How to Fix Vudu Error Code 28 in EASY STEPS

Error Code 28

The primary cause of Vudu Error Code 28 is a problem with the internet connection. You can rent or buy your favorite movies or series in the Vudu app rather than paying a monthly or yearly subscription. It works with all major streaming devices, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. You can install the app for free and watch your favorite movies whenever and wherever you want. It also has a web version, which you can access from any device using a web browser. However, you may encounter errors such as error code 28 while streaming Vudu. It is usually caused by a faulty internet connection or the firewall on your device. If you have seen this error, use the following solution to resolve it on your own.

What is the source of Vudu Error Code 28?

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps, you must first determine the source of the error.

  • Inadequate internet connection
  • Technical flaws or errors
  • Configure your computer for dual NAT.
  • Port Closures
  • The Windows Firewall is blocking Vudu.

How to Resolve Vudu Error Code 28

To resolve the error code while streaming Vudu, try the solutions listed below in the order listed.

  • Examine your internet connection.
  • Reset your modem or router.
  • Vudu should be reinstalled.
  • Attempt to watch Vudu on another device.
  • Turn off the firewall.
  • Modify DNS settings

Examine your Internet Connection

The leading cause of error code 28 will be a poor and unstable internet connection. A standard internet connection of 2.5 Mbps for SD videos and 10 Mbps for HD is required to stream Vudu. So, check to see if your internet connection is stable and reliable. You should contact your Internet service provider if this is not the case. If you use wireless WiFi, try using a wired connection, and vice versa.

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Restart your modem or router.

Minor bugs or errors can be removed by restarting your modem or router. First, turn off your device and disconnect the power cable from the modem. Wait a few minutes before reconnecting the plug. Then, turn on the device and check to see if the error code is still present.

Vudu should be uninstalled.

If the problem persists after restarting the modem, uninstall and reinstall the Vudu app on your device. Then, clear the browser’s cache and cookie files while using the browser version. It will resolve the majority of the issues that arise while streaming Vudu.

Attempt on a Different Device

If the error code 28 persists after reinstalling the app and checking the internet connection, try streaming Vudu on a different device. It allows you to determine whether the problem relates to the device or Vudu. If you have a problem with the device, restart it and check to see if Vudu is streaming without error. If the problem is not with the device, proceed to the next option.

Turn off the firewall.

Your computer’s firewall may occasionally prevent you from watching Vudu. So, turn it off and see if the error appears again.

[1] Press + to access the Settings menu.

[2] The Windows Settings page will appear. Select the Update & Security option from the drop-down menu.

[3] On the left side of the panel, click Windows security.

[4] Next, choose Firewall and Network protection.

[5] Select Advanced Settings.

[6] Select the Inbound Rules New Rule option.

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[7] Choose Port and then press the Next button.

[8] Navigate to TCP Specific Local Ports.

[9] Type “843, 13207, 13217, 13237, 13247, 13257” for the port numbers.

[10] After logging in, tap the Next button and then Allow Connections.

[11] Select Next after checking the boxes next to Domain, Private, and Public.

[12] Click Tap once more and enter the Name.

[13] To finish the process, select Next and then click the Finish button.

Modify DNS Settings

Changing your DNS settings may help you resolve error code 28.

[1] Right-click the Network icon and select Open Network & Internet Settings.

[2] Click on the Change Adapter button.

[3] Select Properties from the Network Adapter context menu.

[4] Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.

[5] Type as the preferred DNS server and as the alternate DNS server in the DNS server address field.

[6] Next, click Apply and then the Ok button.

[7] Open the Vudu app and see if the error code 28 still appears.

Questions and Answers

What is Vudu error code 28?

When there is a problem or a block in the internet connection, error code 28 appears. Connect to a stable network or restart your modem to resolve the error.

How much does Vudu cost per month?

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Vudu does not offer monthly or annual subscriptions. The rental price begins at $1.99, and the purchase price starts at $4.99.