How to Repair LG TV Error Code 201

LG TV Error Code 201

LG TV is a modern appliance among all TV companies across the world, and it has a lot of fans. Nowadays, users choose to Watch Online movies and videos on their televisions. Smart TVs allow users to connect apps that play or stream Online movies to their televisions. Some customers see LG TV Error Code 201, also known as Youtube TV Error Code 201, on their displays. This tutorial covered all information about this error code, such as how to get rid of it.

Error Code 201 on LG TV

LG TV Error Code 201 happens when customers attempt to use the YouTube app on their TV to view or stream videos and movies. If the time on your TV sets is incorrect, you will get this error code.

“Server Certificate has expired or is not yet valid because the set time on TV is different from the actual time. Please verify time settings, Code Error: 201″

How to Resolve LG TV Error Code 201

To resolve LG Smart TV error code, use the remedies listed below. You do not have to follow all of the fixes if you have found a solution by following a specific technique.

Here’s how to resolve LG TV Error Code 201:

  • Set your TV to the current time.
    (Both automatically and manually)
  • Examine your Internet connection.
  • Clear the cache of the YouTube program.
  • Check to see whether you’re using an outdated version of the app.
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Set your TV time as current. (Auto and Manually)

It is the first workaround you must use if you wish to resolve the problem. There are two ways to set your TV time to the current time. The first is automatic, and the second is manual. We have offered both alternatives for you to select.

Set your TV to Auto mode

If your setting have a TV tuner, you can utilize this function. Assuming you’re using a TV tuner, follow these instructions to change your TV timer to auto mode.

  • Press the Home button on the LG TV remote.
  • Choose Setup from the menu.
  • Select Time/Clock (Depends on the Model).
  • Select the Clock and then the Auto option.
  • It would be best to choose a suitable time zone to get the right time for your location.

Manually set your TV time

To manually adjust the time, perform the three procedures outlined above:

  • First, choose Clock and then the Manual option.
  • Manually enter the Day/Month/Year/Hour/Minute.

Examine your Internet connection

It would help you if you also verified your internet connection because a faulty internet connection can occasionally contribute to discovering this error number.

You should also check to see whether you are using an outdated version of the YouTube app. If this is the case, you should upgrade it to the most recent version.

To resolve LG TV Error Code 201, you may also remove the cache files.

That’s it. I hope these solutions assist you in resolving your issue. If not, you may contact support and inquire about it by supplying your TV model and version.

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Error Code 201 TCL TV

If you have a TCL TV and see error number 201, this signifies that the application (YouTube) is having trouble playing videos on your TV. This LG TV Error Code 201 can be resolved by upgrading the program, verifying your internet connection, deleting the app cache, clearing the cache and cookies data of your default browser, and resetting the time and date.