5 Methods To Fix PlayStation Vue Home Location Errors

PlayStation Vue Home Location Errors

If you receive some notification that you are beyond your home area while streaming on PlayStation Vue Home Location Errors, or if the local channels have been substituted with those from another geographical location, you must update your home location. So, how do you approach this? No matter what device you’re using, you can use PlayStation’s Fix Your Location tool to fix the PlayStation Vue Home Location Errors.

However, this method may not always work, so we have supplied additional solutions to the problem.

5 methods for changing your PlayStation Vue Home Location Errors

  • The application has been updated.
  • Make Use Of Fix Your Location
  • Join your primary router.
  • Turn off your VPN.
  • Contact PS customer service.

Method #1: Keep your app up to date

Sony has released an upgrade that allows consumers to stream PlayStation Vue content from anywhere in the United States. An update may be in order if your app continues to give you the location error.

You will only need to input your zip code, which is required to identify your home. You can only stream from your home location for 59 days before receiving a notification that you must sign in from your home location again.

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Method #2: Make Use of Fix Your Location

Fix Your Location is a program created by PlayStation to assist users in correcting location problems. It is accessible by computer or mobile device.

Conditions for Using Fix Your Location

A Wi-Fi connection is required.

  • Turn off your VPN.

How to Apply to Fix Your PlayStation Vue Home Location Errors

  • To update or reset your PlayStation Vue location, launch your browser on your computer or mobile device and perform the following steps:
  • Sign in to your PlayStation Vue account in your browser.
  • Select settings by clicking on your Account name in the top-right corner.
  • Navigate to Subscription Management > Subscription Summary.
  • Fix Your Location and follow the on-screen instructions.

Method #3 Connect to the main router using

If you use a secondary router, you will have a “location error” on your PS Vue. The error is most likely caused by PS Vue detecting the second device’s IP address as being in a different location.

Connecting your device to your primary router is the most straightforward approach to resolving this error. However, a similar error can be caused by hotspots.

Method #4: Turn off your VPN

Before watching local channels on PlayStation Vue, ensure your VPN is turned off. The device typically uses the new VPN location to display content for that specific region.

PS Vue will be able to recognize your proper location and serve relevant content if you disable your VPN.

Method #5: Contact PlayStation Vue customer service

If none of these changes work, contact PS support via their official website or social media.

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Can you watch PS Vue when you’re not at home?

Yes. You may watch PlayStation Vue on up to three devices at once when you’re not at home. However, you can only use one device at a time when you are not connected to your home network. If you enjoy sports, you can still watch them on your local channel. For 59 days, you can only view PS Vue outside your home network. You will be prompted to login in from your home location on the 60th day to continue watching.

Is it possible to watch PlayStation Vue while traveling?

Yes. While on the go, you may watch your favorite shows from PS Vue’s My Shows library. Furthermore, you may add shows to your collection and even watch them on demand. You cannot, however, record any content relevant to the location you are visiting.

Therefore, its all mention above how to resolve this issue by simple methods. All of the methods above for resolving the PlayStation Vue Home Location Errors.


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