How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

Roku offers an innovative method of showing errors and issues in the device. If there is a minor problem, such as no internet connection, an incorrectly entered password, or WiFi difficulties, Roku will display an error message with a code.

Each error code has a unique meaning. For example, Roku Error Code 009 indicates that the device cannot connect to the internet. In addition, the Roku streaming device may display various error codes in addition to these. In this guide, we will look many types of Roku error codes and what they mean.

Cause of Roku Error Code 009

The primary reason for Roku Error Code 009 is that the Roku device is connected to a Home WiFi network but does not have an internet connection. This error will appear on your Roku screen if your router is not continuously sending data. Most fault codes will appear as a warning pop-up, as shown below.

How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

Check the internet connectivity of your WiFi to resolve the error. Then, connect any additional intelligent devices, such as smartphones or computers, to test the internet connection. If you are not connect to the internet, restart your router.

To investigate the problem, contact your ISP. First, replace your old router with a new one if it is over a year old. Furthermore, when your Roku device has a steady internet connection, the Roku Error Code 009 will not appear.

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Error Codes similar to Roku Error Code 009

There are numerous fault codes with Roku streaming devices, including 009. Everything is related to WiFi and internet connectivity.

Error Code Type of issue Causes Fixes
Error Code 003 Software Error Roku is unable to update the latest software Make sure the WiFi connection is stable and try again.
Error Code 012 Ethernet related issue Ethernet cables and Routers Ensure that the Ethernet cable is in working condition.
Change the Ethernet cable and try again.
Restart your Router & TV and try again.
Error Code 013 Same as 012 Ethernet cables and Routers Try the fixes for 012 issue.
Error Code 014 When your Roku fails to connect to the WiFi Incorrect WiFi name and password Make sure that you are typing the correct password for the right WiFi network.
Error Code 014.20/ 014.30/ 014.50 Strength of the WiFi signal Your router is not providing enough data to your Roku Place the WiFi router nearer to the Roku device and free from obstacles.
Lower the streaming quality manually.
Error Code 014.40 / 014.41 Wrong password Incorrect password or username Check that you are using the correct username and password.
Error Code 016 Internet connection issues When you try to open a streaming channel without internet Connect your Roku to a WiFi network.
Make sure that the WiFi has an active network connection.
Error Code 017 Poor WiFi signal Your Roku is not getting enough data from the WiFi Place the router nearer to Roku.
Restart your TV and router.
Error Code 018 Poor internet bandwidth Low download and upload speed Check your router’s download and upload speed.
If possible, try to upgrade the plan to higher download speeds
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You must take these steps to resolve the Roku error code 009 and other error codes. These problem codes are mainly related to your WiFi network and internet access. These error codes will never appear if you have a good router and a consistent internet connection. If you receive an error code not listed above, please leave it in the comments section, and we will respond with a solution.