How To Fix Xbox Error Code 0x80070c00

Xbox Error Code 0x80070c00

If you enjoy playing popular games, there are several to choose from on Xbox. It is one of the world’s most well-known and widely used consoles. However, you cannot disregard the incidence of errors while playing or logging into your account. This guide will not teach you about any errors. Simply Xbox Error Code 0x80070c00.

If you have encountered this error or are still seeing it on your screen and cannot play your game on the console, please read this guide. You will undoubtedly find assistance in this post, allowing you to return to your gameplay.

What Causes Xbox Errors?

There are numerous reasons why Xbox may display an error code to you. Sometimes the reasons are incorporated into the game you’re trying to play or install. Occasionally it’s a server outage issue with the game or the Xbox itself, and sometimes it’s due to a damaged cache, and so on.

Your internet connection may also be liable for sometimes displaying an error code on your screen. However, it is complicated to pinpoint a single cause of receiving an error code on your Xbox. However, we can determine the cause of Xbox Error Code 0x80070c00, which could be corrupted or overstored cache data on your Xbox console.

What does the Xbox Error Code 0x80070c00 mean?

According to Xbox’s official support page, Xbox Error Code 0x80070c00 indicates that your console lacks sufficient system memory, and as a result, the game you are attempting to start will not launch. It can happen if you have a lot of cache files on your console that have taken up a lot of system RAM. Let’s explore what you may do to correct this temporary error.

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How to Troubleshoot Xbox Error Code 0x80070c00

To resolve this error code, delete the cache files so that some system memory can be free and the game you are attempting to launch can be played.

To accomplish this, force your console to shut down and restart

  • Then, hold down the power button on your console for 10 seconds.
  • The console will be forced to shut down as a result of this.
  • Once the console has successfully shut down, restart it by hitting the power button again.
  • Check to see if the error code has been deleted, and your game can be launched.

You can also try the following way to resolve this error code:

  • But, first, open the guide by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Select the Profile & System option now.
  • Next, navigate to Settings and then to the General tab.
  • Select Power Mode & Startup now.
  • Select the Full Shut Down or Restart Now option from the Options menu.


However, while Xbox has many errors and troubles, the Xbox Error Code 0x80070c00 is relatively simple to resolve. You only need to free up some system RAM, and voilà! This error will be rectified.