Best Language Learning Apps: Top 10 Free Apps Of 2022

Language Learning Apps

Learning a new language may seem to be a difficult task – we’ve all been there for you to provide Best Language Learning Apps. So, there’s no need to panic. We have various web resources at our disposal that make our job much more manageable. In addition, you can study at your own pace and in a style that suits you if you utilize one of the top language learning applications available on the web. Forget about traditional school subjects! Instead, we put up this collection of excellent language learning applications to make classes less chore. Indeed, their gamified courses and hands-on teaching approaches will make language learning enjoyable rather than tedious.

Is a graphical interface better for your progress? Is music helpful in remembering words? Or do you need to interact with native speakers to learn a language? Choose the best app for your needs and start learning a Best Language Learning Apps immediately!

The top Free Best Language Learning Apps for 2022

Before we go into the specifics of each app, here’s a quick rundown of all the solutions we’ll discuss in this post (in no particular order). The majority of them are mobile and desktop compatible:


Duolingo is a free Best Language Learning Apps that teaches through gamification. It offers a whimsical UI that makes your lessons enjoyable. You won’t feel like you’re taking classes with Duolingo; instead, how the lessons are designed drives you to finish the activities to unlock new challenges.

Because it combines complex subjects with appealing tactics, this is one of the best language learning apps. After selecting a language from the 35+ offered, the app will guide you through all the categories you’ll need to master to become a pro. You gain achievements and rewards as you advance.

Duolingo teaches you how to spell and pronounce words, expand your vocabulary, understand native speakers, compose sentences, and converse in various circumstances.

Aside from courses, Duolingo provides stories from real-life scenarios that you may read or listen to, dictionaries, contests, and podcasts. In addition, if you enjoy socializing, you can visit the forum or attend live events in the language you want to learn (e.g., webinars, debates, chatting, entertainment, etc.)

The dictionary is convenient because it not only translates words but also shows their variations. For example, singular/plural, masculine/feminine nouns, or all verb conjugation forms.

Duolingo is also available for schools and education organizations wanting to teach students modernly.

Suitable for

People who strive to master all aspects of a Best Language Learning Apps by combining several learning methods. Duolingo is an app that effectively integrates various teaching approaches to provide you with the whole skill set required to become fluent in a language.


An app that does not offer as many languages as Duolingo but does have valuable courses. This app is aimed not only at casual consumers but also companies and educators. It employs a less entertaining design and a more formal learning style.

Busuu offers numerous innovative learning packages, including tailored study plans, vocabulary, grammar, and practice with native speakers.

When you sign up, the app estimates when you will reach the language level you commit to during the onboarding page.

You must finish all the courses available on the app to achieve your goal. These classes include all of the fundamental characteristics of a language, such as grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and listening.

Listening to the Busuu podcast, reading news stories from the app’s dashboard, practicing travel phrases, or talking with local speakers are all ways to learn Best Language Learning Apps.

Busuu, like Duolingo, offers live group lessons on any topic where you may practice by conversing with natives and other students. Another new feature of this app is that it provides short exercises that native speakers afterward correct. For example, answer a question in a language and solicit input from others who can assist.

Suitable for

People who favor a more formal, educational approach. Even though the courses use sound and graphics for each session, they adhere to a traditional teaching model.


Babbel is an app that also offers traditional methods of instruction. The courses begin with essential basics, such as alphabet, pleasantries, and introductions.

This software contains lessons from ordinary real-world circumstances such as business, travel, culture, daily life, etc. You can skip the basic classes if you so desire. However, the free edition of Babbel does not include all of the courses. Therefore, you must upgrade to a premium plan to access the rest of the program.

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At first glance, the software has an old-school UI that, compared to Duolingo, is not particularly appealing. It is also not the most intuitive approach to Best Language Learning Apps because the courses lack a clear hierarchy or order. In terms of rewards, there are none for finishing classes or categories of knowledge.

While the dashboard appears to be very simple, the lessons are engaging. They keep you playing using voice, visuals, puzzles, and impromptu dialogues. The app also includes podcasts and a few short word games if you need a more exciting alternative to traditional learning.

Babbel, like the other Best Language Learning Apps, allows you to attend live lessons if you wish to socialize with native speakers and learn from them.

Overall, it’s an excellent app, but it doesn’t offer a variety of practical teaching approaches like the other apps do.

Suitable for

People who are easily sidetracked by immersive apps require something simple in appearance but engaged throughout lessons.


Mondly is a best Language Learning Apps that uses images to teach 40+ new languages. It offers courses that teach you how to deal with everyday circumstances, vocabulary building, real-life discussions, grammar, and short daily lessons. There are 50 subjects to pick from when it comes to frequent situations.

If simple games aren’t enough, you can try out augmented and virtual reality capabilities. If you don’t like the traditional, standard online lessons, you can learn a language with an unconventional approach.

Mondly not only caters to normal individuals but also to businesses that want to use its courses for professional purposes.

The disadvantage of this software is that you cannot access the topic categories unless you upgrade to the premium version. You can, however, take daily classes, weekly quizzes, and monthly challenges. You can also engage in a conversation with several chatbots.

Suitable for

People who like classes that use visuals to help them learn a free Language Learning Apps. Furthermore, augmented and virtual reality may be something you want to attempt if you want to take your learning experience to the next level.


Memrise provides a modern, visual platform for learning 20+ languages. You will hear and see locals speaking to you during each listening session. Because of its engaging teaching style, this software is meant to keep you playing and finishing lessons.

Each lesson you finish unlocks a new one, as well as perks such as discounts on premium editions of the program. You can also see your standing on the weekly Memrise student scoreboard.

The program includes a variety of courses that teach you how to deal with real-life scenarios in a new language and study basic to intermediate topics such as arithmetic, grammar, idioms, and complex vocabulary. Each course contains escalating stages that, when combined, can run up to eight hours or more.

Memrise allows you to form groups to which you can invite your friends and debate a variety of topics. Memrise, on the other hand, does not offer podcasts or live classes.

Suitable for

People who require best language learning apps with short audio and video segments. It’s the program you’d use to finish classes quickly and independently.


LingoDeer is an app that makes Best Language Learning Apps simple and practical. You may personalize your entire learning experience with LingoDeer by selecting your favorite narrators, writing type, and dashboard background color.

This software includes flashcards to help you practice your memory. You can save the cards to your phone and access them whenever you need to practice. Aside from textual courses, you can test your listening and speaking skills by telling fascinating stories. You may even invite other users to participate in various tests.

LingoDeer allows you to learn classes offline and participate in timed quizzes to test your understanding. Set daily goals, work your way through the course hierarchy, and take quizzes to put your new skills to the test. You begin with a language’s alphabet and continue through each whole level.

Suitable for

People who wish to study for a test, compete, or increase their vocabulary use offline flashcards.

Rosetta Stone

It is one of the most excellent language learning apps for individuals, schools, and businesses. It offers lessons in more than 25 languages, but none are free. To use the app, you must subscribe to one of the premium plans.

Rosetta Stone teaches Language Learning Apps using real-world scenarios, interactive activities, and audio from native speakers. It also offers live instruction with native speakers, allowing you to practice your new abilities through active discussions.

When you sign up for a plan, you will access a dashboard to see all the classes associated with that pricing plan. Each session takes you through various instructional modalities, including visual, writing, hearing, and speaking.

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Rosetta Stone’s content is interactive, making you want to keep going until you finish your lessons. In addition, it contains a variety of classes that guide you on how to negotiate different problems in a new Language Learning Apps.
As well as life coaching, stories (that you can listen to or read aloud), audio files with native speakers (that you can download to your computer or phone), and a separate lesson on mastering the alphabet.

Suitable for

People that want a complete learning experience are willing to pay for a premium app.


HelloTalk is Language Learning Apps that takes a unique approach to language learning. It allows you to chat live with native speakers from all around the world to enhance your skills. So, if you prefer a more social approach to study, you’ve just discovered an app that may suit your needs.

HelloTalk covers over 150 languages and has over 30 million people with whom you can talk. Aside from honing your linguistic skills, you have fun and meet people from all over the world. The app’s creators see it as a way to share experiences and learn about new cultures.

You can chat with someone by text, voice, or video. The HelloTalk app includes built-in edits, translations, and pronunciation for each option to help students’ interactions move smoothly.

You can use the app to add Moments if you enjoy participating with communities. These are public posts that only native speakers of the language you want to learn can see. They can edit and comment on your communications.

HelloTalk is, therefore, more than just one of the top language learning apps. Instead, it’s an app for exchanging experiences.

Suitable for

People who want to learn by interacting, meeting new friends, being involved in communities, and exchanging cultural experiences.


Drops is another great language learning app that emphasizes the visual aspect of the learning process. Begin by exploring the 35+ languages available through this app. You’ll adore the visually immersive interface that turns to learn into a fun challenge once you sign up.

While this program is not free forever, you can use it for free for seven days. Drops employ the drag-and-drop concept, which makes the experience entertaining and straightforward.

Before beginning a lesson, you can select the categories that interest you and the amount of time you want to spend on the app daily. Then, drops will guide you through a visual course that includes images, animations, and audio based on your selections. In addition, you can unlock achievements and participate in various tasks suggested by the program, just like in a game.

Aside from the layout, what’s impressive about this program is the large number of categories and themes it offers. You can learn words and phrases from more than 90 categories that portray practically every real-life event.

Drops are also available for organizations that want to offer language learning courses for their staff and individual learners.

Suitable for

People who need to learn new words and practice a variety of real-life scenarios in a language using a simple visual interface.


Lirica is undoubtedly the most unique of the best language learning apps since it teaches you through an unconventional method: music. Of course, everyone listens to music, but have you ever considered using it to learn or improve a language?

How does this app function? You can download it for free, choose a language, listen to hit songs in that language, and then assess your comprehension of the story.

Lirica plays a song for you, explains the lyrics, teaches you the grammar (using verbs from the song), and then quizzes you to ensure you comprehend the plot. In short, you will receive an analysis of the text with which you will need to interact later. In addition, you can join challenges and earn achievements based on your success.

One drawback of the app is that it only supports Spanish, English, and German. However, the developers intend to include more languages shortly. Another disadvantage is that the software is only available for mobile devices (Android and iPhone).

Suitable for

Musicians need to use their hobby to learn a new language for fun.

Last Words

It concludes our list of the finest free language learning apps on the web. There is no reason to make excuses when so many resources are available to assist you. Each has a unique language acquisition approach and a different teaching style.

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