How to Fix “Message Blocking is Active” on Android and iOS Devices

Message Blocking Is Active

When you tried to send a text message, did your phone notify you that “Message Blocking Is Active”? Or perhaps someone mistook you for blocking them and became enraged when they received the same notification? Many users have encountered the “free msg: unable to send a message – message blocking is active.” The error can be frustrating, especially when we need to send an urgent message.

Because text messaging is such an essential part of our daily communication, any issues with getting information across in a short period can be frustrating.

This article will explain what “message blocking is active” means and how to resolve it.

What Does “Message Blocking Is Active” mean?

One of the most typical reasons for seeing “message blocking is active” when you try to send a message on your phone (Android or iPhone) is that you have blocked the other person or vice versa. You could try to confirm this by calling each other and seeing if the call goes through. Furthermore, in some cases, you may have inadvertently enabled parental controls. As a result, you’ve blocked your phone from sending messages, or the recipient has blocked or blocked your phone number.

What Is the Purpose of Message Blocking?

Here’s a list of possible causes for the “message blocking is active” notification.


One of the most typical reasons for message blocking is active notifications popping up. It occurs when the sender or the receiver is on the other’s blocked contacts list. You could try to confirm this by calling each other and seeing if the call goes through. Furthermore, in some cases, you may have inadvertently enabled parental controls.

Service interruption

The error message “free msg: unable to send the message – message blocking is active.” could indicate a service outage. It would be best to wait a few minutes or hours before retrying because your network provider may be performing maintenance and have paused the messaging service.

A problem with the shortcode can result in the “Message Blocking Is Active” Error.

The Short Code issue explains why so many T-Mobile customers are experiencing this problem. However, you will require the assistance of experienced technicians to resolve this issue.

Restrictions on Text Message Apps

The error “free msg: recipient unable to receive the message – message blocking is active.” indicates that the recipient has restricted messages from a specific group of users. Furthermore, some messaging apps may have compatibility issues with your carrier. If you use such applications, you may need to check to see if you can manually allow them. You may not be able to resolve this issue on your own if there is no option to enable these applications.

Unsuitable Strategy

In this case, you may have chosen an option that prevents your phone from receiving or sending premium messages. Even though a few messaging apps only use this feature, it is still required for them to function correctly.

The “Message Blocking Is active” Error.

It would be good if you also double-checked your data plan subscription. For example, if you try to send text messages from a Data only plan, the message may not be delivered, and you will receive this error message.

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Basic Troubleshooting of Message Blocking is Active Procedures:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi to ensure you’re connecting to your device’s network.
  3. Check to see if the phone number you’re messaging is on your device’s Block or Spam List. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to text that number.
  4. Update your device’s time and the date and enable auto-update.
  5. Uninstall any messaging apps that you have downloaded.
  6. Contact your carrier and request assistance in ensuring the short message service center (SMSC) setting is correct.
  7. (Only for Android): Clearing the messaging app cache a and b steps is a guess because we don’t know which device is having problems. Check your device settings for device care or device maintenance.
  8. Select Email & Messaging > Manage Messages from the app cache.
  9. SMSC configuration: Select Apps & Accessories > Manage apps.
  10. (Only for Apple): Examine the following: Is the text being delivered via iMessage? If this is the case, go to iMessage Help instead. Turn off or unregister iMessage and FaceTime if you or your contact previously owned an iPhone and recently switched. iPhones continue to send messages until they are turned off, so if your phone lacks iMessage, you will miss these texts.
  11. Update the software on your device to the most recent version.
  12. Texts and text threads should be deleted. You can backup these in advance using apps from the app store.
  13. If possible, try texting the same number from a different device or method other than your cell phone. This test will help determine whether the person receiving the text has activated a feature that returns blocking.

Check to see if the phone number or email address is correct.

Check that you have entered the correct phone number or email address. If necessary, delete the contact from your phone and re-add the recipient as a new contact with the valid phone number (including the area code). Next, navigate to Settings > Messages > Blocked and double-check that they are not on your block list.

Check also to see if your area has coverage.

You cannot make calls or send texts in an area where coverage is listed as “None.” Plug your address into our map and check your voice coverage to ensure that voice service is available where you are.

Check to Make Sure Your Phone Number Is Active

To confirm that your phone number is active, go to the Device settings page in your account and see if the status of your phone is listed as “active.”

If your number is suspended or in the process of being ported, those statuses will appear here, and you will be unable to send or receive text messages.

Send a plain text to resolve the “Message Blocking Is Active” Error.

Send a message with only plain text to see if you can send a text message. It includes removing emojis, graphics, images, ringtones, wallpapers, signatures, sounds, symbols, and attachments.

Call the number in question.

If you’re having trouble texting a specific number, try calling it instead. Because voice and text messages use the same network, if you can call the number you’re trying to text, you should also be able to text. If you get a “Message Blocking is Active” Error, they may not have enabled messaging or have a business partnership.

If someone can call you but receives a “Message Blocking is Active” Error, you may have blocked their number for texting, or you may need to check that text messaging is enabled.

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Is Your Account Enabled for Messaging Services?

To ensure that text messaging is enabled on your account, go to your phone’s Device settings page and ensure that “Can send/receive text messages” is set to “Enabled.”

The number isn’t active if you don’t see an edit icon at the top of the Messages section (i.e., you can’t change your text messaging settings).

If someone texts you and receives a “Message Blocking is Active” error, it is possible that you do not have text messaging enabled.

Confirm the International Text Country Code.

If you’re texting internationally, use the correct country code. You can find the valid country code by conducting a quick online search.

Confirm Your Email-To-Text Address With All Potential Senders

If someone attempts to contact you via email or text, ensure they have entered your address correctly. It should be followed by (for example, [email protected]).

Remember that email-to-text only supports standard text messaging; if you receive a picture or video message, it will not be delivered via email-to-text.

Soft Or Power Cycle Remove the SIM card and reset your phone.

Hold and press the power button on a smartphone or the Call End button on a feature phone to turn it off. If your phone has a removable battery, remove it and the SIM card for about 30 seconds after turning it off. Remove the SIM card if your battery is not removable. Replace the battery and SIM card, and then restart the phone.

How Can I Tell If Someone Has Blocked Me From Texting On Their Phone?

If you don’t receive a response from the person you’re texting, it doesn’t mean they’ve blocked you.

To begin, look for the delivered text directly below your message:

If that appears, your friend or whoever you’ve been messaging is probably not near their phone or is doing something else or Message Blocking is Active. If they blocked you, your phone knows not to deliver the text, so you will not receive it.

Now, if you’re texting with someone on an Android device while using an iPhone, the messages are called SMS messages, and the send button is also green:

If you send an SMS message, it will take significantly longer to deliver, so don’t expect it to arrive immediately. If it takes a while to offer, it’s simply due to a high volume of traffic between iOS and Android phones sending text messages to one another.

However, if you see the message sending an Error and have all of the following:

  • Adequate Wi-Fi
  • Data with three or more bars
  • Your friend has good Wi-Fi.
  • You know they have reliable data.

Then they may have blocked you. Don’t worry; however, this possibility is slim in comparison to the circumstances of the other options. When you see the following messages: “Couldn’t send” or “Not Delivered. or Message Blocking is Active”

The intended receiver may have blocked you at that point. However, the following are some other possibilities:

  • You text the incorrect number.
  • You are without service.
  • There is no Wi-Fi connection.
  • Your friend is not connected to the internet.
  • Your friend does not have data access.
  • You are attempting to send a text message to an android user or vice versa.

Your phone is out of date (at the moment, iOS 8 and lower do not support texting to other devices).

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