How to Fix the Samsung TV Error Code 107

Samsung TV Error Code 107

Samsung TV error code 107 appears when the Smart Hub cannot operate properly owing to an Internet connectivity issue. After installing the 1169 & 1303 firmware updates, numerous customers reported encountering the Samsung TV Error Code 107 issue.

Moreover, this issue typically occurs when using Internet-based apps. Bandwidth fluctuation is the primary cause of this problem. Nonetheless, incorrect networks and TV settings are also to blame.

As a primary method for resolving this error, you can restart your TV and router. However, occasionally advanced solutions are required to resolve the Samsung TV Error Code 107 issue.

Fix: Samsung TV Error Code 107 – 6 Proven Ways

How do i fix error 107: Before proceeding to the solutions section, you should determine whether the problem is with the router or the TV. It is discernible by seeing the error page. If the cross symbol is displayed between the TV and the router, you must fix the TV.

In addition, if there is a cross between the router and the Earth symbol, the problem is within the router.

So, here is a list of six tried-and-true solutions to assist you in quickly resolving the error code 107 on Samsung TV.

Fix Issues On the Router Side

If the error page displays a cross between the router and the earth, there is likely no Internet access, and the problem lies with the router. However, it would assist if you first determined whether the Internet is accessible on other devices. Additionally, if the Internet works on other devices but not the TV, you must configure the TV settings to resolve the Samsung TV Error Code 107.

Alternatively, you can use several workarounds to reconnect your router to the Internet. If you use a LAN cable, confirm that the TV and the router are correctly connected. Consider shortening the distance between your router and TV. Check the Wi-Fi speed as well. Additionally, you can change the Wi-Fi frequency from 2.4GHz to 5GHz and vice versa.

Furthermore, recent misconfiguration of the router’s settings may necessitate a factory reset. Please get in touch with your Internet service provider if the issue affects more devices. There is likely a problem at the end of the ISP.

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Reconnect to Network

Once you’ve determined that your router is not defective and that the internet works on other devices, you must proceed with fixing your TV. The initial step is to rejoin the Wi-Fi network. Typically, the Samsung TV Error Code 107 reddit problem is resolved by disconnecting and reconnecting to the network.

You may also connect to an additional Wi-Fi network if one is available.

1. Open the Settings menu on your TV. You may reach the Settings menu using the Settings button on your remote or from the home screen.

2. Navigate to General settings.

3. Select Network from the right side.

4. Select Open Network Settings.

5. Choose Wireless.

6. Move down to Manage Saved Networks.

7. Choose the Wi-Fi network to delete.

8. Then choose Delete.

9. After removing the network, you will be sent to the page listing available wireless connections. First, select the network to which you wish to join.

10. Enter the network’s security key and then select Done.

Turn Off Samsung Instant

If your TV is equipped with and activated with the Samsung Instant On feature, it will boot up faster. Nonetheless, many system files need to be loaded correctly. Additionally, it occasionally prevents the Wi-Fi drivers from loading and generates error 107.

You can disable this feature & get your TV Internet back to its working state. Here is how:

1. Simply open Settings on your TV.

2. Choose General on the Settings window.

3. Move down to Instant On.

4. Please turn it off.

Reset Network Settings On Your TV

If you’ve customized network settings on your TV, it may have been improperly misconfigured, causing the Samsung TV Error Code 107 error. Resetting the TV network settings is useful in such circumstances. Resetting them will remove all saved network profiles and configured network profiles.

It would be best if you reconnected to the network afterward. So, here is how:

1. First, open Settings.

2. Then move down to General.

3. Choose Network.

4. Afterward, select Reset Network.

5. Select Yes in the confirmation popup.

Rollback or Update Firmware

As previously stated, numerous users encountered the Samsung smart TV Error Code 107 due to firmware updates 1169 and 1303. In such a situation, rollbacking firmware can be beneficial.

Because the rollback feature is not directly accessible, you must use a USB to install the prior firmware version on your TV.

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Follow these steps to update the Samsung TV’s firmware:

1. First, get a USB flash drive & format it in FAT32 on your PC.

2. After that, go to the Manuals & Software page of Samsung.

3. Search your TV model number in the search bar. If you’re unsure about the model number, you can see it from  Settings > Support> About.

4. Find the firmware version that was issued immediately before your current version. Additionally, the version can be viewed on the About This TV page.

5. Install the firmware. The zip file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.

6. Extract the file and copy it to the root of the USB drive without creating any other folders.

7. Remove the flash drive from your PC.

8. Please insert it into your TV’s USB port.

9. When the USB is inserted, your TV automatically boots from it and begins the update.

10. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

11. You probably need to change the TV’s source if it doesn’t boot automatically from USB.

12. When the upgrade is complete, the TV’s firmware will revert to the prior version. Reconnect to the Internet and see if the Samsung TV Error Code 107 problem persists.

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Moreover, if this is not the case, you can check if your TV has an available update and update it to the most recent version. If obsolete firmware caused the Samsung TV Error Code 107 issue, it should now be resolved.

Reset TV to Factory Defaults

If nothing else worked, you could reset your TV to factory defaults at any moment. However, before resetting your TV, you should ensure that you have a backup of all of your specific data. Additionally, it will resolve the Samsung TV error code 107.

You have to reconfigure your TV from scratch once you complete the reset. Follow these steps:

1. Access Settings on your TV.

2. Move down to General and choose it.

3. After that, select Reset on the right pane.

4. Next, enter the PIN code if prompted. (The default PIN is 0000).

5. Now, your TV will restart itself after the resetting process is complete.