How To Fix Epic Games Launcher Not Working in 2022

Epic Games Launcher Not Working

Epic Games Launcher Not Working: Epic Games is a well-known video game company based in the United States. They created and published numerous successful games, including Fortnite, Unreal Tournament, and others. You may also buy games from the Epic Game Store, develop games by joining the Dev Community, and offer online services to gamers. You may install your favorite game using the Epic Games Launcher, available for both Windows and Mac. However, some customers say the Epic Games Launcher Not Working on their smartphones.

Why Epic Games Launcher Not Working?

The Epic Games Launcher may not function properly for a variety of reasons.

  • The launcher frequently crashes.
  • Your device’s operating system is incompatible.
  • Low storage space on your device may prevent Epic Games Launcher from functioning normally.
  • How to Fix Epic Games Launcher Not, Working

To resolve the Epic Games Launcher Not Working issue, follow the troubleshooting steps.

Allow Epic Games Launcher admin access.

In task management, terminate the Epic Games launcher.

  • Change the screen settings.
  • Restore the Epic Games launcher
  • Remove the web cache.
  • Modify the properties
  • Turn off Antivirus
  • Install Epic Games Launcher again.
  • Epic Games Launcher Admin Permission

Running Epic Games Launcher as an Administrator can help it run smoothly and without interruption.

1. Choose “Run as Administrator” for Epic Games Launcher.

Some users could reactivate the Epic Games Launcher by configuring it to run as an administrator. And while you can open it by selecting the Run as administrator context menu option every time, this does not constantly set the software to start with elevated permissions.

Here’s how to have the Epic Games Launcher always operate as an administrator if Epic Games Launcher Not Working:

Right-click an Epic Games desktop shortcut and select Properties. Suppose you don’t have an Epic desktop shortcut, choose Properties from the EpicGamesLauncher.exe file in its installation location.

  1. Within the properties window that appears, select Compatibility.
  2. If it is not already chosen, select the Run this program as administrator.
  3. Remember to save the new compatibility option by clicking Apply.
  4. To close the properties window, click OK.

2. Modify the Display Options

Although it’s an odd potential solution, some customers have reported that altering the Scale display setting fixed the Epic Games Launcher Not Working. So if the Scale option is set to anything other than 100%, changing it may be a solution.

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To alter the display scale in Windows, follow these steps:

  • First, select the Settings app from the Start menu to launch it.
  • Select the Display navigation option from the System tab.
  • Then, if it isn’t already selected, select 100% from the Scale drop-down menu.

In Windows 10, you must choose 100% on a Change the size of text, apps, and other objects in the Display tab of Settings.

3. Modify the Shortcut Target Properties for Epic Games

Try changing the target attributes of an Epic Games Launcher shortcut on your desktop. For example, players have reported that adding OpenGL at the end of the target path for Epic Games Launcher Not Working shortcuts can resolve issues with the software.

To do so, modify the Epic Games Launcher target properties as follows:

  • Select Properties by right-clicking the Epic Games Launcher shortcut on your desktop.
  • Then, on the Shortcut tab, click within the Target box.
  • Add -OpenGL to the end of the target point, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • To save your changes, click Apply.
  • To depart, click OK.

Then, using the changed desktop shortcut, launch Epic Games Launcher.

4. Remove the Web cache Subfolder from your computer.

Epic Games Launcher’s cache is stored in the webcache subdirectory. Unfortunately, because of corrupted cache data within this folder, the Epic Games Launcher Not Working or may not open on your PC. As a result, emptying the cache by deleting the webcache folder could be a viable approach.

To delete the webcache folder, follow these steps:

  1. To access the Power User menu, right-click the Start button in the Windows taskbar.
  2. Select Run from the menu to open the window for that accessory.
  3. Enter %localappdata% in the Open box and confirm by clicking the OK button.
  4. To access the Hidden items choices in Windows 11’s File Explorer, go to View > Show. Then, select the Hidden Items option on the View tab of Explorer on Windows 10.
  5. Then, navigate to the EpicGamesLauncher > Saved folder.
  6. To choose, right-click the webcache subdirectory. Delete
  7. If you can find it, delete the webcache 4147 subdirectory as well.
  8. Restart your Windows desktop or laptop.

5. Use Programs and Features to repair the Epic Games Launcher.

You can also attempt to restore the Epic Games Launcher Not Working by going to Programs and Features and doing the following:

  • As the final resolution describes, open Run from the Power User menu.
  • Enter the appwiz.cpl command into the Run text box.
  • Select OK to launch the Programs and Features applet for software uninstallation.
  • In the Programs and Features applet, select Epic Games Launcher.
  • Select the Software Repair option.
  • Wait for the mending to complete before attempting to relaunch Epic Games Launcher.
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6. Disable Your Antivirus Software Temporarily

It is not uncommon for antivirus app to raise a false alarm on valid software packages. As a result, you are recommended to disable any third-party antivirus software installed on your PC temporarily.

To do so, right-click the antivirus software’s system tray icon and, if possible, select the disable option from the context menu. If you can’t locate a disable option, seek one under the antivirus utility’s options tab. Try opening the Epic Games Launcher again after you’ve switched off your antivirus software. If the program launches, your antivirus software must have previously blocked it.

To address this, your antivirus program should feature an allowlist to which you can add Epic Games when Epic Games Launcher Not Working , then saving you from having to disable its shield every time you use the gaming client. Look through its online help pages for more information on configuring trusted programs with your antivirus software.

7. Install the Epic Games Launcher again.

Didn’t any of the resolutions mentioned earlier work for you? As a last resort, consider reinstalling Epic Games Launcher if Epic Games Launcher Not Working properly. However, it is not an optimal viable solution because removing Epic Games Launcher removes any previously installed games. As a result, after reinstalling it, you’ll have to reinstall all of your games.

You can reinstall the Epic gaming software by following these steps:

Open the Programs and Features window, as described in the first stages of Resolution 5.

  1. To pick it, click Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Uninstall Epic Games Launcher by clicking the Uninstall button.
  3. On the dialogue box prompt, select the Yes confirmation option.
  4. After uninstalling the Epic Games Launcher, restart Windows.
  5. Go to the Epic Game Launcher download page.
  6. To acquire the installer, click Download Epic Games Launcher.
  7. To open the Explorer file manager, press Win + E.
  8. Navigate to the place where the Epic Games Launcher setup wizard was downloaded.
  9. To reinstall the software, double-click the EpicInstaller file.

Enjoy Your Epic Games Once More

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Many users successfully resolved Epic Games Launcher Not Working in Windows 11 and 10 by implementing the widely accepted potential remedies listed above. So, at least one of those options will most likely launch Epic Games Launcher on your PC. Then you may enjoy Fortnite and all of Epic’s other intriguing Windows games.