How to Turn Off Automatic Updates in Windows 10

turn off automatic updates

Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Updates: If you’re sick of  turn off automatic updates in Windows 10’s , follow this guide to stop them and decide when to install them. If you’re wondering how to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10 , look no further. Then you’ve come to the right place. If you do not disable automatic Windows updates, your PC will consume all of your internet data in a short period. However, in terms of Windows 10, turn off automatic updates  are critical. If we cease updating, we may lose the features related to it. It could be misplaced or out of date.

As a result, it is critical to maintaining the other computer-safe features associated with Windows 10 turn off automatic updates.

Following steps if you want to Turn Off  Automatic Updates window 10 on your PC without affecting other traits. 

Why do People Want to Turn Off Automatic Updates in Windows 10 ?

If we enable auto-updates on our PC, some unexpected updates installed that are redundant and worthless to us. In addition, these installed updates take up space on our computer and slow down the speed of our system, making it difficult to operate.

Furthermore  you disable these updates, you will be able to disable several scheduled tasks and shut down some services. Unfortunately, many methods or information commonly available on the Internet fail to avoid bug repair. However, in this essay, we will discuss the tested methods. Besides, It allows you to finish your Windows 10 update without being interrupted.

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Best 5 Ways to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates:

  1. I am configuring the Metered connection.
  2. With the assistance of Services. MSC.
  3. Using Gpedit. MSc.
  4. Using the Battery Saver Mode.
  5. I am using the program Regedit.exe.

Method 1: Using a Metered Connection

1: First, launch the Windows Settings app.

2: When it appears on the screen, click on Network and Internet.

3: Choose Wi-Fi and then the network name to which you are connected.

4: Scroll down and activate the Set as a metered connection toggle button.

Method 2: Using Services.MSC, turn off automatic updates Windows 10

It is a temporary solution; we can limit updates for a limited time by employing it.

so you must follow these procedures.

1: Open the search bar and put services.MSC into it. When the result appears, press the Enter key on your keyboard.

 2: Look for the Windows Update option and double-click on it when you find it.

3: Select Properties.

 4: In the General Settings section, locate and select the Disable option.

5: Next, click the Apply button, followed by the Ok button.

Method 3: Using Gpedit.MSc, turn off automatic updates Windows 10

You learned how to stop updates first.

By establishing metered connections.

However, this strategy will not work with Ethernet connections.

You can follow these instructions to turn off automatic updates Windows 10  in that scenario.

1: Right-click on the start menu and pick Run from the appears menu.

2: Then, in the text area, type gpedit. MSC and hit Enter.

3: Now, navigate to the All Settings option.

4: Select the Edit Button.

5: Next, find and click the Disable button.

6: Finally, click the OK button and the Apply button.

Method 4: turn off automatic updates Windows 10

  • Using the Battery Saver Setting
  • From the start menu, select Settings.
  • Select the System option.
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  • From the left column, select the Battery option.

Now, move to the right and drag the control bar to 100%.

Method 5: Use Regedit.exe

It is the final way in this post, and you must follow the steps below to stop Windows 10 auto-updates on your machine.

1: In the search bar, type egedit.exe and press the Enter key.

2: Copy the following, paste it into the registry key, and press the enter key.



 2: Select Key by following the path provided in the image.

4: Give the ‘key’ the name Windows Update.

5: Right-click on ‘Windows Update’ and choose New>Key.

6: Change the name to AU.

7: Select this and right-click anywhere on the screen, then choose New > DWORD (32-Bit) Value.

8: Give the DWORD the name ‘NoAutoUpdate.’

9: Double-click this and type 1 into the Value data field.

Then press the OK button.

These are the most effective methods for preventing Windows 10 auto-updates. I hope you found this helpful post. Thank you for visiting this website, and please continue to read. We will always be available to help you address your difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop my computer from automatically updating?

Go to the Start menu, Control Panel, and System and Security.Then, under Windows Update, select the “Turn automatic updating on or off” link option. Then, on the left, choose the “Change Settings” option, make sure the Important Updates option sets to “Never check for updates (not advised),” and click OK.

Should I turn off automatic updates Windows 10 ?

Keep your programs and software up to date to avoid various problems and faults. We would not recommend turning off updates, but if you are confident that you do not require any updates, you may do so.