How To Sort Google Sheets By Date

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet tool that is available for free. Google Sheets is available on various platforms, including Android, iPhone, and PC Web browsers. These spreadsheet files can be accessed without the use of any additional software. Google Sheets is a simple software that is easy to learn. One of the essential features of Google Sheets is the ability to sort cells by date.

How to Sort Google Sheets by Date

You may already be familiar with sorting Excel sheets by date. Similarly, it is simple to organize Google Sheets. You can sort the sheets by date using tools. Let’s look at various ways to arrange data in Google Sheets by date.

Utilizing the Sort Function

The Sort function may be the most user-friendly tool for performing this operation. You can use this functionality to sort single or multiple columns simultaneously. For example, the date column can be used to order several columns. Let’s have a look at an example.

The =SORT(A2:A9,1, TRUE) method can be used to sort the data in column B. A2:A9 represents the range of data in column A that you want to alter. The number 1 indicates that the adjustment is based on the first column. Finally, TRUE indicates that the sorting should be performed in ascending order. Finally, you will notice the following outcome.

Let’s look at an example of the SORT methods with numerous column updates.

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The function =SORT returns A and B sorted by date (A2:B9,1, TRUE). A2:B9 denotes the range of columns that must be sorted. The value 1 specifies that the results will be sorted by date in the first column. Finally, TRUE indicates that the results will be sorted upwards.

Sorting By Range

1. Select the data to be sorted and click the Data tab.

2. Select the Sort range option from the drop-down menu.

3. Check the appropriate box if your data contains a header row.

4. Select Date and A-Z if you want to sort it ascending in the Sort By area.

5. Finally, click the Sort button to get the sorted results.

Google Sheets Date Sorting Issues

While date sorting on Google Sheets, you may experience one of the following issues.

1. If the date is not formatted correctly, you may be unable to sort it. It’s because Google Sheets treats an incorrect date as a text value. As a result, before attempting to sort the data, confirm that it is typed correctly.

2. Google Sheets’ default settings will align dates to the right on the Sheets. If you discover dates on the left side of the Sheets, the date is incorrectly formatted.

3. Use the DATEVALUE function to see if the date entered is in the correct format. A date value will be displayed for all valid dates. However, incorrect dates will result in an error.

Questions and Answers

In Google Sheets, how do you get the date?

The TODAY function in Google Sheets returns the current date. You can use this function to examine the age of a potential date.

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How do I order data in Google Sheets alphabetically?

Tap More after selecting the data in your Google Sheet. Then, select A-Z (ascending order) or Z-A (descending order) to sort it.

How can I sort Google Sheets by month?

To arrange the data by month, utilize Google Sheets’ MONTH function.