How to Play Tanks on iMessage Game (2022)

Play Tanks

Play Tanks are one of the most famous and popular iMessage games. The game aims to strike enemy tanks and defend them from hostile assault. Moreover, Tanks cannot be installed as a standalone game. You must install the GamesPigeon app on your mobile device to play Tanks on iMessage with your pals.


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Play Tanks– Game Rules

  1. It would help if you first chose a playing ground from the options of Flat and Valley.
  2. Before the challenge, you must click the target practice to prepare for the game Play Tanks.
  3. To win the Tanks multi-player challenge, you must accumulate the most points.

How to Receive and Play Tanks through iMessage

Remember that it only works with the default iPhone messaging app, and you cannot use it with third-party messaging programs.

[1] Open the iMessage application on your device.

[2] Open a new or existing conversation and press the Text Box.

[3] You may view a list of alternatives, including Photos, App Store, and other applications.

[4] Tap App Store, then type GamePigeon in the search bar.

[5] To download the game, tap Get.

Note: If the download fails, try again after restarting or updating your iPhone.

Instructions for Play Tanks on iMessage

[1] Close the App Store after installing the application, then launch GamePigeon.

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[2] Locate and launch the Play Tanks game, then click the blue send icon to issue an invitation.

[3] Once the request has been approved, you may begin playing the game.

[4] You must adjust the Angle and Power to drop the bomb on the opposing tanks using your fingertips when it’s your time.

[5] Tap Fire once the angle and power have been selected.

Tips! If you don’t like the default messaging software on your Android smartphone, you may also install iMessage to send text, emojis, etc.

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FAQs – Play Tanks

1.Are iMessage games still available?

Games still exist on iMessage, and you can install and Play Tanks with the aid of an integrated App Store extension.

2. Is GamePigeon exclusive to the iPhone?

The GamePigeon game is developed for Apple users, and iOS 11 or later must be installed on your iPhone to play.