Customize My iphone Lock Screen Wallpaper in ‌iOS 16‌?

Lock Screen Wallpaper

Every big smartphone update has a combination of improvements we appreciate, changes we dislike, and additions we don’t even know about. The iOS 16 updates for iPhones were released by Apple last week, and beneath the more visible features such as editable messages lies a long list of minor changes or editing Lock Screen Wallpaper as well.

These significant Apple upgrades always provide additional settings and customization options. On iPhones, this may lead to clutter and confusion or frustrate creatures of habit who dislike when buttons are rearranged (hello). Let us walk you through the new design of your phone, including the enormous clock or Lock Screen Wallpaper.

Customize your Lock Screen Wallpaper

The goal is to display additional information without requiring you to unlock your phone. You cannot modify your existing Lock Screen Wallpaper, so press and hold on the lock screen, hit the Customize button at the bottom, and then tap Add New.

#1. Change the background: 

Typically, you may choose a photo, a pattern, or a solid color. You may also create a collage of up to six emojis as your background or Lock Screen Wallpaper. Right-click on any of these for further appearances.

New dynamic Lock Screen Wallpaper choices include shuffling photographs (choose a person or your mix of images), displaying an estimate of the weather outdoors, and space-themed wallpapers such as the moon or solar system.

The Depth Effect option (three dots in the bottom right corner) positions a photograph’s subject in front of the clock.

#2. Add widgets: 

Next, you may add widgets, which are little boxes that display dynamic information. Under the time on your new screen, tap Add Widgets and select up to four tiny widgets or two large widgets to display information such as the weather, your battery life, or the most recent news. Tap the dateline above the clock to add information such as the moon phase.

#3. Change your home screen: 

When you’re done, tap Done in the upper right corner. Select Set as Wallpaper Pair to have it automatically produce a background for your home screen (the image that shows behind your apps), or select Customize screen to choose your Lock Screen Wallpaper.

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You must avoid setting a fresh Lock Screen Wallpaper on the home screen.

#4. Make more for various events:

For example, multiple custom lock screens may be added. Tap the Attention button at the bottom of the preview screen if you want them to vary according to your focus mode (black and empty if you’re asleep, headlines and weather while you’re at work).

Change the clock font back

Yes, the iPhone’s lock screen clock is now more robust. The strong typeface makes the time simpler to see at a glance, but anyone who misses the previous font may swap it back. It can only be changed on a custom lock screen (see above). If you want your new lock page to seem identical, you must build a new custom screen and then select the same image as your Lock Screen Wallpaper.

The Customize button will display at the bottom when the Lock Screen Wallpaper is depressed and held. Tap the time and select the second choice if you wish to return it to its iOS 15 appearance; otherwise, play with the other font and color options.

Add alerts to a list once more.

  • One more modification to the home screen!
  • If you dislike the stacked alerts, you may switch to a list instead.
  • Select List from Settings Notifications Display As.

Audit the applications with access to your data.

Apple implemented a much-needed safety tool that enables those in unsafe or abusive situations to know who has access to their data and subsequently take appropriate action.

  1. This setting, titled Safety Check, serves as quick security and privacy audit that everyone should examine.
  2. It will reveal which individuals and applications have access to your location, microphone, and camera.
  3. Navigate to Settings Privacy & Security Security Check (near the bottom of the page).
  4. Press Manage Sharing & Access, tap Continue, then complete the guided verification.

The app list is comparable to current Privacy & Security options, but it is organized in a way that makes it simpler to identify and disable applications’ access.

Make the keyboard vibrate softly.

  • Receive a pleasant clicking sensation when using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Toggle the on Haptic option in Settings Sounds & Haptics Keyboard Feedback to the green position.
  • (If your keyboard creates loud clicking noises as you type, you do not need to live in such a manner.
  • Please turn off the Sound option in the same spot, so it is grey.)

Hang up on calls by speaking

If you enjoy walking while talking or knitting while conversing, you may now end a phone call without pressing a button.

Select Settings >> Siri & Search >> Call

Hang Up and turn the switch on. Next time you are on a phone or FaceTime call, say, “Hey Siri, hang up!” in a dramatic tone. Excellent for getting the last word in.

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Dictate emoji

You may now include emojis while dictating an email or text to your employer without having to go back and manually enter them. Say the desired emoji out loud, followed by “emoji.”

Example: “The presentation will not be completed on time, sad emoji.” (This works on iPhone XS and subsequent models.)

Remove the search button.

There is a little Search button at the bottom of the home screen, so you no longer need to drag your finger from the top of the screen to search for an app or contact. If you don’t like it, navigate to Settings > Home Screen and turn off the option Show on Home Screen under Search.

Create real-time captions

A new feature is not as helpful as captions but can help in a pinch. Live captions will display a black box at the bottom of your screen that attempts to produce captions for any open app, including TikTok, podcasts, and your videos.

Recover deleted Messages

If you delete a chat or message, you have up to 30 days to retrieve it from your phone. Return to the Messages main screen and click Edit in the upper-right corner, then Show Recently Deleted.

If you have the option enabled to filter messages from unknown senders, you will click Filters > Recently Deleted from the upper right corner. Select then click Recover. Your message or chat will return to its original location.

FAQs – Lock Screen Wallpaper

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How can you add your name to the Lock Screen Wallpaper of your iPhone?

While there is no direct way, if you have an iPhone running iOS 16, you may add a reminder widget with your name on the lock screen.

How can I change the Lock Screen Wallpaper background?

You may add different backgrounds to the Lock Screen if you have iOS 16 installed on your iPhone.

  • Tap and hold the display, then tap the plus icon.
  • Select the desired Lock Screen Wallpaper and press Done.

How many iOS 16 Lock Screen Wallpaper are possible to create?

There needs to be an official confirmation on the maximum number of Lock Screens that may be created on an iPhone.

Final Words : Lock Screen Wallpaper

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With the iOS 16 upgrade, you may personalize your iPhone’s lock screen. Which widgets do you use most frequently on your lock screen? Please tell me in the comments.