Windows 11 Widgets Not Working? How To Fix Them

Windows 11 Widgets

With this simple guide, stop worrying about Widgets not working on Windows’ latest version. Windows 11 is the most recent version of Windows, and it has launched new widgets that provide quick access to traffic, weather, sports, traffic, news, stocks, and other information. You may reach the Widgets panel from the taskbar icon by clicking the + keyboard shortcut. You can add or remove widgets, resize, reorganize, and personalize the gadgets to your liking. Because Windows 11 is the most recent version, you may encounter issues with devices not operating correctly on your computer, which you can quickly fix. If this is the case, the following guide will assist you with the six simple options.

How to fix Widgets Not Working in Windows 11

If your widgets screen or Windows dashboard screen is not working correctly, or if the content inside the window widgets seems blank, try the options listed below.

Windows 11 Update

Because Windows 11 is the most recent version, so the operating system may have issues. Microsoft is releasing a new version of the Windows 11 operating system that eliminates all small mistakes. So, if you’re still using an older version of Windows 11, update to the most recent version of Windows 11. Also, check that all drivers are updated to the current version.

Widgets should be enabled.

Please make sure the Widgets button in their window is turned on. Typically, the widget button is disabled by default. To see the widgets option in the taskbar, you must explicitly enable it.

[1] Right-click the taskbar and click Taskbar Settings from the menu that appears.

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[2] Toggle the Show Widgets button to enable it.

[3] The Widgets button should now be visible on the taskbar.

and Sign-out

Sign out of your Microsoft account if the widgets on your Windows 11 aren’t operating correctly. Then, after a few hours, sign in again.

[1] From the taskbar, choose Widgets.

[2] In the top right area, click the icon with your account picture.

[3] There is a Sign out option beside the email address. Click on it.

[4] Sign in again after a few minutes to access your Windows dashboard.

[5] At this point, the Widgets will begin to function normally.

Enable Widgets in Group Policy

If the widgets on your Windows 11 are not loading, use the Task Manager to restart the Widget process.

[1] Launch Task Manager on your Windows 11 computer.

[2] Navigate to Background Processes and select Windows Widgets.

[3] Right-click it and select End Task.

[4] Open the Windows Widget and check to see if it is operational.

[5] Widgets should be enabled in Group Policy.

In rare circumstances, an application may have disabled Windows 11 widgets, resulting in gadgets not appearing issues. These instructions will demonstrate how to re-enable them using Group Policy.

[1] On your keyboard, press the Win+R keys together.

[2] Enter gpedit.msc and press Enter.

[3] Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Widgets.

[4] Select the Allow widgets checkbox.

[5] Finally, select OK after clicking Not configured.

Disable the Graphics Driver.

Graphic drivers may contain flaws from time to time. Some widgets might be unavailable on the Widget screen due to these problems. Disabling the drivers will fix the problem.

[1] Hold down the Windows key and select the Start menu.

[2] Look for the Device Manager and expand it by double-clicking on the Display adapters.

[3] Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click on the graphic card.

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[4] In the properties box, select the driver tab.

[5] To disable the driver, click Disable Device. If there are multiple cards, follow the same procedure.

[6] When finished, click OK.

To re-enable the graphics driver, follow these steps:

[1] Return to the Device Manager.

[2] Enlarge the Display Drivers.

[3] Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click on the graphic driver.

[4] Go to the Driver tab and select Enable Device.

Set Your Default Browser to Microsoft Edge

Because Microsoft Edge and Widgets are linked, upgrading your default web browser to Microsoft Edge will aid in the restoration of widgets.

[1] To launch Windows 11 Settings, press the Windows + I keys together.

[2] Select Apps, then Default apps from the left-hand menu.

[3] Scroll down to find the Web browser.

[4] Choose Microsoft Edge.

Log in with your Microsoft Account.

Signing in with your Microsoft account might help restore widget functionality in Windows 11.

[1] To launch Windows 11 Settings, press Windows+I.

[2] Go to Accounts and then click on Your information.

[3] Select Instead, use your Microsoft account to log in.

[4] Sign in with your Microsoft account information.

Edge WebView2 should be installed.

If your Windows 11 widget displays web material, your computer must have the Edge WebView2 software installed. The widget that requires internet will not work on your Windows 11 PC unless you install the program—download Edge WebView2 from the Microsoft website.

You can test and restore your Windows 11 widgets using the above methods. As previously stated, Windows 11 is the most recent version, and you may encounter some troubles. However, Windows always presents simple solutions to overcome obstacles.


1. How can I make widgets visible in Windows 11?

Navigate to Taskbar Settings and select the Widgets option from the Personalization menu.

2. In Windows 11, how can I refresh a widget?

Widgets will be automatically renewed.

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