Ways to Add Location on WhatsApp Status

Location on WhatsApp

Using Google Maps, share your current location on WhatsApp Status.

Important Points – Location on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp and search for a location sticker. Navigate to My Status. Insert a new image Select the Emoji icon. Activate the Location Sticker like Location on WhatsApp. Select the location. Share the location

Open Google Maps to see your current location. Click on your current location. Select Share location-Choose WhatsApp- Choose My Status
-Send the current site.

WhatsApp is a helpful software for interacting with family and friends worldwide. WhatsApp, like Snapchat, allows you to post a 24-hour status using photographs and videos. You may add a location sticker to an image or video when adding 24-hour status. You can use that sticker to indicate where the photograph was shot. Aside from that, you may use the Google Maps app to broadcast your current location on WhatsApp Status.

How to Put a Location on WhatsApp

The instructions for adding a Location on WhatsApp differ somewhat between Android and iOS versions.

Android – Location on WhatsApp

(1) Open WhatsApp on your Android device.

(2) Select the Status tab and then hit the Camera icon in the lower right corner.

(3) Use the device camera to take a new photo or video. You may also use the device gallery to add photographs or movies.

(4) At the top, tap the Emoji symbol.

(5) Select the location sticker and the desired location. Tap the Send your location option to indicate your present location.

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(6) Drag and drop the sticker onto the chosen image location.

(7) To complete the transaction, tap the Send icon.

iPhone – Location on WhatsApp

(1) Launch WhatsApp and navigate to the Status tab.

(2) Select the Camera icon from the My Status menu.

(3) Take a fresh photo or upload one from your device’s gallery.

(4) Select the Emoji symbol.

(5) Select the location sticker from the CONTENT STICKERS area.

(6) Choose the desired location.

(7) After you’ve added the location sticker, hit the blue Send icon.

How to Include a Live Location on WhatsApp

Directly sharing live location on WhatsApp status is not possible. It would help if you had Google Maps loaded on your smartphone.


(1) Open the Google Maps application.

(2) Tap the current location.

(3) Select the option to Share location.

(4) Choose WhatsApp and choose how long you want to transmit the live location.

(5) Choose whether to share the location with or without a link. Select the My Status option.

(6) Select Send location to share your current location on WhatsApp status.


You can’t add your location to the WhatsApp status using Apple’s “Maps” app. You must first download the Google Maps app from the App Store.

(1) On your iPhone or iPad, launch Google Maps.

(2) Tap on your location, just like you would on an Android device.

(3) A pop-up will appear at the bottom. Choose the option to share your location.

(4) Choose More Options after selecting the time.

(5) Select WhatsApp now.

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(6) Tap the Next button after selecting the My Status option.

(7) Finally, click the Send button to publish the status along with your location.

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Google Maps is a must-have app for sharing location on WhatsApp status. You can only publish your location as a status with Google Maps. WhatsApp Web and Desktop can only be used to check the status of other WhatsApp users. It cannot be used to build a new tale.