10 Best Indie Games on Steam for PC (2022)

Indie Games

There are numerous free independent Indie Games on PC to select from, including entertaining arcade games, challenging games, roguelike games, puzzle games, and horror games, to mention a few. In this post, we will provide a list of the greatest PC indie games that are available for free.

What Is Indie Games:

Indie games are video games that are typically produced by individuals or small production teams without the assistance of a big game publisher. Other scenarios in which the game’s development has some degree of independence from a publisher, even if a publisher helps fund and sell a game, such as creative freedom, may also be considered independent Indie Games.

Due to their independence and production flexibility, indie games generally emphasize innovation, experimental gameplay, and taking risks not permitted in AAA titles. Due to a lack of backing from publishers, independent Indie Games are released online rather than physically.

Best Free Independent Indie Games in 2022.

So, what are some of the finest free independent Indie Games currently available? We have produced a list of the top free independent Indie Games of 2022.

1: Soccer Manager 2022

Moving to a very different genre, Soccer Manager 2022 allows European football (soccer) lovers to design their championship squad and carry out their dreams. The game comprises over 25,000 players and 900 teams from 33 nations and is based on the concept of establishing a championship-caliber club. Like many other sports simulations, soccer managers may be contentious due to the difficulty of recreating an athletic experience.

However, because of the tremendous number of participants, teams, and nations, it is an excellent option for a free Indie Games.

2: Iron Snout

In Iron Snout, players assume the role of a pig against a pack of monstrous wolves. Iron Snout, a surprisingly vicious button masher, has been accessible to play since 2016 and has received widespread acclaim, with 97% of Steam users liking the game.

The traditional button-mash Indie Games are fun throwbacks to the arcade era, and Iron Snout adds to the nostalgia by including the “Three Little Pigs” fable. Even if you’re not searching for a free Indie Games, it’s worth a look because it’s a title with many peculiarities.

3: Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is an independent Indie Games horror/puzzle adventure. The player suppose the role of a former employee who must survive the furious toys in the abandoned toy factory. Avoid detection as you investigate the mysterious institution. Previously, Playtime Company dominated the toy manufacturing industry.

Until one day when everyone in the factory vanished without a trace. Years later, it would help if you examined the abandoned factory to discover the truth. You carry an incredible GrabPack beside two prosthetic hands connected by a steel wire. Use your GrabPack to grab objects from a distance or break them apart into electrical circuits.

There are no limitations on what Playtime Company employees may achieve with this handy, cutting-edge device! The below list of characteristics should assist you in understanding what the GrabPack has to offer. Due to the firm grip of the hands, it is simple to carry heavy things! Thanks to a lengthy and bendable cable, every employee may access whatever they require, regardless of distance! Thanks to the steel wire, conducting electricity is easy!

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4: Doki Doki Literature Club!

Doki Doki Boo Literature Club! It is an open-source visual novel developed in 2017 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux by Team Salvato, an American independent Indie Games development firm.

The game was initially made available on itch.io, followed by its release on Steam. The tale is told from the perspective of a high school boy who, at his childhood best friend’s urging, reluctantly joins the school’s literature club and is allowed to pursue three of the club’s four female members. Doki Book Club! Has many endings, unlockable sequences, and an unconventional story structure for its primary characters.

Although the game first appears to be a humorous dating simulator, it is a psychological nightmare that constantly breaches the fourth wall. This game is inappropriate for young players or those who are easily distracted.

5: Expandabros

Expandabros is a free and entertaining indie game developed by Free Lives. In the woodlands of Eastern Europe, the Expendabros have amassed and are prepared to fight the cruel troops of Conrad Stonebanks. Ten uninterrupted missions of fierce battle are located among the majestic treetops and the absurdly lethal log mills, packed with enemy soldiers, heavy weaponry, and oddly positioned circular saws.

In the local multiplayer co-op mode, you may simultaneously control up to four players using seven legendary armies with unique weapons and attacks to save your allies.

6: The Supper

The Supper is a brief Indie Games that investigates the darkest facet of the human soul. Ms. Appleton was a source of goodwill before her interaction with The Voice. In The Supper, Ms. Appleton awakens in the kitchen of her restaurant, a short adventure game. She continues to hear the Voice in her brain.

It will not allow her to be alone. It instructs her to serve select noteworthy customers a very excellent lunch. The author of the critically renowned short Indie Games Midnight Scenes and The Librarian, Octavi Navarro, has created a delectable gift for adventure game fans.

A modest snack to have just at bedtime or while preparing afternoon coffee. Visit the kitchen of Ms. Appleton for cooking inspiration, or wander along the docks. Don’t forget to add a “Special Sauce” drop to Ms. Appleton’s scrumptious meal before serving.

7: Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets is one of the most accessible auto battle pets to operate. It simplifies the gameplay of popular Indie Games like TFT and Hearthstone and presents it in a manner that almost anybody can understand. In this free auto-battle Indie Games , you may compete against other players at your own pace.

In Super Auto Pets, you construct a defense team of adorable critters. Choosing a team member is crucial because each individual possesses unique abilities. Please note that this release is currently in beta. There may be some worries regarding imbalance, and circumstances are susceptible to change.

8: Relic Hunters Zero

Relic Hunters Zero: Remix is a reimagining of the one million-player hit that enhances the journey in various ways. Jimmy, Pinkyy, Ace, Panzer, Biu, Raff, and Red strive to rescue the Duncans from their asteroid while searching for antiquities.

You must dodge, run, and fire through swarms of hostile alien turtles and ducks. It is swift, tactical, and surprisingly easy to play. Duke, The Ducan Commander, can be beaten by employing new characters, weaponry, and relics to overcome waves of enemies. In a far corner of our galaxy, the Asteroid Dungeon Nemesis served as the sacred site for the legendary relics of power.

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The wicked Duke Ducan desired these treasures to conquer the cosmos and promote his ducks to power. However, the Spaceheart and its Relic Hunter crew made their way to the asteroid and prepared to foil his plans.

9: Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear is a psychological single player like co-op horror game with a one-of-a-kind scenario filled with terrifying monsters and nightmarish visions. The setting is a lonely village. As you travel the city while gradually descending into lunacy, you assume the character of a young guy desperately searching for answers in the icy Nordic night.

Significant focus will be placed on cinematic experience, immersion, and lateral thinking as players are led on a terrifying rollercoaster ride through the abandoned streets of Faversholm and beyond. Initially, Cry of Fear was a Half-Life 1 modification inspired by old-school survival horror Indie Games. It took four years to develop, and I received many modding honors.

Currently, anybody may play this free standalone Indie Games . However, it is not for the faint of heart.

10: The Desolate Hope

You may recognize Scott Cawthon from his work on the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, developed The Desolate Hope. It is a Metroidvania, boss game, and top-down shooter, although boss battles take precedence. A deserted structure rests calmly on the edge of an uncharted planet.

The Lun Infinus station was constructed by an autonomous research vessel launched from Earth to examine the viability of human settlement for five years if Earth became inhospitable. After being created during a period of ambition and affluence, the project was unexpectedly canceled as interest dwindled.

The Desolate Hope incorporates several gaming genres like Indie Games.The game is a platformer on the station and in the simulations. You will shoot at enemies, earn powerups and bits (currency), and enhance yourself and your virtual opponents. As you enter a mini-simulation, the game morphs into an 8-bit overhead dungeon crawler (the old arcade-style screens). To customize your combat encounters, you may farm money there.

When confronting a viral monster, the game transforms into a JRPG-style battle in which you must use the mouse to select your options to defeat your opponent. Outside of these battles, most of your efforts are focused on enhancing your talents and statistics since these constitute the game’s main difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions – Indie Games

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What are independent Indie Games?

Indie games are video games that are typically produced by individuals or small production teams without the assistance of a big game publisher.

Are independent Indie Games better than AAA?

AAA games are superior, but independent Indie Games are unique because their makers are not constrained.

Does Nintendo Switch support independent Indie Games?

Yes, it is an excellent platform for independent Indie Games.

Does PlayStation offer independent titles?

Yes, PlayStation has many independent Indie Games.

What are the finest free independent Steam Indie Games?

Our post lists the greatest free independent Indie Games available for download on Steam.