The Best 6 Solutions to Fix Showbox not Working (2022)

Showbox not Working

Showbox, comparable to Popcorn Time, is a top-rated program. Users can watch free TV series and movies on their PC, smartphone, or tablet. The platform has expanded so much that it now includes a PC version and simple workarounds that allow you to install it on your Kindle, Fire TV, and other devices. Despite Showbox’s rapid growth, despite restrictions imposed by various governments and agencies, the site occasionally fails to function correctly. Either the application does not load, or users are presented with a blank screen. This essay will go over all possible solutions to this problem. These solutions will be primarily aimed at the Android application when Showbox not Working.

What causes Showbox not Working?

We concluded that there were various reasons for Showbox not working as planned after receiving user comments and performing our research. Some of the possible causes of this problem include, but are not limited to:

  1. Bad application cache: The most common cause of Showbox not working is a lack of application cache data. Applications cache information on your phone and often retrieve it as needed. The application will most likely crash or produce strange problems if this is corrupt.
  2. Backend servers are unavailable: Another reason Showbox may not work on your device is that the backend servers are unavailable. It is relatively prevalent given that the application is prohibited in various nations.
  3. Corrupt program installation files: As you may be aware, Showbox cannot be installed properly through the Android Play Store. Instead, you must authorize permission to install third-party applications and then install them from an outside source. The application will not work if the installation files contain corrupted user data.
  4. Limeplayer is out of sync: According to our study, Limeplayer appears to be utilized to play Showbox videos on your device. You will encounter problems if the player is not updated or is not configured to open Showbox URLs.
  5. Outdated application: Another scenario in which you may encounter problems with the program is when it is obsolete. Developers typically issue a quick fix, so you must update your application to the most recent build.
  6. Blocked access: Because Showbox not Working and is blocked in many countries and locations, your ISP may be blocking its requests and material from the backend. You can get around this issue by installing VPN software on your PC.

Make sure you have an active internet connection before beginning with the solutions. Furthermore, because we will be rebooting your device frequently, you should save all of your work. Please remember that this content is solely for the reader’s information. Apple does not endorse the use of third-party video streaming apps.

Solution #1: Delete the Application Cache

The information required to operate Showbox not Working on your computer and user settings is typically stored in the application cache. These are usually temporary files constantly updated by the application as it runs on your Android OS. However, there are countless instances where the application cache corrupts, causing Showbox not Working or functions as planned. As a result, you may see a blank screen on your application’s main page. In this solution, we will go to the program settings in Android and thoroughly delete the cache.

  • Open the Settings app and select Apps.
  • Find Showbox in the list. Now select Storage.
  • You will be presented with two options: Clear Data and Clear Cache. Select both options.
  • Relaunch the Instagram app to see whether the problem has been repaired.
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Solution 2: Examine the Backend Servers

Another typical reason Showbox not Working on your device is if the backend servers are down for maintenance or another reason. Showbox servers, for example, require downtime from time to time to do maintenance or upgrade the system. In addition, because Showbox is illegal in numerous regions, there are cases where the developers are transferring output from one server to another.

Because Showbox downtime is so prevalent, you should check Reddit or relevant forums to see if other people are having similar problems like Showbox not Working. If they are, and you see a trend of complaints, the servers are most likely down. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do but wait for the problem to be resolved or move on to another option.

Remember that downtime is typically resolved within a day or two, so keep checking back.

Solution 3: Update the LimePlayer and Showbox applications.

As Android’s operating system receives more updates, applications attempt to keep up with the new updates and framework. However, because Showbox isn’t available on the Android Play Store, you won’t be prompted to download and install the most recent version. Before going to the web and downloading the updated application’s APK, be sure you are not downloading from a dangerous source. Before downloading from any external source, confirm the application’s legitimacy.

If the issue is with your machine, laptop/notebook, use Restoro Repair to scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing data. It works in most circumstances if the problem is caused by system corruption. Restoro can be downloaded by clicking here. Ensure you understand the hazards of downloading an APK from an untrusted source. It may contain malicious content that may cause problems for which Appuals is not liable.

After you’ve updated Showbox if Showbox not Working properly, we’ll also try to update LimePlayer on your device. Before you can watch any shows, Showbox will force you to use LimePlayer as a provider on your device. It is a component of its architecture and has been for a long time. If LimePlayer is not updated to the most recent build, there may be incompatibilities with a newer version of Showbox, causing problems.

  • LimePlayer, fortunately, is available on the Google Play Store. To update it to the most recent build, follow the instructions below.
  • Launch the Google PlayStore on your Android device. Now, slide the screen to the right from the left side, and a new taskbar will appear. Go to My apps and games.
  • Navigate to the Updates tab now. Now, look for LimePlayer and click the Update button next to it.
  • After updating Instagram, relaunch it to see if the problem has been repaired, and you can access all videos without any issues.

Solution 4: Reinstalling the Application

If deleting the application data does not work, and you are confident that the backend servers are not down, we can try reinstalling the application entirely. It ensures that any significant problems with the application’s installation files are resolved. As with the previous solution, your application data will be lost with this solution as well.

  • Locate the Showbox icon on your Android smartphone. Then, hold down on the application until it begins to wiggle.
  • When prompted to confirm the uninstallation, click on the cross icon.
  • Restart your Android smartphone entirely now.
  • After restarting, go to a reputable website and download the most recent application version from there.
  • Check if the problem persists after installing a fresh copy.
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Note: If you still have the problem with Showbox not Working after attempting all of the methods listed above, there is likely a problem with your smartphone’s settings. Keep an eye out for antivirus software that may interfere with the software because it is not labeled as a trusted application on the Play Store.

Solution 5: Make use of a VPN

Before we go on to alternatives, try installing a VPN on your computer. Usually, the program is blocked by numerous ISPs due to copyright issues, and its services are blocked in several countries. However, you can use a VPN to access your ISP and the program by pretending to be in another country. It will assist in bypassing all of the hurdles and resolving the issue of the application not working.

You must first download a VPN program from the Google Play Store. You can enable a straight VPN from your Android device if you have a complete configuration with all the credentials. Check to see our article on How to set up a VPN on an Android Device. After you’ve enabled the VPN and changed your location, try viewing Showbox again to see if the problem has been repaired of Showbox not Working.

Solution 6: Make Use of Alternatives

If nothing else works for Showbox not Working, you can leave Showbox alone and try other similar solutions. However, even if these alternatives are not identical, you can gain essential functionality from them. Here are some alternatives to consider:

MediaBox HD: Similar to Showbox, MediaBox HD allows you to view free TV series and movies. Even though the library isn’t as extensive, it still gets the job done. So, this app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It also supports Chromecast, Roku, FireTV, Smart-TV, and WiFi.

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Popcorn Time: Users’ all-time favorite is Popcorn Time. This software is sometimes regarded as the “forefather” of free video services for movies and TV series on Android devices. In addition to solid Android support, it supports iOS with regular updates and enhancements.

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MegaBox HD: MegeBox is one software that offers the same functionality as Showbox but is still gaining popularity. There may be numerous bugs and issues, but they are rapidly fixed for developers. If neither of the methods above works for you, you can try this one.

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Netflix:: Although Netflix does not offer free TV series and movies, it is the most prominent digital content holder in history. There is support for many nations, and the subscription is relatively inexpensive. Use Netflix if you want to avoid the headache of using third-party alternatives.