How To Enable Task Manager Dark Mode On Windows 11

Task Manager

Is it feasible to enable Task Manager’s dark mode? Microsoft task manager allows users to keep track of the applications running in the background and the applications they are working on. By keeping track of this, the user can clear the running apps that cause Windows to become unresponsive. Microsoft has recently been striving to improve the application on the Windows 11 updates.

The developers are constantly working to enhance the task manager’s fluent design to keep up with technological advancements. The new task manager will include Dark mode themes with the latest updates.

The developer was more concerned with aligning it to the general style of Windows 11. The new design of the task manager would include a Hamburger-style navigation bar, a new settings page, a command bar on each page, and a personalization option to modify the theme to match the system-wide theme.

Description of the Task Manager Tabs

Below the toolbar, the task manager has the following tabs. Here are some of the checks and their functions.

  1. Processes: This tab displays a list of running apps and background processes on the system, the CPU, Disk, Network, Memory, and GPU, as well as other pertinent information.
  2. Performance is a real-time graph that displays the CPU, memory network, and GPU resource utilization to consumers. This tab also includes information such as the device’s IP address, model names, etc.
  3. App History: Users can view how much CPU and network resources have been used for apps downloaded from the store.
  4. Startup: Users will be able to follow startup applications here. It also allows the user to disable any startup apps that are no longer needed.
  5. Users: It displays the number of user accounts presently logged in to the desktop, as well as the application and resources being used.
  6. Details: This tab describes the process that is taking place on the device, and it was previously known as the performance tab in Windows 7.
  7. Service: This page allows users to manage system services.
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How to Enable Task Manager’s Dark Mode

In the most recent version, Microsoft revamped the user interface, including the start menu, taskbar, settings page, and much more. In addition, Microsoft has included a dark mode task manager in the most recent version of Windows 11 Dev Build (22538).

1. The user must first download the Vivetool from GitHub and extract the files to a convenient area on their desktop.

2. When the file extraction is finished, customers will receive an EXE and a DLL file. Users must move both files to the following location: C:\Windows\System32.

3. Thus, The user can go to the “Start” menu and type “CMD” into the search bar.

4. Then, Select the CMD app from the list and right-click it to run as an administrator.

5. Remember, the user must run the commands in the CMD window one after the other and then push the process button.

1. vivetool addconfig 35908098 2
2. vivetool addconfig 37204171 2
3. vivetool addconfig 36898195 2
4. vivetool addconfig 36898195 2

6. Finally, Once the preceding steps have been accomplished so, users can restart the Windows PC and launch the Task Manager to examine it in dark mode.

Look and Feel of the New Task Manager

The overhauled task manager is released to coincide with Windows 11 updates. However, It includes the eagerly anticipated new dark mode theme. Furthermore, the task manager’s theme changes when the Windows 11 theme changes. So, the design and interface have changed, although the update is still in its early stages. As a result, there is a chance that problems and glitches will occur. They have adapted to the new Windows 11 using rounded corners and compact features.

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Questions and Answers

Is the Task Manager’s Dark Mode option developed?

No. yet, consumers have only had access to the trial version. Hence, users may encounter bugs.

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