How To Fix DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering Issues-Tips and Tricks

DirecTV Now keeps buffering

As a DirecTV customer, you can access various TV channels, including sports, music, movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. You only need a internet connection and a compatible device, such as a Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, phone (with the DirecTV app), or computer (browsers). However, users of DirecTV Now may occasionally face buffering issues like DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering, which can constantly interrupt video streaming and result in a poor viewing experience.

What is the source DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering?

DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering Now is intended to improve your watching experience. However, if it frequently occurs while watching a video, it might result in a jerky viewing experience, which is precisely what it was supposed to avoid.

DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering problems:

Weak Wi-Fi signals (when connecting your device wirelessly) or a poor cable connection (when using an Ethernet cable) cause unpredictable broadband speeds, resulting in continual buffering. Low internet speeds — a problem with your network router or an issue with your ISP, resulting in a network connection that cannot sufficiently support the stream.

  • Outdated DirecTV app – owing to flaws and slow interfaces, earlier app versions can cause buffering issues.
  • Problems with bandwidth – too many people streaming, resulting in slow speeds
  • There is an issue with the streaming device.

How do I resolve DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering issues?

If DirecTV Now continues buffering on Roku and other streaming devices, here is a list of fixes you may try.

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Solution 1: Repair your network problems.

One of the most common reasons for streaming issues is a bad network connection (wireless or cable), which causes the network to distribute packets poorly, resulting in variable or slow rates. You can resolve these issues by upgrading your router or shortening the distance between the router and the streaming device (to avoid the loss of wireless signals).

Alternatively, you can use a LAN cable to connect your device to the internet. If you are currently utilizing a LAN cable but are still experiencing buffering issues, switching to a higher-quality line may resolve the issue.

Network troubles caused by software faults might also result in DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering. A fast reboot of your network router may assist in resolving the issue of DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering. If restarting the router does not alleviate the problem, the issue may be with the ISP. A call to their customer support can assist in resolving the problem.

Solution 2: Increase the speed of your internet connection.

DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering can occur if your internet rates are prolonged, which can happen due to insufficient or overcrowded network bandwidth. This problem can be fixed by lowering the number of devices sharing the connection. You can also subscribe to a faster internet subscription to ensure higher streaming speeds.

Solution 3: Upgrade the DirecTV app.

Another issue causing the DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering is an outdated DirecTV Now app. A simple update to the most recent app version can assist in putting an end to the agony and allow you to enjoy a seamless streaming experience.

Solution 4: Restart your device 

DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering problems might occur due to minor flaws (software issues) with your streaming equipment. These issues are resolved by restarting (rebooting) the device. There are two restart options:

  • A soft reset is performed by turning the device off and then back on or pressing the reset/restart button.
  • A hard reset involves reverting to the factory settings (applicable when the soft reset does not work)
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Solution 5: Switch to a different streaming device.

Another reason you may be having buffering issues is a piece of defective equipment. But, again, replacing your gadget with a newer model may help to resolve the issue. You can also try switching your streaming device, such as switching to Roku instead of computer browsers.

Solution 6: Get in touch with DirecTV customer service.

If none of the following solutions work, contact DirecTV customer service for assistance in diagnosing the problem. To contact DirecTV, visit their customer care page and locate general support and 24/7 support phone numbers.

Solution 7: Play for a few minutes, then pause for a few minutes.

DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering occurs when a video is being played quicker than it can be downloaded. To fix the problem, start the movie and pause it for a few minutes to allow it to download. Play your movie without buffering by pressing the play button. Rob Scarpa, one of our readers, suggested this idea.

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When it comes to DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering , we all want to be able to enjoy our favorite entertainment without having to wait for it to stream. If you have DirecTV, you will always have some DirecTV Stream Keeps Buffering , but if your TV is constantly buffering, there is a problem. Fortunately, you now understand every possible problem and, more importantly, how to solve it!