HP Laptop Won’t Turn On? Problem Solved

HP Laptop Won’t Turn On

Have you tried to HP Laptop Won’t Turn On again and again, and all you get is a blank screen? It can be stressful not to turn on your laptop because it holds all your essential data, office work, and other documents. Are you considering hiring a professional to repair it now? However, things are not always as complicated as they appear. Sometimes a simple procedure will restore your HP laptop’s functionality.

Check your power source, battery, and any broken parts if your HP Laptop Won’t Turn On. External gadgets connected to your laptop and malfunctioning hardware can potentially prevent it from turning on. You can try a recovery disc and boot system to restart your laptop.

In this post, we will go through all the vital laptop repair processes that may result in your HP laptop screen not turning on.

How to Repair an HP Laptop Won’t Turn On:

Follow the methods below to resolve your HP laptop won’t turn on issue.

  1. Examine the power supply and the battery.
  2. Detecting screen problems
  3. Remove any connected devices.
  4. Using a Rescue Disc
  5. Entering safe mode
  6. Identifying defective hardware
  7. Repair and replacement of faulty components

1. Examine the power supply and the battery:

One of the most prevalent causes of laptop malfunction is a broken power supply and a faulty battery.

  • First and foremost, ensure that your adapter is the correct one for your laptop and that it can provide a sufficient current and voltage value. An older adapter or a third-party charger may cause a problem with your laptop. If your charger is correct, you should check the fuse on your laptop’s plug.
  • The next step is to inspect the laptop charger’s wire. If the wire insulation has been broken due to excessive and reckless use, you must replace it.
  • To see if there is a problem that remains with the laptop’s battery, remove it and replace it with a working one; if your laptop now turns on, it signifies that the battery you were previously using was defective. As a result, you must replace your laptop battery.
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2. Detecting screen problems:

To inspect the screen, disconnect all external devices to prevent interfering with the HP laptop’s startup process. Then, when you turn on the laptop, you may hear the fan and other functioning equipment, such as a hard disc. If there is still no picture on the laptop’s screen, turn out the lights in the room and check for a faint idea.

A pale image on the laptop screen in low or no light indicates a problem with the inverter or the brightness button on the laptop’s keyboard. Laptop inverters are not only expensive but also complex to replace, and only a specialist can do so. If the laptop boots normally but no image is displayed, the most likely culprit is a faulty LCD panel. The LCD panel can be replaced, but it is expensive and challenging without professional assistance.

3. Disconnect any attached devices:

If there is no problem with your laptop’s power supply or screen and it still gets stopped before installing Windows, the existence of a USB device or memory card could be the culprit. It might even be placed into a laptop’s USB port or card reader. In this instance, you will most likely notice an error message on the laptop screen indicating that the operating system could not be located.

HP Laptop Won’t Turn On

If this is the case, removing the USB or memory card will restore regular operation to your laptop. Check your DVD drive as well; a disc may have been left in the DVD drive, causing the laptop not to switch on. Similarly, removing DVDs will restore regular operation to your laptop.

4. Application of the Rescue Disc:

Consider utilizing a rescue disc if nothing else worked to solve the problem. A recovery disc resolves issues with the laptop’s Windows operating system without running Windows.

  • A Windows DVD can be used as a recovery disc or downloaded onto a USB from another computer.
  • As a result, it resolves the issue with the laptop’s operating system. A virus may be creating a problem in your laptop.
  • The recovery disc will use scanning tools to locate the problem and remove the infection from the laptop.

5. Entering Safe Mode:

You may be unable to access the laptop windows, but you can still boot into the laptop windows operating system. To do so, press the F8 key on your keyboard, and you will get a menu on the screen with the option of entering safe mode. Once you can use the laptop in safe mode, you can undo any changes that may have caused your HP laptop to stop working. You can remove new programs and recent updates. However, if the user account is corrupted, you must establish a new one or reinstall Windows.

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6. Entering Safe Mode:

Your laptop may not be turning on due to incompatible or defective hardware. It could be caused by broken hard drives, which are indicated by hearing a regular clicking, or by other symptoms such as the drive spinning up and powering down repeatedly.

The installation of new hardware could trigger it. Removing newly installed laptop components may cause your laptop to start and resume regular operation. The most prevalent reasons for an HP laptop not starting that is made up of new parts or a newly manufactured laptop is:

  • First, the power leads are not connected to the motherboard.
  • Incorrectly placed components
  • Power button wires are incorrectly linked to the motherboard.
  • The hard drive was connected to the incorrect port. SATA compatibility

7. Repair and replacement of damaged components:

Fix your HP laptop that won’t switch on after diagnosing the problem with the preceding steps. Aside from these, look for damaged RAM, a faulty processor, video card, or a faulty optical drive that must be repaired or replaced.

To minimize further harm to your laptop, always seek the advice of a professional. Choose high-quality parts and ensure their authenticity by conducting an online search. Most old laptops require repair since their parts have been used for a long time and must be replaced. However, this is the final step we recommend because the previous step will resolve up to 70% of your laptop problems. Check all of these before you spend any money.

Finally, the HP laptop will not turn on

To summarise, we discussed some of the causes of HP Laptop not turning on, but this is not an entire list. Instead, we attempted to address the most prevalent causes. If your laptop has a minor problem, you can repair it using the abovementioned techniques. However, there are situations when a more complex problem requires the assistance of a specialist. If you haven’t tried these steps yet, we recommend doing so. The step-by-step tutorial for repairing your laptop will assist you in resolving the issue. Still, if you cannot turn on your laptop, the only solution available is to replace it.