Top 10 Virtual Reality Companies in Belgium 2022

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Examine the top Virtual Reality Companies with their essential services and ratings to choose the ideal VR Company for your needs: This VR tutorial analyses the top and most popular virtual reality companies based on rating, popularity, number of projects completed, and project worth. Despite being a relatively new field for them, virtual reality companies are gaining traction in the industry.

In most situations, the sector favors those who have invested significantly in other technologies such as gaming, the Internet, and computing. As a result, we have Microsoft, Google, AMD, NVIDIA, and Samsung. It is not to say that there haven’t been startups that have stolen the show, such as Oculus VR, Next/Now, and Magic Leap, all of which began with public crowd-funding rounds.

Top 10 Virtual Reality Belgium For 2022

The top ten best virtual reality app development companies are discussed in this article.

1. Bit Space Development Ltd

Bit Space Development Ltd. focuses on creating innovative learning experiences for the business and school. We work with academics and business experts worldwide to develop cutting-edge digital media training and education solutions. Our ValuesBSD is confident that the community should be assisted in developing Manitoba’s IDM industry.

2. Queppelin

You can unlock the Metaverse and provide your company the capacity to participate in this market today and in the future with Queppelin’s end-to-end solutions. We Create Metaverses – We have 12 years of experience creating immersive experiences for advertising, AR and VR applications, and user experiences. Zeppelin helps businesses use augmented and virtual reality to engage customers and deliver goods and services they never dreamed possible. It is yet another Virtual Reality Belgium firm.

3. Mobiloitte Technologies

Mobiloitte is a renowned full-service software development firm for blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, BOTS, mobile, and web development, emphasizing timeliness, security, scale, and performance. EXPERIENCE: Excellence: Our work philosophy for our customers’ go-to-market initiatives is exuberance. Because of its professional team of over 500 team members, Mobiloitte is equally at ease working with Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises, Large Enterprises, the Development Sector, Public-Private Partnerships, and Governments. Also, look into software development firms in Ohio.

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4. Appcods Innovation

It is yet another Virtual Reality Belgium firm. A leading mobility firm in the IT industry. I hope everything is okay with you. Appcods, a top global app development business, helps Fortune 500 corporations and disruptive startups bridge the gap between ideas and reality by utilizing cutting-edge mobile solutions. Our skilled team of 100+ mobility experts has recently designed, built, and successfully launched more than 10+ mobile apps and websites worldwide.

5. Next Big Technology

Next Big Technology (NBT) has been a leading web development and design firm since 2009. NBT is always striving to utilize cutting-edge technologies to improve website construction. As a company that creates online apps, we understand how vital website design and development can be. NBT is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, and employs 35 individuals with diverse skill sets.

6. INEXTURE Solutions

TEXTURE, an Indian firm, specializes in app development and offshore IT outsourcing. Furthermore, It is well-known for providing a wide range of services to its clients, including IT consulting, Python development, cloud services, Liferay consulting, and the development of Android, iOS, and other mobile applications. Then, It has successfully executed projects of all sizes for various industry verticals. It is yet another Virtual Reality Belgium firm.

7. Acquaint SoftTech

Our talented developer has continually demonstrated why Acquaint SoftTech is a recognized mobile app development firm in the United States. We work hard to deliver services in various fields, such as enterprise development, bespoke app development, E-commerce shop development, and iOS and Android app development. We can all agree that mobile users are now generating internet issues. Because of the vast number of mobile devices, every business owner was required to develop a mobile app for digital presence. Also, look into data analytics in Chicago.

8. Fluper Ltd

It is yet another Virtual Reality Belgium firm. Fluper, which began in 2013, has ascended to the top of the Mobo Agency Globe. It has emerged as the top option for business owners, having been accredited by IBM, NASSCOM, NSIC, MSME, and ISO. Because of our relationship with several well-known organizations, we are a dependable partner for app development.

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9. Ranosys Technologies

Ranosys Technologies, a leading online and app development company with service delivery centers in the United Kingdom (London), San Francisco, Bay Area, California, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates, is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Singapore is the company’s headquarters. It has three additional development centers in India and provides IT solutions to clients worldwide to help them reach their technological and business goals.

10. SDSol Technologies

SDS Technologies is a cutting-edge and competent technology studio. We commenced operations in 1999. We have a team of most talented and highly trained senior-level app developers who specialize in the creation of iOS, Android, and web apps. Our specialists develop applications for a wide range of clients locally and globally. We offer our expertise and advice to several tech startups, giant corporations, and prestigious institutions. Our mobile app development strategies are tailored to your needs. It is another Virtual Reality Belgium firm. Also, look at software companies in Washington, DC.


We have seen an overall evaluation of the major virtual reality companies in this tutorial. Our list covers tech titans and startups in which tech titans have invested. Thus, In addition, we’ve listed the most significant virtual reality companies that invest in other technologies and services and those that only deal with virtual and augmented reality.

Moreover, With various organizations specializing in VR development in multiple industries, the best VR company to partner with would be a pro in your profession or specialist area. As the VR market grows, the best VR companies to invest in are those that deal with daily VR applications in education, health, marketing, gaming, and other fields.

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Although many of the most significant virtual reality firms on our list are startups, we also have several top virtual reality companies that rose to prominence through acquisitions of other virtual reality companies and startups.