How To Fix PDF Not Opening in Chrome Browser (Updated)

PDF Not Opening in Chrome

Use one of the eight suggested troubleshooting approaches to resolving the PDF Not Opening in Chrome Browser issue. Google Chrome, like other PC browsers such as Firefox and Edge, offers a built-in PDF viewer feature. Unfortunately, it may not work at times for a variety of reasons. In such cases, we hunt for different PDF viewers to install. However, it is not guaranteed to be safe. Instead of using another software, you can try various troubleshooting approaches to resolve the PDF Not Opening in Chrome issue in your Chrome browser.

Reasons Why PDF Not Opening in Chrome Browser

Adobe PDF Not Opening in Chrome then you need to follow some of the fundamental causes of this problem:

  • Using an out-of-date version of Google Chrome
  • Chrome cache and cookie corruption
  • Inadequate storage
  • Inadequate internet connection
  • Browser bugs that are only temporary

How to Resolve PDF Not Opening in Chrome Issues

Follow these 9 simple troubleshooting procedures to resolve the issue of PDF not opening in Chrome.

  1. Restart the Chrome browser.
  2. Open a PDF in private mode.
  3. Clear your cookies and cache.
  4. Disable the make searches and browsing setting.
  5. Enable Hardware Acceleration.
  6. Chrome should be cleaned up.
  7. Disable PDF download options.
  8. Chrome browser should be updated.
  9. Chrome settings should be reset.

Restart the Chrome browser.

The most straightforward solution is to restart the browser. If you use Chrome for an extended period, it may stop working owing to high memory use. As a result, it slows down the search. Opening new tabs have no effect. Similarly, your  PDF Not Opening in Chrome.

1. Exit the Chrome browser by clicking the Close button or pressing the + keys.

2. Relaunch the Google Chrome program.

3. Check to see if the PDF file opens in Chrome. If not, proceed to the next troubleshooting in PDF Not Opening in Chrome step.

Alternative Method

In the address box, type chrome:/restart and press the Enter key. The browser will be relaunched automatically if you have lost all of your open tabs; press + + to reload all your closed accounts.

In Incognito Mode, open a PDF file.

If your PDF file does not open in the standard Chrome window, try opening it in Incognito Mode.

1. Open your device’s Chrome browser.

2. Tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

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3. Choose a New incognito window from the list, or hit + + to launch a new incognito window.

4). Paste the URL of the PDF file into the address field and press the button.

The PDF will now open in the Chrome browser’s incognito tab. Clear Chrome’s cache files if it fails to load in incognito mode.

Clear Chrome’s Cookies and Caches

Your PDF may not load correctly due to temporary caches and cookies. As a result, emptying the cache memories in the Chrome browser will resolve the problem of PDF Not Opening in Chrome.

1. In the Chrome browser, click the Customize and Control button.

2. Click on History. Then, from the drop-down menu, select History once more.

3. On the right, click the Clear browsing data button.

4. Navigate to the Advanced Tab and tick the appropriate items. To clear the data, select the Time range option.

5. Finally, select Clear data.

After removing the cookies and caches:

  1. Restart the browser.
  2. Check to see if the PDF file opens.
  3. If the problem has not been resolved, proceed to the following remedy.

Disable Improve Search and Browsing

When the PDF does not open in Chrome, this is a crucial troubleshooting step of PDF Not Opening in Chrome.

1. In Chrome, open the address bar and type chrome:/settings/sync setup.

2. Disable the Make Searches & Browsing Better item from the offered menu list if enabled.

That’s all. You may now open the PDF in your browser.

Acceleration of Hardware

Specific tasks in the Chrome browser will be offloaded through hardware acceleration. It speeds up some activities but prevents users from opening PDF files.

1. Open the Chrome browser and go to Settings, or put chrome:/settings into the URL bar.

2. From the list, select the System menu.

3. Select Use hardware acceleration wherever possible.

Chrome will clean up your computer.

Cleaning your PC with Chrome will remove any malicious items stored on your browser program. It is one of the most effective methods for resolving the PDF Not Opening in Chrome issue in the browser.

1. Open the Chrome and navigate to Settings.

3. From the list, select Reset and clean up, or type chrome:/settings/cleanup into the URL bar.

4. Then, select Clean your computer.

5. Finally, click Find next to Find a harmful program to eliminate the malicious software and files stored on your computer.

It will resolve the issue PDF Not Opening in Chrome, PDF viewer not working. If not, go to the following method.

Disable PDF Download Preferences

1. Open the Chrome web browser.

2. Navigate to Settings and select Privacy and security.

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3. Go to the Privacy and Security section and select Site Settings.

5. Scroll down and select the Additional content settings option.

6. Choose PDF documents from the drop-down menu.

7. Disable the Download PDFs function in Chrome and enable Open PDFs.

It will automatically cease downloading the PDF files. As a result, you can access and see it with the Chrome browser without difficulty.

Chrome Browser Upgrade

The PDF Not Opening in Chrome due to a technical error in the browser. It could be due to an out-of-date browser. This problem will be resolved by updating the Chrome browser.

1. Launch Chrome and navigate to the Customize or Control icon (three-dotted icon) in the upper right corner.

2. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

3. Scroll to the bottom and select Chrome.

4. Check for the most recent Update. If any updates are found, click Update to install the most current version of Chrome.

After you’ve finished this step, open the PDF file to see if it’s operating correctly.

Chrome should be reset.

If PDF Not Opening in Chrome then resetting your Chrome browser, it will erase all of your saved data. In addition, it will wipe temporary data such as cookies and caches, bookmarks, search History, saved passwords, and extensions.

1. Open the Chrome and select the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

2. From the drop-down menu, choose Settings.

3. Next, select On startup from the list on the Settings screen.

4. Now, at the bottom, click on Advanced.

5. Select the option Restore settings to their original defaults.

6. On the pop-up menu, select Reset settings.

Resetting the browser returns everything to its standard settings. You can now open the PDF in Chrome.


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Questions and Answers

1. Why does a PDF file open in Chrome but not Adobe Acrobat?

Chrome includes a PDF viewer. When you download a PDF file, it will open it automatically. Adobe pdf not opening in chrome then you can turn off PDF document downloads and open them in Adobe Acrobat.

2. Why couldn’t I use Chrome’s save as a PDF function?

[1] There could be a problem with your computer’s drivers. So, update your computer’s drivers.

[2] Refresh the document managers if PDF Not Opening in Chrome.

[3] Check to see if the document can be viewed in a browser.

3. How do I open a PDF file in Adobe Reader instead of Chrome?

I Open Adobe Acrobat Reader.

[ii] Select Edit, followed by Preferences.

[iii] Navigate to Internet -> Internet Settings -> Programs.

[iv] Select Disable to open the PDF file in Acrobat Reader rather than Chrome.