Genshin Impact Venti (Best Guide) Build, Artifacts And Weapons

Genshin Impact Venti

Venti is a Monstadt native who uses an Anemo bow. He was the first limited character to be published in Genshin Impact Venti. You may anticipate that newer players will powercreep Venti, yet he remains one of the game’s most notable characters. This page will cover all you need to know about Venti, including his playstyle, most significant artefacts, weapons, and teams, among other things.

Active Talents

Normal Attack – Divine Precision

Since Genshin Impact Venti is mostly a Support / Sub DPS, you will seldom, if ever, use his standard attacks. Most of his contribution to the squad will be based on his Skill and Burst.

Elemental Skill – Skyward Sonnet

It is a somewhat impressive ability, but it may be convenient for exploring. The damage is minor, but the talent generates elemental particles necessary for any character to charge a burst. Possessing the ability to raise yourself is also advantageous for gaining access to locations you would not otherwise be able to reach.

Elemental Burst – Wind’s Grand Ode

Genshin Impact Venti Burst possesses a unique ability. Concentrating adversaries in a single location makes some material incredibly simple to remove. It also makes him incredibly helpful when exploring since he can swiftly gather together foes.

Constantly spinning and inflicting Anemo damage is an added boost to the ability.

Genshin Impact Venti Talent Priority

Here is Venti’s skill order of importance.

Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill >>> Normal Attack

Overall, talent levels are only somewhat crucial to Venti. Talent levels give a little damage benefit, but other elements contribute to damage more significantly. Examples include Elemental Mastery and Character Level.

Genshin Impact Venti Best Combos

Genshin Impact Venti has a few possible combinations, however here’s a fast suggestion to save you some time:

Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst

You can cancel Venti’s Skill’s full animation to cast his Burst. The talent generates energy particles upon impact. By rapidly using Burst, your energy will be depleted, and the particles released by your ability will be absorbed. It can save you time compared to casting your Burst and then your Skill.

Passive Abilities Ascension Stat

As Venti’s level increases, he will get Energy Recharge.

First Ascent

Embrace of Winds: Holding Skyward Sonnet generates a 20-second current.

This passive is excellent for exploring. You may utilize an up current to glide from a slightly elevated position. You may also utilize this to reach objects slightly above your grasp.

Fourth Ascent

Stormeye: Regenerates 15 Energy for Venti when the effects of Wind’s Grand Ode are no longer active.

If an Elemental Absorption has happened, 15 Energy is restored to all characters of that Element. Venti’s Burst will absorb an element and swirl it continually. By absorbing one Element from your team, you can restore their vitality.It also minimizes the Energy Recharge required to utilize Venti’s Burst off effectively.

Utility Passive

Windrider: Reduces all party members’ stamina consumption when gliding by 20%.


As a support unit, Genshin Impact Venti is not particularly reliant on constellations. He handles his job just fine at C0. Moreover, C3 and C5, which raise skill levels, assist Venti in scaling his damage if he employs Atk and Crit-based builds. Since an Elemental Mastery build is recommended for Venti, these constellations are relatively wasted.

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The second constellation of Genshin Impact Venti is quite noteworthy, as it is one of the few methods to lessen Anemo’s RES. Constellation 6 has a comparable effect that synergizes effectively with Anemo DPS troops such as Xiao and Kazuha C6.

  • C1: Low Impact
  • C2: Medium Impact
  • C3: Low Impact
  • C4: Low Impact
  • C5: Low Impact
  • C6: High Impact

First Constellation: Split Gales

Each of the two new arrows does 33% of the original arrow’s damage.

Constellation 2: A Breeze of Memory

Skyward Sonnet reduces the Anemo RES of enemies by 12% for 10 seconds. Enemies launched by Skyward Sonnet endure an extra 12% reduction to their Anemo RES and Physical RES while in the air.

Constellation 3: Ode to Thousand Winds

Increases the Grand Ode of Wind’s Level by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.

Constellation 4: Hurricane of Freedom

Venti gains a 25% bonus to his Anemo DPS for 10s when he picks up an Elemental Orb or Particle.

Constellation 5: Concerto dal Cielo

Enhance Skyward Sonnet’s Level by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.

Constellation 6: Storm of Defiance

The Anemo RES of targets that suffer damage from Wind’s Grand Ode is reduced by 20%. If an Elemental Absorption has happened, the target’s RES towards the relevant Element is reduced by 20%.


Genshin Impact Venti lacks a distinct playstyle, as he is not a primary damage-dealing character. More crucial is evaluating his interactions with other characters. Characters that can attack foes during Venti’s whirlwind will be the ideal partners. Examples, but are not limited to, Ganyu, Ayaka, Ayato, and Albedo, as well as many more.

Genshin Impact Venti is one of the most distinctive supports in the Game. There may not be much subject in which he shines, but when he does, it is unparalleled.


Viridescent Venerer

Viridescent Venerer, or VV for short, is the standard for Anemo characters. Reducing Elemental RES significantly increases the DPS of other team members. Because of this set, Anemo characters are always featured on a squad. Genshin Impact Venti is no different. To maximize your team’s DPS, be careful to swirl the perfect Element with Venti’s Burst.

Main Stats

Since Version 1.6’s adjustments, Anemo characters may now climb Elemental Mastery incredibly effortlessly. As with other characters, you may increase Venti’s ability damage using attributes such as ATK and Crit, but Elemental Mastery is just more efficient.

As a result, our Anemo character will prioritize Elemental Mastery above Crit.

  • Circlet: Elemental Mastery
  • Sands: Elemental Mastery
  • Goblet: Elemental Mastery

Sub Stats

Here is the priority order for sub-statistics:

  1. Elemental Mastery
  2. Energy Recharge
  3. ATK%
  4. Crit Rate / Crit DMG

Elemental Mastery Energy Recharge Attack % Critical chance / Critical damage Prioritize Elemental Mastery on the substates of your Feather and Flower equipment. As your primary stat, you need just a small amount of Energy Recharge and Elemental Mastery for the remaining parts. It makes it relatively simple to create Anemo characters, as they do not require insane substate luck.

Energy Recharge: 200%

For Energy Recharge, you should aim to reach about 200% to finish the cooldown safely. It comprises the skills of Genshin Impact Venti and the Ascension stats.

Weapons 5-Star Weapons

Elegy for the End

The only suggestion we have for Venti 5-star weaponry. Most 5-star weapons are excellent because of their high ATK and other base characteristics. However, since Genshin Impact Venti primarily will scale with Elemental Mastery (in this build), you won’t need the high base ATK. Elegy for the End is an excellent signature weapon for Genshin Impact Venti.

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It provides a team benefit, which is ideal for a support build. Energy Recharge and Elemental Mastery are the two additional attributes desired for Genshin Impact Venti. Overall, this weapon is an excellent option but is not required for success.

4-Star Weapons

The Stringless

It is the most effective weapon against Genshin Impact Venti. This weapon’s attributes and bonus are optimal for Anemo damage. Elemental Mastery is fantastic, and increasing Venti’s Skill, and Burst damage is all you need. As you reach R5 with this weapon, it will do more damage than other weapons.

Windblume Ode

If you do not have Stringless or if the refinement of your Stringless is low, this is a reliable alternative. It is an event weapon, though, so if you don’t have it now, you won’t be able to receive it. However, if you have this weapon at R5, it is an excellent choice for Venti. Use your Skill before your Burst to incorporate the weapon effect into your Burst.

Favonius Warbow

This option is mainly for the substation Energy Recharge. If your artefacts have poor stats, you can use this weapon to increase your Energy Recharge. In rotations, the ability to immediately end a cooldown is crucial.


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Since Venti is extremely versatile support, he has a small number of highlighted teams. He is compatible with any team seeking to do elemental damage, which is the vast majority of teams in the Games . Nonetheless, here are a few cases where Genshin Impact Venti may thrive.

Quadratic Scaling

This word refers to something that does more significant harm the more foes it encounters. It scales similarly to the function x2.

Ganyu has the most robust quadratic scaling synergy with Genshin Impact Venti of any meta-character. The scaling of Ganyu’s Burst is quadratic. Since Venti’s Burst brings together many foes, Ganyu’s Burst will do incredible levels of damage. Even after Ganyu’s Burst, it is easy to hit foes with Charged Shot while Venti’s Burst sucks them up.

Freeze Teams

We’ve already discussed how fantastic Ganyu is with Venti, but Genshin Impact Venti is also an excellent companion for Ayaka, the other potent Cryo DPS.

Ayaka: Like Ganyu, Ayaka’s Burst will hit enemies in Venti’s Burst. It does not scale as effectively as Ganyu’s, but the damage is already quite potent. Ayaka’s Charged Attacks will attack foes within the area of effect of Venti’s blast. Venti is superb support since he has two of the most potent Main DPS units in the game.


Genshin Impact Venti is excellent support for several teams. Venti benefits any team employing reactions such as Electrocharged, vaporizing, and melting. The critical consideration is whether or not you can attack adversaries during his explosion. Long if you can’t, the Burst will still deal good DPS, and foes being pulled up in one location is helpful even after the Burst finishes.

Summary – Genshin Impact Venti

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It is all you need to know to play and construct Venti. There are other facts and information to be learned. This article is intended to cover only the fundamentals. Genshin Impact Venti is the Anemo Archon and the first restricted character in the game. He is a figure who makes specific things exceedingly simple and enjoyable. He will never be required to finish material, but he can make your life much more straightforward. Venti is one of the most acceptable Anemo supporters in the game, alongside Kazuha. This fact alone makes him an asset to any account.