Ways To Fix Google Maps Not Working

Google Maps Not Working

Google Maps Not Working: Your Google Maps navigation abruptly stops working while you are traveling. Either the application crashes travels in the wrong direction, or Google Maps cannot locate a suitable path. There are a variety of causes for these Google Maps Not Working difficulties, which manifest themselves in various ways. In this article, you’ll discover how to resolve your issue with the Google Maps app.

In most instances, Google Maps Not Working effectively due to a software-related issue. Therefore, it is essential, to begin with the most straightforward option (updating the app) and work your way down to the more complex one (checking phone settings).

This tutorial will lead you through each of these steps.

1. Update Google Maps

Google regularly upgrades its software to fix faults and plug security gaps. Therefore, ensuring that your Google Maps app is up-to-date is essential. Launch the Google Play app and search for Google Maps on your smartphone.

  1. Google for “Google Maps.”
  2. Select the Update button in green.
  3. Wait for Google Play to complete updating the apps.
  4. To reopen Google Maps, click the Open button.

To prevent reencountering this Google Maps Not Working issue, try enabling automatic updates for Google Maps.

  1. Instead of selecting Open, touch the Google Maps app’s name.
  2. To open the menu, click the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select the checkbox next to Enable automatic updates.
  4. In the confirmation window, choose On.

2. Adjust the Google Maps Compass’s calibration

Google Maps uses the magnetometer sensor on your phone to identify in which direction your phone is pointing.

This sensor measures the intensity and direction of the Earth’s magnetic fields around you. It provides exact compass capability, but, like a conventional compass, it can be affected by magnetic or electromagnetic forces in the environment. It can come from laptops, televisions, and other electrical gadgets. As a result of this interference, the magnetometer is not as precise as usual. Among the strange Google Maps behaviors that emerge from this are:

  1. On the map, determining your specific position takes time and effort.
  2. Inaccurate calculation of your heading, resulting in map rotation in the other way.
  3. Incorrect assessment of nearby services and businesses during a map search.
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Resolving this Google Maps Not Working issue necessitates a recalibration of the magnetometer. It is a simple procedure that will take less than 30 seconds.

  1. Launch the Google Maps application and press the blue dot that indicates your current position.
  2. Select Calibrate compass in the lower left corner of the display.
  3. Follow the instructions in the pop-up window (move your phone in a figure-eight pattern with a slight twist at each end).
  4. Upon completion, you will get proof that your phone’s compass has been calibrated.

You will also see an additional option for calibrating using Live View. If you select this option, you may point your camera at nearby store signs or public buildings for Google Maps to establish your position and the direction you’re facing. Once calibration is complete, restart your phone and relaunch Google Maps.

Enable Location Authorizations

If Google Maps cannot locate your position or Google Maps Not Working properly, your phone’s Location settings for the Google Maps app are likely incorrect.

  1. Open Android’s Settings and choose Applications.
  2. Select the Maps app by scrolling down and selecting it.
  3. Choose Permissions.
  4. Choose Location.
  5. Ensure that Allow always is chosen.

Once this setting has been modified, restart your device and verify that Google Maps is now working correctly for you.

4. Activate High Precision Location

If you’re still experiencing issues with Google Maps like Google Maps Not Working or reliably detecting your location, you should ensure that you’ve set high accuracy mode for your Android location. This mode uses GPS satellites, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and local cell towers to increase your location’s accuracy. Without High Accuracy, Google Maps will not utilize GPS to determine your location and will not function correctly.

  1. Open the Android Settings menu and tap Location.
  2. Select Google Location Accuracy by scrolling down below it.
  3. Ensure that the switch to the right of Improve Location Accuracy is on.
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Reboot the device and relaunch Google Maps. Verify that the location accuracy in Google Maps is now working correctly. ALSO SEE: Update Graphics Driver In Window

5. Delete Google Maps’ Cache and Data

Google Maps will save information about your location, map queries, and more, like other apps. This data is stored in the application’s cache. Sometimes, cached data might become obsolete or even corrupted. Clearing the cache and all saved data for Google Maps can alleviate difficulties with the functionality of Google Maps.

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  1. Launch Android’s Settings and go to Apps.
  2. Select Maps by scrolling down and selecting it.
  3. Choose Storage.
  4. Select Clear cache from the screen’s bottom.
  5. Select Clear data from the screen.
  6. In the confirmation window, choose OK.

Relaunch Google Maps to see whether the issues you were experiencing have been fixed.

6. Restore Google Play Services

Occasionally, Google Play app cache difficulties might affect installed apps on your Android device. Clearing the app for Google Play services might cure odd Google Maps difficulties.

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  1. Launch Android’s Settings and go to Apps.
  2. Select Google Play Services by scrolling down to it.
  3. Select the Storage option by descending.
  4. Select Clear cache from the screen’s bottom.
  5. Select Manage storage at the bottom left of the display.
  6. Select Delete All Records.

Now reopen Google Maps and verify that everything is working correctly.

7. Reinstall Google Maps

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You will need to delete and reinstall the Google Maps application if all else fails. It will reset all settings and app permissions to their default state and should resolve any problems you’ve been having with Google Maps.

  1. Open Google Play and search “Google Maps.” Tap the application’s name.
  2. On the application’s page, click Uninstall.
  3. On the confirmation prompt, choose Uninstall.
  4. Repeat your Google Play search for “Google Maps” and click Install.

Once installed, relaunch Google Maps; at this point, you should no longer be having any Google Maps Not Working problems.