Update Graphics Driver In Windows 11 (2022)

Update Graphics Driver

Would you like to Update Graphics Driver on your Windows 11 computer? This manual provides two significant possibilities. In this guide, you will discover how to update graphics driver in Windows 11 using Windows Device Manager. However, if you need a different strategy, you have another choice.

In the third segment of this article, I explain how to update graphics driver using third-party applications. This post provides two examples: how to update NVIDIA and Intel graphics drivers.

How To Update Graphics Driver Via Device Manager

Device Manager is the preferred and primary Windows utility for installing and upgrading device drivers. Try this strategy before attempting the other way outlined in this article. Attempt the second approach only if the first one fails.

The methods to Update Graphics Driver using Device Manager are as follows:

  • Right-click the Start menu in Windows 11. Then, when the menu appears, select Device Manager.

  • Next, expand the Display adapters category when Device Manager is open by scrolling down to it. All installed display drivers are displayed when you expand the Display adapters category in Device Manager.
  • View the second image below.

  • Right-clicking the driver will allow me to update the Intel UHD Update Graphics Driver on my Windows 11 computer. Then, from the options provided, choose Update driver.
  • Device Manager will launch the update driver wizard when this step is performed.

  • Then, you will have two alternatives from which to pick.
  • Select the first choice from those shown — Automatically search for drivers If you pick this option, Windows will search the Internet for the most suited driver.

  • When Windows finishes searching for a driver, it will return one of two possibilities. If it finds that the installed driver is the most recent, it will provide the message seen in the image below.

  • However, if Windows detects an updated driver, it will prompt you to install it. Follow the procedure to Update Graphics Driver for Windows 11 to the most recent version.

How to Update Graphics Driver Using Manufacturer’s Tools

  • At the start of this post, I alluded to the possibility of utilizing third-party tools to Update Graphics Driver.
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This section describes how to update the NVIDIA and Intel graphics drivers. How To Update NVIDIA Graphics Drivers Using NVIDIA GeForce Experience On Windows 11 If NVIDIA manufactured your Windows 11 graphics card, you might use this approach to download and upgrade it.

Download and install the NVIDIA GeForce Experience program as the initial step. To get the program, click NVIDIA GeForce Experience download. When the website loads, click the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

  • Tap the downloaded file at the lower of your browser window once the item has been downloaded (Chrome or Edge).

  • Follow the instructions below by the installation wizard to install the program. If you encounter this error notice during installation, the product may already be installed on your computer.
  • In such a situation, continue to step 4 below.
  • Find GeForce experience and launch the application.

  • To continue, accept the app’s license agreement.
  • If you have a Gmail account, logging in is quicker. Additionally, you may log in using your Facebook account. You may also create an account to log in to GeForce Experience.

  • For the sake of this demonstration, I will use my Gmail account to log in.

  • Finally, you must validate your email address to finish creating your account. Then, after validating your email, click CONTINUE on the app.

  • Click SKIP on the bottom of the screen.
  • When the main page of the program loads, click the DRIVERS button in the upper left corner.

Then, if an update is available for the NVIDIA GeForce graphics driver on your Windows 11 computer, click the DOWNLOAD button in the upper-right corner. Wait until the driver download is finished.

Click EXPRESS INSTALLATION to upgrade the Windows 11 NVIDIA GeForce graphics driver. At long last, the wait is done! Now, relax and wait for Windows 11 to update graphics driver. Please be aware that the installation will need a few minutes to complete.

How To Update Graphics Drivers Using Intel Driver & Support Assistant In Windows 11

If Intel manufactures the graphics card in your Windows 11 computer, follow the instructions below to update the driver manually.

  1. Google search for the driver.
  2. I will find Download Intel Drivers and Software in my example.
  3. Then, click the result with the “with” prefix from the search results.
  4. Download Intel Software and Drivers.
  5. When the Intel driver update page appears, click Get Started underneath Automatically Update Your Drivers.
  6. Click Now on the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel® DSA) page.
  7. Click the downloaded file to begin installing the Intel Driver assistance.
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Accept the licensing agreement on the first page of the installation procedure, and then click Install (2).  Follow the installation procedure to complete the setup.

  1. Restart the computer to finish the installation.
  2. After restarting your computer, you may get this question.
  3. Close the prompt window.
  4. You are currently in the Windows 11 driver update phase for Intel graphics.
  5. Open the Intel Driver & Support Assistant application after searching for intel.
  6. The Intel Driver & Support Assistant application will launch the Intel website, from which you may download available driver updates for your machine. Click Download everything

Alternatively, you can download the new driver for your Windows 11 Intel graphics card by clicking the Download icon next to the driver.

The Download may take time to finish. Do not install the Intel driver if you receive a warning similar to the picture. Otherwise, select Install all when the driver download is complete. You will be prompted to install the chosen driver updates. Follow the instructions in the installation process to upgrade the Windows 11 Update Graphics Driver.

FAQs – How To Update Graphics Driver

How Can I Verify My Graphics Driver in Windows 11?

To inspect the Windows 11 Update Graphics Driver, right-click the Windows Start menu and select Device Manager. When Device Manager opens, locate and expand the Display adapters category. Under the Display adapters category, all installed and Update Graphics Driver will be shown.

How do I update the driver for my NVIDIA graphics card?

Install the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application before updating your NVIDIA Update Graphics Driver. Then, use your NVIDIA account to log into the app. Finally, download and install your machine’s most recent NVIDIA Update Graphics Driver.

Why Doesn’t My Computer Use Its Dedicated Graphics Card?

If your PC has an integrated and a separate graphics card, it automatically chooses one. Use the GOU program to set up your computer to use its dedicated graphics card.