi network.

3: Play a video on the Discovery+ app, and click on the AirPlay logo on the media player.

4: Select your TV from the list of devices and start streaming the Discovery Plus content.

Google Cast

1: On your Android device, launch the Discovery+ app and enter the necessary login credentials

2: In the next step, connect your mobile and the TV to the same WiFi connection.

3: Open the Discovery Plus app and click on the Cast icon on the screen.

4: On the list of available devices, select your TV and start casting the Discovery Plus on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Watch Discovery Plus

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Why is there no Discovery Plus on my Vizio tv so How to Watch Discovery Plus?

The older Vizio TVs don’t support installing the Discovery Plus app. So, connect an external streaming device to install the app.