Best 7 Ways to Fix YouTube Not Working on a Samsung TV

youtube not working on samsung smart tv

We’ve all heard that YouTube is the best site to watch all kinds of videos. Unfortunately, the YouTube app on Samsung Smart TV may occasionally fail to function correctly or YouTube Not Working on a Samsung TV due to outdated app and firmware, a poor internet connection, cached data, server issues, etc. However, simple troubleshooting procedures will efficiently resolve the YouTube not working on Samsung TV. Even though the causes of the problems differ from one TV to the next, the treatments are the same.

Why doesn’t YouTube Not Working on a Samsung TV?

Before troubleshooting repairs, it is critical to understand the cause of the error.

  • Internet connection: A good internet connection is required for YouTube on Samsung Smart TV. As a result, connect your Samsung TV to a robust and stable network.
  • Temporary bugs, cache files, or cookies may cause difficulty, resulting in issues such as buffering, freezing, or a black screen. Therefore, it is best to clear the bugs or cache regularly.
  • The use of an out-of-date app causes the problem. So, once a new version is released, could you update it?

How to Resolve YouTube Not Working on a Samsung TV

Here are the troubleshooting steps to take if you get an error while viewing YouTube on your Samsung TV.

#1: Examine your Internet Connection

The first thing to look into is your internet connection. You will encounter issues while streaming if your WiFi network is unstable or weak. As a result, ensure that the internet network is robust. Bring the router closer to your TV, remove obstructions to the router signal, or change the router. Access mobile data if you’re using WiFi or vice versa.

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You must wait until YouTube officials repair the server if it is offline or under maintenance.

#2: Relaunch the YouTube App.

You must complete this basic solution before moving on to the advanced method. First, open the YouTube App and then dismiss it by tapping the back button. Then, relaunch the app to test if the YouTube app works properly. Otherwise, proceed to the following method.

#3: Keep the YouTube app up to date.

When your YouTube app becomes obsolete, you must replace it with a newer version. However, using an older version of the program may occasionally result in issues.

[1] On your Samsung Smart TV remote, press the Home Button.

[2] Go to the App Store and look for the YouTube app.

[3] Determine whether a new update is available. If so, please edit it.

#4: Restart your television.

Turn off your Samsung TV and unplug the cable from the power outlet. Wait a few minutes before plugging the cable back into the socket and turning on the TV. Now, launch the YouTube app and check whether the problems persist.

#5: Delete and Reinstall

If the error persists after updating the app, remove it from the device and reinstall it from the Samsung Store. Then, go to Apps, find YouTube, and install the app.

#6: Adjust the Time Setting

If the time is not set correctly, you may encounter difficulties while streaming on YouTube. So, verify the time and adjust it using the instructions below.

[1] Select System from the Settings menu.

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[2] Select Timer and then the Clock option.

[3] Verify that the time is appropriately set. If not, fix it and check if YouTube Not Working on a Samsung TV properly.

#7: Reset your television.

If there is a problem with the functionality and YouTube Not Working on a Samsung TV, reset the Samsung TV and re-access the YouTube app.

[1] Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote.

[2] Navigate to Settings and pick the Support tab.

[3] Select Self Diagnosis and then click the Reset button.

[4] Before resetting, you will be prompted to enter the PIN. Enter the standard PIN “0000.” Enter the new PIN if you’ve changed it.

[5] Once logged in, follow the screen instructions correctly to reset your television.

[6] After resetting your Samsung TV, check to see if the YouTube app works or YouTube Not Working on a Samsung TV.

Questions and Answers

Is the YouTube app available for all Samsung TV models?

Yes. The majority of the latest Samsung TV models include a pre-installed YouTube app.

Why is YouTube not functioning on my Samsung TV?

When the YouTube server is down or YouTube Not Working on a Samsung TV, or the internet connection speed is slow, YouTube on Samsung Smart TV may not work. Check if the app has been updated to the most recent version.

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