Xbox One Sync Button Not Working: Fixes and Solutions

Xbox One Sync Button Not Working

There are several solutions to the Xbox One Sync button not working issue. The Xbox One Sync button not working is a typical problem with Xbox systems. However, it is a minor issue that can be quickly resolved. When you’re in the middle of a game, your Console suddenly stops working. You will eventually lose your game, and when you try to connect the Controller, the sync button will not work. If you’re having problems with your Xbox controller, you don’t need to replace it. You can repair your Xbox One controller using simple do-it-yourself techniques (Xbox One S & Xbox One X).

Xbox One Sync Button Not Working Fixes and Solutions

If the Sync button on your Xbox One S or X controller is not working, you can attempt the fixes listed below.

  • Examine the Range and Interference
  • Other Devices Must Be Removed or Unpaired
  • Make use of cables.
  • Status of the Xbox One Controller
  • Resynchronize the Controller
  • Examine the Controller’s battery
  • Reboot the Console
  • Your Console has been hard reset.
  • Update your Controller

Examine the Range and Interference

Check to see if the Xbox One controller is within range of the Console. The maximum operating distance is 6 meters. It is recommended that the Controller be used within a 5-meter range. Also, no additional Bluetooth devices should be placed between the Console and the Controller. Other Bluetooth devices could interfere with the transmission.

Other Devices Must Be Removed or Unpaired

Remove external devices from your Consoles, such as a keyboard, mouse, or headphones. Other Bluetooth devices, especially headphones, will disrupt the Controller’s signal. Unpair all Bluetooth devices that are connected to the Console. Then, click the Controller and see if the Sync button works.

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Make use of cables

The built-in Bluetooth module on your Console may be broken and unable to receive signals. In that scenario, connect the Controller to the Console using the micro-USB cord. A cable connection is more reliable than a wireless connection. Remember always to utilize the included micro-USB cable. Third-party cables may cause harm to both the Console and the Controller. Even if the Controller is not synchronizing with the wired connection, you can resolve the issue by consulting our troubleshooting guide on Xbox One controller connectivity issues.

Status of the Xbox One Controller

First, check the status of your Controller. Your Controller is still linked to the Console if it has a solid white light. However, if your Console is not responding to your commands, you must restart it and try again.

Examine the Controller’s batteries. Replace the old batteries with fresh ones and try once more. Don’t use batteries already used in gadgets, such as TV remote batteries.

Resynchronize the Controller

Leave your Controller disconnected from the Console for a while. Try to re-sync the Controller after a few minutes. It might sync with the Console.

There are two methods for connecting the Controller to the Console. First, check out our comprehensive article on Sync an Xbox One Controller. If the wireless method does not work, you can pair the Controller to your Console using the connecting cords.

Examine the Controller Battery

You can check the Controller’s battery level on the home screen of your Xbox system. If the battery is deficient, the Sync button on the Controller will not light up. In that situation, the Controller should be charged. Otherwise, you can utilize the connected Controller.

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Reboot the Console

There could be some troubles with your Console as well. First, restart your Xbox console to resolve any remaining difficulties. After restarting, reconnect the Controller and use it as usual.

Reset your Console.

If nothing else helps, restart your Xbox One console. Hold the Power button for roughly 10 seconds, or until the Console completely shuts down. Then, restart the Console and try again.

Is it still not working? Restart the Xbox One console if you’re unsure how to read our tutorial on resetting the Xbox console.

You should update your Controller.

You can upgrade your Controller to the updated firmware after resetting your Console. It will resolve all minor issues with your Controller.

(1) Use the USB cable to connect the Controller to your Console.

(2) On your Console, navigate to Settings and select Devices & Accessories.

(3) Select the Xbox One Wireless Controller option under Devices & Accessories.

(4) On the following screen, select Update.

(5) Click Continue to begin the updating procedure.

Re-sync the Console after the upgrade is complete. It’ll be linked to the Console.

You can try these repairs and solutions if the Sync button on your Xbox One controller is not working. When your Xbox One controller’s Sync button stops working, try these options to fix it. If you have any questions, please show them in the comments area below.


1. How can I connect my Xbox One controller if the Sync button is broken?

If the Sync button is broken, you can use the USB cord to connect the Xbox One controller.

2. What is the function of the Xbox controller’s pair button?

The Xbox controller’s Pair button connects the Controller to the Console. To pair the Controller to the Console, press and hold the Pair button.

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