How To Fix Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

Toshiba Fire TV Remote

Is your Toshiba Fire Stick remote not working and causing you annoyance? Toshiba, on the other hand, is one of the leading corporations in electronic devices today. When we talk about the Fire Stick, it is one of the maximum streaming devices that provides a great experience anytime any user attempts to watch or stream anything using the Fire Stick on their smart TV or other devices.

Regarding the Toshiba fire stick and its services, users have complained that the Toshiba fire TV remote does not work. This article is all about what this problem is about and why it occurs. The most critical component is how to overcome this difficulty.

Causes of Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Isn’t Working

A Toshiba fire TV remote is a decent solution when trying to replace a broken or interrupted Fire TV remote. It works well with Toshiba and Insignia TVs, but it may be used with any TV. It is very nicely connected with Bluetooth or IR technologies and is very user-friendly with many functions. However, pointers, like any other device, have some problems in terms of drawbacks. One of them is the Toshiba fire TV remote not working.

The following section discusses why the problem occurs and what the causes are.

The issue is that the Toshiba fire TV remote is not connecting or working; there could be several explanations for this. Some of the causes of the problems mentioned above are as follows:

  • The main reason for this issue is that the tv is not working correctly.
  • Another cause of this issue is that the Toshiba fire TV remote is OK, but its buttons are not working correctly.
  • Another cause of this issue is that the remote’s batteries are faulty.
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As a result, they are the few sources of the issue mentioned earlier and are very much the face of the fact. Therefore, it is time to figure out how to tackle the previous problem.

Troubleshooting: Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working fix

As previously stated, this issue could be caused by various factors, all of which are discussed in the preceding section. Still, this section will focus on the remedies we can employ to give users straightforward solutions to this problem.

These solutions assess the following:

Restart your device

It could be an issue with your device. You can try to power cycle the device and then restart it. Next, please turn off your TV or device and unplug it. Wait a few moments, then plug in your device again to see if this helps. So, if you cannot connect or pair the fire stick remote to the said device, you should power cycle your fire stick device or TV, or whichever device you use to enjoy yourself.

Upgrade Your tv

It is possible that your tv needs an upgrade. You should check for regular updates for your TV because a smart TV operates differently than a standard TV and requires frequent updates, which you should check for and perform regularly.

Check that you have the most recent and updated TV version before attempting to connect your Toshiba fire stick to your TV; if this does not work, proceed to the next solution.

Reset Your Remote to Factory Settings

Perhaps the issue is with the remote rather than the tv. In that situation, you must perform a factory reset on your remote. You can accomplish this by removing the battery and turning off the remote for a short period before replacing the batteries and attempting to use the remote.

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If there is a problem with the remote’s buttons or keys, make sure you change them so the remote can function correctly. As a result, a complete factory reset of the remote may assist you in resolving the issue.

Replace the Remote’s Batteries

Perhaps the batteries on your remote have run out. In this situation, changing them and inserting new batteries may aid in properly operating your remote. We hope that these troubleshooting procedures assisted you in resolving the Toshiba Fire TV Remote not working issue.

Last Words

If your problem remains unresolved after trying all of the remedies, it implies that the remote is still not working. In this case, you can contact support or call a repairer. But, again, this is a hardware or circuit problem that a professional or experienced repairer can resolve.

Commonly Asked Questions

On the Toshiba Fire TV remote, where is the setup button?

Go to the menu button on the remote and select the setup option.

Why did the Toshiba fire TV remote stop working?

The Toshiba Fire TV remote ceased working because the batteries were improperly adjusted or were not working.


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