How Do i Fix Zoom Error Code 104103?

Zoom Error Code 104103

Many users are seeing Zoom error, as with many Zoom issues, and cannot use the platform for their needs. The question now is what this mistake is and how to repair Zoom Error Code 104103. Follow this guide to receive your answer and solution to this odd issue number.

What is Zoom Error Code 104103?

According to Zoom’s official announcement, Zoom Error Code 104103 occurs when your device fails to connect to Zoom’s server. Thus, In layman’s terms, this error code is a connection error that shows when your device’s connection to the Zoom server fails or lost.

Now, let’s examine which steps will assist you and which will result in removing this error code.

How to Repair Zoom Error Code 104103?


Follow these procedures to resolve problem code 104103:

  • Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection.
  • Examine Zoom’s Server Status.
  • Turn off antivirus software.
  • Disable the Proxy.
  • Clear the application cache and cookies.
  • Zoom must be update.
  • Set up the network firewall.
  • Zoom must be uninstalled and reinstall.

How Do I Resolve Internet Problems?

So there is a variety of factors can disrupt the internet connection.However, you can resolve your connectivity issues by performing a few simple steps.

  1. Firstly, do a speed test to see if your internet speed is enough or if it is prolong.
  2. If you have more devices linked to the same WiFi network, disconnect them. It improves signal strength.
  3. You can inspect the hardware to see if they cause the problem. Unplug and reinsert the LAN wire to see if the internet speeds up.
  4. Bring your personal router closer to the device you will be working with WiFi.
  5. Perform a router power cycle to see if this helps resolve your internet problem.
  6. If nothing else works properly, contact your ISP and resolve the connectivity problem.
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How to Setup a Network Firewall and a Proxy Server?

Zoom has officially acknowledged that the Zoom Error Code 104103 is associated with the blocking firewall, TCP and SSL, and Proxy. As a result, you must configure your firewall to resolve this Zoom Error Code 104103. The good news is that Zoom has an official article on the subject.
In addional to this guide, the article can be found here.

Therefore, If the problem persists on your PC, contact Zoom support and request that resolved. Visit this official page to contact Zoom Support link here.

Last Words

To summarize, it is a connectivity error caused by firewall blocking, Proxy, SSL, and TCP. If you notice any other Zoom issues, please let us know in the comments area. If the instructions in this guide helped you solve your problem, don’t forget to share it with your friends.